don't ship him with her


I have something I must ask you. Because I really like you, we build a farm together, have a baby, and want to live as ordinary citizens, would you want to live with me?

Fridging Touka

All shipping aside, I really hope Ishida doesn’t kill off Touka. Not only would it be fridging her, but it would unnecessarily regress Kaneki’s character at this point. We all know Kaneki’s been through the ringer, but losing Touka after finding such hope in their relationship would slingshot him back to either the berserk Centipede (which is somewhat hinted at, and there’s an obvious parallel with Arata) or the suicidal Black Reaper, which would essentially move the plot in a aimless circle imo. I’m hoping she isn’t killed off as a plot device for Kaneki’s pain. We’ve already seen his volatile reactions to the death of a loved one. However, we all know Ishida loves to torture his characters so Touka being kidnapped and/or tortured is not off the table. Even though I wouldn’t want to see that either (poor Touka!), at least there would be a clear ambition to save her and could serve as a uniting arc for Black Goat, as well as paralleling Yamori’s torture.

Hope is essential for Kaneki’s development forward at this point. He’s lost all hope before and we know which direction his personality takes, so from a storytelling standpoint it would be poor writing to loop the plot back to one of Kaneki’s previous hopeless, toxic states. I don’t think he’d recover again after permanently losing both Hide and Touka and the plot would suffer in turn.

fun fact!

In the Moana chapter book, after she and Maui escape Lalotai and he starts moping about how they’re never going to make it to Te Fiti, Moana actually gives him two motivational speeches!

There’s the one she gives him on their canoe, when he’s telling her his backstory. When she looks at him and tells him that he is worth more than his hook, that his past does not define him, that he is the one who makes him Maui.

But even before that, before they’ve even left Lalotai, she gives him a different one. She’s trying to encourage him to stand back up so they can get a move on (more or less), but he feels too defeated to keep going. She tells Maui that they will make it to Te Fiti, that he will defeat Te Ka.

And when he asks why?

She looks at him and she goes “Because you are Maui”

So, later, on Te Fiti

When Moana tries to apologize to him for what she did to his hook, and he says

“Well, hook, no hook. I’m Maui”

and looks at her like this?

That’s because he’s using her own words on her


fish husband *shot* No but if not him, Urbosa? qUq/

Watch me shamelessly using this chance to draw the OTP. Gods do I ship them.


You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.

Just wanted to point out that (like @hufflepuffpanda said in her post,  his heart eyes are on) BUT ALSO LOOK AT HIM, HE NODDED!!!!!!! If Adam wasn’t there, he would have totally said something like ‘‘yeah, she really is’‘ and Kristen would have figured it all out (you know that he is incredibly in love with Amy)


Making History | 1.01

I’m from the future, 2016. 

And I was bored there, and lonely, and living in the shadow of my father. So I found a way to travel through time, and every place I went I’d try to become someone else, until I met you. 


“But you and Spike…”

Had a thing.”

“Didn’t last.”

…someone get matthew vaughn on the phone we need to sort this mess out

  • What we say: I don't ship S/wan Queen.
  • What S/Qers hear: I'm a homophobic, sexist, racist (??) butthole who kills puppies and defends rape culture.
  • What we mean:
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who made her an orphan.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who tried to kill her as a baby.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who tried to kill Emma's mother and father.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who framed her for assaulting a man and stealing private files.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who stole Emma's confidential files in order to slander her.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who said she was "incapable of feeling anything for anyone."
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who punched her for helping Graham.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who raped and killed a man she cared about.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who tried to poison her.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who put their son in danger (and technically killed him)
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who choked her.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who wanted to take their son away and let everyone else die.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who held their son as a prisoner.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who who called her "a pathetic waste."
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who blamed her for "ruining her life" when Emma saved another person.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who called her an idiot for saving the town.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who took her agency away with a dagger.
  • I don't ship Emma with a woman who canonically doesn't regret all of these above deeds.
it’s cruel irony, isn’t it?
to love a boy whose heart still beats,
lungs still breathe,
soul still keeps.

but he travels on.
so you write poetry for a poet
and wait.
—  on falling for travellers (e.p.)

“Can I borrow somebody’s phone, I have to check on Buddy.”

               “Did you get a dog?”


Stolen glances


Look, I could never forget about what happened that night…but trust me, I am the wrong horse for you to bet on. I’m the one they take out back and shoot before the race even starts. But that other guy; that’s the one who actually might win it for you. [..] I’m going to walk away and you’re going to go back to your room…and, we’re not going to make a big deal out of this moment.

“Chase told me that if Lorin becomes a member of the chosen, he’s gonna ask you to marry him.”