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HELLO!!!!! do you have any tips/tuts on drawing and youre like only 16 howd you learn so many languages omg

OHHEY!!! yeah sure i’ll write down some things i feel are important! but since you didn’t specify, i’ll just do a general overview and not very specific things (i hope that’s okay) (btw if anyone wants a specific part that i do feel free to shoot me an ask!)

my drawing style is like a mix between typical japanese styles and korean manhwa… with a dash of realism added in so usually end up drawing portraits and stuff lmao usually in a half-painting-ish style

so let’s use… my latest noiz drawing for reference

1.) when i start off with a drawing usually i don’t do THAT many guidelines but use as many as you feel are necessary! you can see that i usually make red marks to where/how i want things

External image

2.) usually right after i establish my lines and stuff i immediately fill the background with some color because you NEVER want to paint something without a general direction as to where it’s going

i also draw my lineart at this point. I typically never use pen because i don’t like the harsher pixels as edges. i use a custom brush, which you can find in my faq section
if you’re not ready to go STRAIGHT to the lineart, it’s fine to do some sketching but usually my sketches are clean and end up as my lineart

External image

3.) HERE COME THE FUN PARTS at this point i start coloring. what i do first is lay d oWN (the law) flats

External image

4.) idk i’m weird but i like to start with the eyes/nose bridge area. it kinda gives me SOME MOTIVATION TO KEEP G OING LIKE DAMN THAT’S FRESH LET’S KEEP GOING

External image

5.) filled in the rest of the face and laid down some strokes for his shirt. in these kind of paintings, blending is key! (i don’t use t he blur brush, but the brush labeled “ol water”. I like the effect it gives much more than a regular brush.) generally, i like to do my coloring how i would do makeup, if that makes any sense…probably not lol

External image

6.) now as my ap calc and physics teachers would say…”plug and chug”…darks first! clean it up a little, add your lights, and BAM YA DONE CONGRATS LET ME SHAKE YA HAND WOWEE SLAM DUNK

External image

yeah so that’s basically how i do my lil thang…

p.s. lol yeah i know a lot of languages… mostly through deathly perseverance. just like art! and anything else in life really



Brandon: Joel, if you had to have an animal that wasn’t like a traditional pet, what would it be?
Joel: I’m actually so glad you asked me this question.


Whenever I see someone say “Artists only live to create so they should be honored their work is good enough to steal/ripped off/etc” it makes me want to punch them in the face and then say that they should see it as an honor that I deemed them worthy enough to bruise my knuckles over. 

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I’m genuinely trying to be a nice person and not paste my name on everything i post, but alot of people are stealing my postsand NOT crediting me. Putting credit to owner or whatever is not doing anyone a favor or giving me my recognition. If you like a pic, reblog it from me don’t repost it. It gets me mad when i see someone steal my stuff, repost it and get more notes than I do. Well get ready, y'all about to see my name on all this shit AND imma y'all asses.


I was updating my ref sheets for Tulaya and Kanya and didn’t pull out my old ones until the ends and like woaHHH!! Check that improvement that I never noticed!!! Am I proud of myself? Yes I am AHAHAHAHAHA it’s nothing fantastic but woahhhhhh

(Left ones were January 2017 and right ones were April 2017!!)


What item in your wardrobe does your girlfriend steal?
- Cristiano Ronaldo for the #CR7 shirts collection (X)