don't ship hate ok just don't do it

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


talk shit get hit

You can be just the way you are.
You don’t need to change anything.
Say what you want to say
Do what you want to do
Just be smiling by my side.
Marry me.

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I kinda hate how you can't enjoy anything on this site without having the same opinion as someone else, or else 14-16 year olds will scream at you because you're "harassing a mentally ill minor csa victim" even if you didn't even do anything. I'm just a person who is in and supports the lgbtq community and supports ppl of all races and supports neurodiverse ppl, and suddenly just because I don't hate a ship or don't care about how "bad" a thing is, then I'm a bad person.

Tumblr teaches this toxic af mentality that it’s ok to harass people who disagree with you which needs to stop you can’t just go through like attacking people who don’t agree with you that’s not how life works

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Everyone is getting so butt hurt about shipping lately? Like ?? I mean, don't get me wrong, some people take fanfics and stuff too far, but I mean I like to write, so why not take two people and their personalities and change them or play around with them ?? Idk I guess I don't understand.

lol same i really don’t understand how it bothers them! but mainly why judging! if you don’t like something just ignore, i enjoy shipping I’m ready to go through fire for my ship if you don’t like it I’m ok with that as long as you don’t judge me, do something that make you happy instead of spreading hate, let people live their lives.
and for you dear if you enjoy writing ffs DO IT keep on writing ( coming from ffs reader addict 😂😂 ) don’t let anyone effect you, if it makes you happy do it!!
thank you for your message 😚
lot of love ❤❤💞💞😘😘

things that need to stop: hating a character because they ‘get in the way of your otp’

Conflicts with Anons(kind of like complaining)
  • Anon A: Can you draw NaruSaku?(Day 1)
  • Me: ...Maybe?
  • Anon A: Please draw NaruSaku!(Day 2)
  • Me: ...Not sure I will do this, though.I don't really have time to think about that.
  • ...
  • Anon A: Did you draw NaruSaku? If you don't like it, what about SasuKarin?(Day 7)
  • Me: ...Haven't yet. If I get any idea I will do it.Even though I ship them as Brotp, I do this for you, OK?
  • ...
  • Me: (after 8 days) I made one and try to make them in character.
  • Anon A: Thank you ^_^ LOL(lots of love)
  • Anon B: See? I said that NaruSaku make sense a lot more than SasuSaku!
  • Me: Wait, I didn't mean to...
  • Anon C: God! Now you ship NaruSaku! You don't ship SasuSaku and NaruHina anymore! Fxck you!
  • Me: I didn't say...
  • Anon D: draw NaruSaku...can you draw Kakasaku, ItaSaku, MadaSaku, and RinSaku?
  • Me: ...I don't know whether I should do this right at the same time (I know people ship Sakura with everyone, but...RinSaku???)
  • Anon E: I hate you! How can you betray us!
  • Me: ◡ ヽ(`Д´)ノ ┻━┻
  • Me: amedot is my OTP, i love the ship for my own legitimate reasons, and it means the world to me.
  • My Friend: ok, that's fine, i respect that. i personally don't like amedot and see them as just friends
  • Me: ok, that's fine, i respect that
  • My Friend: did you draw anything new? let me guess is it fucking amedot again
  • Me:
  • Me: i'm going to draw something cute
  • My Friend: let me guess is it fucking AMEDOT again. fine but i'll only like it if it's cute
  • Me:, it's not amedot.
  • Me: (shows my friend an amedot picture on my phone i thought she'd probably enjoy, despite her distaste for the ship)
  • My Friend: (rudely scrolls past the picture)
  • Me: i thought you'd actually like that one, though...
  • My Friend: look, i'm SOOO sorry i don't like amedot, ok? i just see them as friends, why don't you respect that?
  • My Friend: can you draw my ships for me?
  • Me: sorry, i don't want to
  • My Friend: WOW, ok, why can't you respect my opinion? i know you hate my ships but you don't have to rude about it, i'm sooo sorry i don't like the ships that you like but fine whatever be that way
  • My Friend: also i don't care that you like amedot, you do you
  • Me: really? really? are you sure you don't care? are you really sure??? are you, like, positive??????

”I’ve only kept my promise—as a king and a husband.” ”You’ve done so much more than that.”