don't see it for him trust me lol

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Jess. Sorry. One minute my asks to you are super supportive and shippers, like c'mon everyone, can't you see this was written in the stars?? And as soon as the fuckery begins, I'm sending you "that's it, f-him, glad he lost today, he's also lost his baws." So, I guess I'm becoming a bit too touchy on this subject....I was going to say "bi-polar" but I don't want to offend any one. But I'm a complete and utter mess. One minute it's totally glorious, and the next I'm dejected. I think I need meds.

Lol anon trust me we all feel like that. We were all on cloud 9 yesterday and now the majority of us are cursing everything and everyone to do with this shit show. I’m sure we’ll be puking rainbows when the next samcait selfie comes along 😁

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My SD wanted to send me money today because he couldn't make it out to see me but I couldn't use PayPal or Venmo since I don't want to reveal my real name . HELP how else can I receive money from SDs when they feel like sending me some this is so much extra cash not given to me when I say no accounts :(((

Lol I only had one SD send me money but he knew my info , which he proved I could trust him with

I have heard that you can make two separate accounts I can’t remember if it was PayPal or venmo/square cash. But you make a sugar account with a sugar name etc he sends the money to that account and then I think when it clears you use that sugar account to send it to your real account.
I have NOT done this personally so don’t take my word on it.

If any sugar babies have experience with this matter, let me know

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that quote sums up exactly why I don't trust neurotypicals in the psych field tbh

lmao I once had a psychologist say that he hated dealing with delusional people, and never wanted to see “psychos” ever again, and told me several stories about past patients he’s had and why they annoyed him/freaked him out. 

He said he was tired of all the “crazies” trying to get into the field of psychology “just because they’re crazy” he later said he only wanted to help “normal people.”

and like i’m on the psychosis spectrum so lol that sucked. I can’t even reliably get a mental health professional that does their fucking job?

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People really don't get it. I keep seeing "she doesn't trust him, he'll find out everything and think she doesn't trust him" NO SHE JUST DOESNT WANT HIM TO DIE BEING INVOLVED IN THIS CRAZY ASS SHIT. Sorry it's 3am and my timeline is annoying me LOL

Well, clearly, in not wanting him to die Beckett is a selfish bitch. How dare she stubbornly care about her husband and make a dumb mistake. I mean, it’s like she’s human instead of a superhero.