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Plagiarized fics - asking for help from the 1D fandom

Hi everyone! I’m poking my head in your door from the Haikyuu fandom to ask you guys for help. I have spoken to quite a few people in the One Direction fandom thus far and I have been overwhelmed by their kindness, support, and how fast everyone I talked to acted to help me and my friend get this sorted out.

It came to my and my best friend ellessey-writes’s attention (confusing names, sorry! I’m Esselle) this morning that many of our fics had been stolen by the Tumblr/AO3 user Fruxoo, who has since deleted her accounts.

Here are two screenshots of Fruxoo’s fics, posted in April. The first is a direct copy of my story Hunger, completed last June 2016. The second is the summary from Ellie’s story Tea and Sympathy, posted January of this year. The entire text of every fic Fruxoo stole has been copied almost exactly word for word from our fics, changing only the names and other relevant character info.

I messaged her privately and asked that she post an explanation on Tumblr, as well as replace the text of her stolen works with links to our respective stories, in order to notify any readers who enjoyed these works. Unfortunately, she didn’t respond. Now that she has taken everything down, that’s no longer possible.

It would mean the world to Ellie and I if people would help spread the word about what happened. Last year, between the two of us, we wrote 626,000 words. We poured all our energy and love (and time!) into these stories, and to have someone copy them word for word, lie to people who were kind enough to comment or send asks as if they had thought up the ideas on their own, and interact with other people in the 1D fandom based off of love for OUR writing, is devastating to us both. This was going on for at least 2.5 months.

Besides the two stories listed above, we know As Long As You’re Smiling was actually copied from ellessey-writes​​‘s fic The Chronicles of the Virgin Asahi. We think this is the first fic they grabbed, due to the note on the summary. Here is a masterpost of all Ellie’s works from last year, and a link to her AO3.

They also took my incubus story Dreamless and reposted it as Lilin. This fic was posted as a part of a collab for my close friend’s artwork. reallycorking​​ drew this (VERY NSFW) art as part of a 30 day challenge, and the two of us worked together for a full month on Dreamless. Here is my fic masterpost for last year, and a link to my AO3.

I wanted to share links to the rest of our work because we don’t know how many stories she stole (it seemed like there were around 10 in total). We didn’t even have time to make a note of everything before she removed her accounts. So we don’t know what people read and might want to re-find (if there’s any interest cross-fandom).

Again, the One Direction fandom has been so incredibly supportive (Gina, Ange, phd-mama, Emmi, Lisa and everyone who was so helpful and understanding). Ellie and I started off the morning crushed, and now I have comments in my inbox on the fics that were stolen, and asks on Tumblr showing support, and it’s nearly brought me to tears. Thank you all so much. If anyone who sees this would be kind enough to get the word out there in any way (reblogs, just telling your friends who’ve read these stories, anything!!), we’d be incredibly grateful.

THANK YOU, to everyone who takes the time to read this.

every time I listen to Sign of the Times I remember staying up until midnight and listening to bbc radio 1 just to hear it play for the first time and crying uncontrollably when it finally did. I don’t think I’ll ever find the right words to express what this man means to me, but I’m so glad he exists and that I got to hear one of my favorite albums sung live yesterday by someone I look up to with every ounce of my being 💌


I can not begin to tell you how much I’m in love with @gur0gur0 Sally x Larry fanfic! Especially the end of chapter 2~

I really hope you like it (´。• u •。`) ♡

((You read from left to right))

“You think zim is not real, you think zim is fake!” - Zim.

I’m probably the last person to read this fic but I’m gonna suggest it anyways!
I’m only on chapter 9 & im blown away with how amazing it is!!!

power rangers + name meanings


for my little project of NOT LOVERS I drew a lot of tattoos for Soul’s arms, and they have a lot of details so here we have the whole arms and the principal tattoos. I didn’t design all of them but I modified them to adjust to diferent concepts related to Soul

Here we have

-Witch Hunter

-Santa Mario Novella Basilica

-A skull with gears (the same of his resonance with Maka)

-Oni’s badass cousin

-Sharky Soul

-Phonograph on flames

And the jigsaw puzzle of mini tattoos includes: his 3 scythe blades, Black Room’s floor, Soul’s teeth, cobwebs, chains and things I thought that look cool

and if you wonder, yes, I’m totally crazy about details ;D

🌄I can’t get enough of this fic ;w;
From Lost the Nerve by Writing_Goat
Chapter 3: Vampire Nerves.

All Too Well (Live from Chicago)
Taylor Swift

I have waited 4 years to post this clip of myself and I think it is finally time.

On August 10th 2013 in Chicago, IL at Soldier Field I (Tony Smith) heard @taylorswift sing All Too Well for the first time live (AKA I WAS DYING BECAUSE THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG). This recording was taken via my iPhone 4 voice recording app. I set my phone on the walkway (I was in the left pit) and let it record. Little did I know it also recorded me. Skip ahead to about 3:45 for what I consider to be the best, most passionate part of the clip when my favorite lyrics begin “Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest. I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here ‘Cause I remember it all, all, all too well.”

@taylorswift @taylornation –– Taylor, If I was ever asked to prove my love for you and your music… I would simply play this recording and nothing else. I hope you get a giggle out of my terrible singing and cracking 17 year old voice. I can’t wait to see you on December 7th at the Jingle Bash with my Bestfriend Marriah (Other gal on this account) & again at the Reputation Tour so I can sing my heart out again to all of your songs.