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evan: oh my god what’s burning in here!?

jared, leaning against a wall: only my desire for u

evan: this room is literally on fire! ! ! ! 

Falling in love with him…it was like when you’re a kid and you hear your voice echo for the first time. It’s exciting and fun and you laugh and smile because even though you don’t really understand what’s happening you think it’s something magical. And as you grow older and you hear your voice echo that excitement carries on. Yes. Falling in love with him was the biggest adventure of my life.
—  Dust In Sunbeams - untoldxstories8921

France // Turkey

In 1536, the Franco-Ottoman Alliance was established by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and King Francis I. The cross-religious alliance caused a scandal in the Christian world, and became known as the Impious Alliance. In later centuries, Carl Jacob Burckhardt called it “the sacrilegious union of the lily and the crescent”. Nevertheless, it endured, as it served the interest in both parties, for two and a half centuries, until the Napoleonic campaign of Ottoman Egypt in 1798.

“I fell in love like the sun fell in love with the moon, still knowing that they could never be together.” — Amairani M. García

I think there are some people who are only in our lives for a little while but are the ones who make the biggest difference, and in turn become the ones who are the hardest to forget.
—  Dust In Sunbeams - untoldxstories8921

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RJ Cyler posted your Jason x Billy art on his instagram!

HOLY, REALLY?! I’ll have to go check that out omg!

THIS IS REAL! I added a comment with my name and information, if anyone else feels like being grand and doing so as well, that’d be sweet! :)

I’m not aiming for excellence. I’m not aiming to change or save the world. I’m merely aiming to help just someone, because then all of this would be worth while, even if it is just one person.
—  Dust In Sunbeams - untoldxstories8921
Mal’s Post-Con Writeup

Welp, BronyCon’s behind us now and about a year till it rolls back around again. I had good times, spent time with good people, and ate too much good food. All in all, pretty fantastic.

This was the first year I drove up. I had a pal with me so that was pretty great. We talked a ton on the way up and the way back. It took longer to get back home than it did to get up there; gotta love construction! Whee. I’ll probably try and drive in the future, too. It’s over all cheaper plus I can be available to offer car services to pals that need it. Win win and all that.

I spent the majority of my time at the con helping out with @dshou and @kawaiipony2 at their vending table. I really hope I was of some use. I tore up my throat a good bit trying to hail people on over to the booth and sell as much as possible. Tried to envision myself as Recette from Recettear I suppose. Capitalism ho! I got a slightly discounted badge for my efforts so that was nice. I hope they did well over all and I enjoyed the experience of trying to sell merchandise. Maybe I can try and sell some of my own someday. It’s not as terrifying as I had worried it might be.

It was super to spend time with a number of people from here and/or Discord. Some merely in passing and others a bit more. It was great seeing you all! And thank ya to @piratedashmod, @phoenixswift, @raeligath, @whatsapokemon, @tallaferroxiv, @pich-un, @minimummums, @runestrokedraws, @input-command@ciy-e, @xbndx, @dshou, @kawaiipony2, and anyone else I’m forgetting for spending some time with me and chatting and such. I really do appreciate it more than I can perhaps get across here. I also got to briefly re-meet @tambelon and meet @askscribbly. We didn’t really interact much but ya seem to be pretty okay people. There was another person in your group that I don’t think I even caught the name of. Apologies for not being more personable! I tried to stay more outgoing but am far from perfect in that regard. And I’m terrible with names, so there’s that too.

Anyhoo, it was a great time and I hope I wasn’t too odious or obnoxious to those I got to meet. I tried to not be at least if that counts! I’m sad to have it behind me, just like every year, but I’m very much looking forward to the next and hope to see more of you there!