don't see this shit everyday

today while i was waiting for the bus i saw a girl with a jojo backpack and i immediately screamed “oh my god you like jojo!” and walked towards her like an excited puppy even though we were total strangers and she was really nice about it but now that i think about it i must have looked really creepy or dumb or smth goD

               ❛  Reynn !!  ❜ comes her shout so full of blitheness & enthusiasm, her innocence is illustrated as she poofs right on top of the girl’s head, arms comfortably grabbing on as her little legs swing back & forth. today, as demonstrated by Lann when he preferred to stock up their items from Chocolatte & Serafie’s laziness ( when does it end ? Tama doesn’t know, honestly ), is a languid day. the sun’s onslaught amount of sunshine & peace induces Tama to seek out the other, responsible sibling of the twins. though, it seems like the aforementioned girl in question seems to be fidgeting around with some books & other things that Tama could not help but eye wondrously. ❛  i the-thought i should keep you company for a-the-while ! what are you the-doing with these  ❜

                    // STARTER CALL. >> @farnagal ’ed !!