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All the Things Maxwell does not know

Merms - “They were here when I got here.”

Crows - “I don’t know how they got here.”

Snowbird - “I don’t recognize that one.”

Marble pillars - “I’ve always wondered who built those.”

Electrical Doodad- “I don’t understand how it works, but it does.”

Booster Shot -  "I’m supposed to put this filth in my veins?“

Whirly Fan - "This pathetic device… gets the job done.”

Silly Monkey Ball - “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Thulecite Wall - “An ancient wall.”

Pick/Axe - “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this.”

Pig Torch - “Great. Now they have fire.”

Spilagmite - “How did that get down here?”

Baby Tentacle - “Babies?”

Snurtle - “That’s strange. They must be new.”

Slurtle - “I don’t remember those…”

Depths Worm (emerged) - “Well that’s new!”

Jellyfish - “What a strange little organism.”

Abigail - “Why won’t these mortals just stay dead?”

Message in a Bottle - “What’s this primitive communication?”

License Plate - “Letters and numbers… some sort of secret code?”

Sextant - “Exactly what it looks like. Err… What does it look like?”

- Hey, Max, maybe you are a foreign spy? Huh?
-  The hangover does not determine political views >_>
- Yeah, you’re right but I still do not like you.
- …


Shitty doodle which was borned when I with my friend @grayburzum​ were joking about the craziest (”the dumbest”, if be more accurate)  Soviet Union AU  хD
And yeah, all stereotypes like vodka, balalaika and others included :D