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Milo Ventimiglia as Jess Mariano
Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life “Fall”

“You think zim is not real, you think zim is fake!” - Zim.

I’m probably the last person to read this fic but I’m gonna suggest it anyways!
I’m only on chapter 9 & im blown away with how amazing it is!!!

Don’t be a jerk to artists

There’s just something I’d like to get off my chest.  I know a few artists, and I know that all of them have had some jerks for clients and the like. Just a few things I’d like people to note.

1. You should respect the artist.

2. Artist’s commission prices vary wildly but that doesn’t mean you should make one artist feel like they should charge less because another artist does.

3. The artist is spending time and effort for you, if it’s a commission, yes you paid for it, but that doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk to them.

4. If the artists is generous enough to do requests you should at the very least thank them, and probably let others know they they did this work for you, reblog on tumblr and retweet on twitter, etc.* (*if it’s NSFW, that’s got its own way to handle things)

5. Don’t claim the artists work as your own if you aren’t the artist. 

6. Just don’t be a jerk, please?

“three lights are lit but the fourth one’s out”