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hello, i saw your victuuri soulmate comics on yuurionlove ig account, i was wondering if gave them permission to post your work on their ig or not?

Hi, thank you so much for telling me this!
I just checked it out - I got an ask a couple of hours ago asking for permission to repost my comic on ig so I don’t know if it’s them. But they have removed the front page of the first comic where my tumblr account name is written, and they have not specifically given me credit for the comic..(Writing “credits to the artist” is not giving proper credits to the creator for fuck’s sake)

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Luckily my account name stands on some of the comic pages - I generally allow reposts as long as people ask for my permission and credit me, but accounts like these, who repost things without permission or proper credits, frustrate me to no end :( I’ll have to be more careful with adding my signature to my works in the future!

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Mukami Azusa (Sub scenario w/Kanato)

Kanato: Oh? You…

Yui: Ah, Kanato-kun

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mephistoanimeblogtumblrcom/post/88559494036 <--- they stole your art.

Thank you for letting me know! I will report them right now even if the drawing is embarrassing afssdg

Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival: Mukami Azusa (Chapter 3)

Azusa: …over there…there seems to be a large crowd

Yui: Yeah…I wonder if there’s some kind of event on?

(No we can’t, i’m a little curious but right now our priority is to return to the castle first…)

???: The young lady over there, could you spare a little time?

Yui: Eh…?

???: Yes you, you

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