don't skip 9

People who drive me crazy

Them: Yeah, i love Doctor Who. It is an amazing show.

Me: So, who is your favourite companion?

Them: Oh, i love that woman with the red hair… what was her name again?

Me: Donna? Oh, yeah, she is amazing. She is one of my favourite woman from todays media.

Them:…. Who is Donna?

Me: Donna..? Donna Noble..? She travelled with 10? The doctor Donna?

Them: … Oh, yeah! I started with 11. They don’t have the earlier seasons on Netflix. So i don’t know nothing what happend before 11 and … Amy! That was her name!

Me: You skipped 9? You skipped 10? You don’t know anything about the Bad Wolf? The Face of Boe-storyline? Saxon? You just skipped the whole Rose-storyline?! Martha from Freedonia? Donna fucking Noble?! TORCHWOOD?!

Them:… actually.. yeah?!



Me: *looks into the camera like i’m on the office* Please free me!