don't see this shit everyday


so I love @arieryn ‘s nic so much

The IchiRuki fandom has always been so mean!!! No fandom is free from shitty people we all know but sometimes some of you talk like the IR fandom has killed people. So tired of this shit.

Dude I have seen tons of people being unconfortable to join most forums because people loved to trash Rukia and you were laughed at if you loved her; I recall IH joining the Ble/ach fandom after SS arc saying that IchiRuki was done for and that now it was their time and we could go home, if this doesn’t speak enough of this fandom I don’t know what will; I recall forums that had to make up rules on how to act because IH couldn’t stand people liking and talking about Ichi/go and Rukia because they were sensitive “but-but what about me!”; I have seen a whole FC the IchiRuki FC of course being closed up and most of the mods and people on it banned from the forum after years that most of them helped with translation, godies and infos when no one bothered to, just because they dared to say their opinion; I joined tumblr a little more than a year ago just to enjoy my ship and the first people that came to my blog and posts before any ichiruki even could, were IH looking for trouble just because I liked IchiRuki and didn’t like their ship; before Blea/ch ended, Ichiruki blogs and posts all over tumblr, closed forums and more were being stalked and screenshotted just to make fun of them after Ble/ach ended; it’s been more than a year since Ble/ach end and Ichiruki blogs active, less active, fanfic writers, fanartists, people that make edits, simply fans of the ship are still being harassed, stalked, getting hate, death treats, just because dun dun dun they like IchiRuki and they are trying to enjoy their ship.

You know the -IchiRuki fandom has always been mean- line, most of the time I think can be translated in the Ichiruki fandom never shuts the fuck up, they say what they think, they believe in the facts that were right before their eyes, they love what they do and they don’t get shit from anyone; most of the time (if not all the time) when someone say IR are mean, in reality is just them not being able to accept that some people have a different opinion from them and if attacked they will argue and back up their opinion, that’s what many times is seen as mean , us not bowing our heads down and accept to eat shit.

Like I said all fanodms have shitty people unfortunately, it’s just that after all this time and all the shit I have seen from the Ih fandom I don’t understand why I always have to see people say how the IR fandom is mean but never see the shits the Ih fandom does dayly to us being acknowledged, on the contrary is always being excused but-but-but the IR fandom is so mean!

Before you say the Ichiruki fandom has always been mean as use that as an excuse to all the hate and harassment going on, think and get that no one of the people that are being harassed and can’t enjoy a fake ship made of fake characters and get told to die because of these fake characters deserve this and you that excuse this behavior, are the real mean one, have always been and just use this excuse to try and hide behind some ghost that some day, some year did something mean to do whatever you want to people that never did anything wrong aside from loving something that you hate.