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So earlier today I got rather pissed off when some rude anon who has probably never made a GIF in their lives decided to attack my friend (and one of the best GIFmakers I know) for no reason telling them not to talk about GIFmaking like it’s a big deal since it’s just taking clips from existing video. I was hoping to forget about this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how many non-GIFmakers really do think that’s all GIFmaking is (including myself before I started making GIFs to some extent). Luckily, most people aren’t that rude about it and know not to insult content creators over a topic they actually don’t know much about…but I still feel the need to discuss some of the often lengthy effort that goes into making medium to high quality GIFs.

As a disclaimer, I’m NOT trying to be elitist and I honestly don’t consider myself one of the top tier GIFmakers. I also don’t think that GIFmakers HAVE to put in a lot of effort to alter GIFs from the original video frames if they don’t want to. It’s just a hobby where we try to capture/highlight cool moments using a severely limited and dying file format lol…so it’s really up to the individual how much they wanna put into it. However, the truth of the matter is that many GIF and graphics makers that contribute greatly to numerous fandoms DO put in a significant amount of effort to make their GIFs look different from and better than the original video.


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tfw you stare at someone on your activity page and think i should know you but cannot, for the life of you, remember who they are

“Hello Yuuri! Starting today I’m your new prisoner!”

I couldn’t resist drawing @minutia-r‘s proposed Beauty and the Beast AU. At first I was like “no, I don’t know how I’d draw Yuuri as the Beast” and then late last night my brain went “yeah but the Beast would sure look cute with Yuuri’s glasses…” and here we are. 

(Also be sure to check out the ficlets @daysinrussiavictuuri wrote based off of Minutia’s post, they’re great! 1 2)

En’s name is weird when you’re Finnish because “en” means “I don’t”, “I won’t”, maybe “I wouldn’t” or sometimes “I’m not”, like once I had a text post drafted for a text post meme with tags “en sanois näin”, in English, “en would say this”, but in Finnish it literally reads as “I wouldn’t say this” and I stared at it for a couple of seconds confused about why it was in my drafts and why did I say I wouldn’t say it when it was, in fact, a relatable text post, until I realized that oh!! It’s about En!!

I had an unsettling dream last night that you could only kin with characters that have your birth name so I looked at my kin page and my IDs were Kriemhild Gretchen from PMMM, Gretchen (Faust), and Gretchen Weiners (Mean girls) and I was also kin with Gretchen from Recess, Gretchen from Camp Lazlo, Gretchen from Invader Zim, and Gretchen from Phineas and Ferb and honestly that’s a very cursed kinlist.

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My favorite thing about Mikami is that he has "kami" in his name

His name is very, very cool, agreed!

I absolutely love the way they made the sound of his name play at both Light’s name and the name of Taro Kagami from the pilot. In pronunciation, he is closer to Kagami but in given name meaning (Teru means Illumination) he’s a lot closer to Light. Since his intro chapter, 84, was meant to introduce him as similar to Light, this adds onto the parallel as well as the parallels his backstory shares with the pilot. It’s super nice.

(Worthy of note for those who don’t know is that the “-kami” in Mikami is not the same Kami as “God” or the “-gami” in Yagami.  Teru’s “-kami” (魅照) is ‘above, on’. Meanwhile Taro’s ‘-gami’ (鏡太郎) is just part of the whole word “kagami” (mirror), if I am not mistaken. Only Light’s “-gami” (夜月) is actually written with the Kanji for ‘God’, haha.)

I’m also of course never getting over how Light is called ‘Light’ out loud but written as ‘moon’, so he is perceived as a source of light but actually only reflects it, matching with Teru’s ‘illumination’ name. He sees what he wants to see, his own beliefs reflected back at him etc etc etc. Cool stuff!!

Something the Japanese fandom figured out is that Teru Mikami is actually very very close to the pronunciation of “Tell me, Kami” in Japanese, which I am still amazed by. THERE IS JUST A LOT TO THESE NAMES.

If we’re already on Kira names, Misa’s name is also really nice because she’s spelled as 弥海砂  (‘increasingly’, ‘sea’, ‘sand’). The sea being attracted by the moon is obviously a very nice match to Light’s name-spelling and the sand is a great allusion to the shinigami who die for her and turn to sand. (And then of course the whole thing Obata said about her name pronunciation ‘Misa’ being an allusion to ‘Kuromisa’ which means black mass, that’s there, too.)

It is really sad that Kiyomi’s name  (高田清美 - high field pure beauty, I think) leaves the moon imagery, because she was named before it was decided that she was going to be relevant in the plot….. SUCH A MISSED CHANCE….

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How long did it take you to get used to Chinese pronunciation and tones? I'm thinking of trying but the main thing holding me back is the pronunciation! Like, for example, the difference between x and sh, j and zh, how to do the r sound, and I can't tell if I'm doing the tones right... (I'm least confident in the 3rd tone)

How long did it take me…? Well, considering that Mandarin is my native language, I’d say I had to get used to it pretty quick :P

Don’t be afraid to try! And don’t worry about being perfect, either, especially in the beginning. Chinese people are generally very impressed when they see someone trying to learn Chinese, and if you try a little, you’ll probably be flooded with compliments (actually though, this is a real thing).

For pronunciation of the sounds, IPA is very useful if you’re familiar with it (and even if you’re not, it’s worthwhile to learn it to help with general language studies). Having audio or a Chinese-speaking friend is also helpful, and hearing the sounds a lot will help you differentiate between them. 

As for tones, I think that’s generally just a lot of practice. There are a couple different ways I’ve seen people learn tones – you can practice them in pairs so that you learn to differentiate between them very well, or you can colour-code your notes so that each tone is assigned a different colour if that helps you remember them (the app Pleco does this). The third tone specifically is like a falling-rising tone, but if you listen to actual Chinese speech, you might find that native speakers don’t actually enunciate the falling and the rising – it often just sounds like a low-pitched tone, like near the bottom of your vocal range if that makes sense.

A few additional resources to help you: 

  • Standard Chinese phonology (also from Wikipedia – this is useful if you have a linguistics background, but even if you don’t, I think it’s quite fascinating)

Good luck! Chinese is a great language, don’t let it intimidate you! :) 

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Metonic is super cute. It's one of my favs too. If you don't mind me asking, what got you into the ship? What do you like about it?

(ok this is under a cut bc it’s big and since this is an art blog, i don’t want people to feel bad seeing my… essay about a robot hedgehog smoochin his organic blue boyf lmao)

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Bless Disney’s first gay couple.

Charlie’s friend Taylor has two moms in this breaking new episode of Good Luck Charlie! Susan and Cheryl are Disney’s first lesbians. The plot is actually pretty funny for Disney Channel and Cheryl’s character made me laugh. Click here to watch their parts of the episode!

Next few days I am only really going to talk about the dgm spoilers and in general dgm stuff but just in case you guys don’t want to be spoiled I will tag them as #dgm spoilers just sayin’.

shed some blood; a mix for soulsick lovers with war-torn hearts and blood in their teeth who seriously need to get their shit together and bang already.

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