don't ship him with her


I have something I must ask you. Because I really like you, we build a farm together, have a baby, and want to live as ordinary citizens, would you want to live with me?


“Can I borrow somebody’s phone, I have to check on Buddy.”

               “Did you get a dog?”

“Chase told me that if Lorin becomes a member of the chosen, he’s gonna ask you to marry him.” 



you can love mcdanno and not hate catherine

pls don’t vent your anger on a female character who is brave, intelligent, compassionate, and is played by an actress who likes mcdanno too.

she’s not responsible for the queerbaiting and bouts of poor writing on the show

I mean, you can hate her if you really want to, that’s your choice

but really…


Stolen glances

“You are no one’s subject,”

I love Rhysand more than life itself.

you know, if there is one thing I can like about Renet’s coming on to the show, it’s that I can appreciate the fact that Michelangelo is the only one of the boys to ever actually ask a girl out. like, straight-forward, no beating around the bush, asked her out.

for them, that takes a lot of courage. bravo my brave child. bravo.

Sweet Christ on a sourdough roll there is an anti in the Junkrat tag harassing shippers there to don’t ship him with Roadhog because Roadhog is too old


On Felicity & her ability to forgive...

I know there’s a lot of anger and disappointment in the fandom right now regarding Oliver’s consistent, active lying. I’m not a fan of it, either, and I would personally like to punch him in the dick. And, what’s more, I know most people are hoping and even expecting that Felicity will be ruthless toward him with her anger once she finds out next week.

But this is problematic for me. Because as much as we, the fandom, may feel that Oliver deserves to be punished and emotionally ripped to shreds for his actions… that’s merely how we feel and what we think we would do in her position. Felicity isn’t us, and there’s no hard and fast rule that says she absolutely must react a certain way because it’s how we feel a situation should be handled.

At this point in the canon story, Felicity going into a blind rage and punishing Oliver by definitively breaking up with him would feel incredibly inconsistent with her characterization as well as shockingly hypocritical. She has every right to be mad and feel hurt by his actions - and I still expect her to display those emotions - but conclusively ending their relationship over it? No. That feels disingenuous to the Felicity we’ve been shown.

And that’s the problem I’m having with the things I’m reading in fandom lately: Felicity is not us. Felicity is, honestly, a better person than most of us could ever hope to be. She doesn’t have to react with intense anger and histrionics, ending their relationship and leaving him heartbroken, just because that’s what we feel he may deserve at this point.

The Felicity we’ve been shown is the woman who said the entire point of marriage is to get through the hard times because you are together - not in spite of it. The Felicity we’ve been shown is the woman who said sometimes lying/hiding something is okay if it’s done to protect the people you love. The Felicity we’ve been shown is a woman who says that maybe a man who loves you like that deserves a little trust in return.

I don’t think she’s going to end their relationship and be painfully angry and hurt by him for the rest of the season. That doesn’t match up with the character they’ve shown us this season. They’ve also, however, established that she’s a woman who lashes out and hits below the belt when she feels scared or emotionally hurt - so I do expect we’ll see a little of that from her. But so much so that she fully ends their relationship and doesn’t manage to forgive him until the end of the season? No, I don’t see that at all now.

Maybe she breaks up with him in the heat of the moment, but the Felicity we’ve been shown all season would quickly feel she had lashed out unfairly and she would return to him to offer understanding over the choices he made. But maybe she doesn’t get angry and break up with him at all. Just because the ring is off of her finger doesn’t mean it’s that simple. (I have a theory, but that’s for another time.)

My point is simply this: as much as we all may feel Oliver deserves a certain harsh punishment for his lies, that doesn’t mean Felicity is going to feel the same way. And none of us should be angry, disappointed, or bitter toward the writers if that’s the case. Because Felicity finding it in her heart to understand Oliver’s choices and forgive him - to stick with him and figure out their problems like mature adults - is exactly the Felicity we’ve known and loved this whole time.