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One of the four postcard designs I’m doing for shatterdomeseattle! (An additional four to be done by geniusbee.) The postcards were available through the Indiegogo that was run last year, and I imagine they’ll also be available at the con itself on May 3rd. So go to the shatterdomeseattle page and get up to Seattle. :3

I had to make one of them coffee related, and given that I usually always draw Newt, I decided to go with Mako instead.

for real though is everyone just kind of universally ignoring the whole “funemployment” line from Kara in 2x16?

I’m not like a real estate god or anything, but I at least have a vague understanding of like, rent and shit–and I just don’t get how Kara is paying for her apartment/loft/whatever if she’s truly unemployed 

and no way in hell is m*n hell accepting enough responsibility that he’s paying for shit, not to mention fratboy douchecanoe works in a bar and thus less steady source of income (I was a bartender as a second job, and survived purely on tips, unless National City has a much friendlier idea of living wage for food and drink service workers than my city does).

And we’ve seen that Kara’s food budget has to be like astronomical on a good day, let alone a bad day (pun entirely intended)–facts as we have them are that she needs at MINIMUM ten to fifteen thousand calories a day (and there’s no confirm for that other than the original Flash crossover in S1, and Kara doesn’t explicitly confirm Barry’s numbers, just agrees that her food budget is in the same ballpark)

So to briefly sum–food (not even gonna touch that one because holy math, Batman) + rent (I’m spitballing at around $1200-$1500 a month based purely on the size of her place, but I’m probably hella wrong) + whatever other incidentals + Netflix (unless she’s using Alex’s account, which…rude) + electricity/water/other utilities = how is Kara not living in a cardboard box on the street

and I doubt even with a dope employee benefits package that Kara’s old assistant salary was enough for her to be putting much away in savings, given her above average food costs (not to mention, if she technically broke the non-compete in her contract by publishing in direct opposition to CatCo, she wouldn’t get any of her benefits)

I’m just…is she like living off of a stipend from Alex/Eliza/J’onn? DEO handouts? Lena’s her secret sugar mama? Cat Grant is her secret sugar mama? hOW

It’s still surreal that I planned on cosplaying Bolas about 4 years ago and I’m actually finishing it bit by bit now.

After those, the only new thing I have to make are the wings.

Episode nine: in which betrayal turns out to be unexpectedly sexy.

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Do you ever just want to draw cat stockings?

And Wade Wilson?

And Wade Wilson in cat stockings?

Yeah? Me too.