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april 16, 2017 - trial and error

“you never fail until you stop trying.” -albert einstein

i was scanning a document with my printer yesterday afternoon, and i walked past my old computer and saw this post-it note stuck onto it with this quote. i remember writing it for myself back in high school, and i decided to turn it into a couple of motivational gifs! don’t let rejection, a bad grade, or any bump in the road stop you. turn it around and think of it as a chance for you to improve yourself. you will overcome these obstacles, but it takes time. be patient and persevere. you got this!

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april 11, 2017 - vivace

working on some rhythms for my musicianship class with a whole bunch of changes in time signature + doing it all at a ridiculously fast tempo = a challenge…challenge accepted!

currently listening to: “symphony” - clean bandit ft. zara larsson