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My thoughts are absolutely with the family during this time, but I want to be sure you know my thoughts are with all of you too. Don’t feel ashamed or frustrated or whatever if you are emotionally affected by this. Whether we have met him or not, it felt like he was someone we knew, even in a small way, and it is natural to feel that loss.

Please take care of yourself. In whatever way is best for you. It’s okay to feel the way you do and you know best what you need. Look after yourself. You’re important and need care as well. I love you, and if you need it, this is me sending you the warmest hug. Once you’re done, send it on to their family and it will be like a mental wave of love being sent to them. Hopefully when they most need it they can feel our support that way too.
Re-sound by Strelok Audio - Undyne The Undying
Huge thanks to the homie Strelok for resounding my Undyne Animation! If I remember correctly, we talked about this resounding back in November and AHH it's f...

We’re happy to finally share the re-sound of Undyne the Undying we hope you’ll like it ^3^
Thank you so much Strelok!!!

I had a great Saturday at Birmingham Collectormania hanging out with @awesomelesbiansurgeon and @room-2o3, and meeting this special bean:

(no Jemma, holding the mic to your ear does not, in fact, help you hear the questions, but thanks for being so cute.)

Anyway, nothing special here but I’m just writing things down for my own benefit while I still remember something. This post is basically just me rambling for far too long.

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  • You: Yurio has too much screen time
  • Me, an intellectual: Yurio is the third core character of the series, shown both by his inclusion in the opening credits and by the fact that he and Yuri share the same name in a thematic break from the One Steve Limit, because they are both Yuris On Ice

I bet you Sherlock and John were pen pals when they were little, they just don’t remember it. Like Sherlock would have really cute bee stationery his mum bought him  - without lines, because he’s too old for lines - and one of those address stickers but with bees on them. And he wouldn’t really want to have a pen pal at first, because who needs those, and also, the name is stupid, his mum makes him write in pencil anyways. Which is okay because he has one with honeycomb designs. But his mum signs him up anyways and he gets a letter from John in the mail, and his letter has pirate stationery and Sherlock thinks this is so cool and Sherlock (Billy) writes to John about pirates, and John returns with another letter complimenting him on the bee stationery and asking him how he made the address sticker, and it just goes on until they get a little too old for pen pals, or John moves away. And years and years later they’re living together and in love and Rosie starts getting older and Mrs. Holmes thinks she should get a pen pal too, but who even does that nowadays, like no one, it’s an old-fashioned concept, but Mrs. Holmes gets her these fancy address stickers and Rosie just needs to use them, so she does. And she shows John and Sherlock her first letter and asks them to take her to the post office to mail it out and they both see the bee address label and think….oh

pidge bites her nails a lot so allura makes it her life’s mission to make pidge have long nice nails and gives her a real nice manicure, but pidge ruins it within minutes. allura tries to put bitter stuff on her nails, ties bags onto her hands, throw things at pidge each time she brought her nails close to her mouth, everything, to avoid her biting them, but in vain. then when allura finally gives up and flops down beside her, sighing about how she won’t be able to draw the green lion on her nails like she wanted to, pidge immediately jumps up and starts following allura around, begging for another chance.

part 1 / part 2

I can’t believe we let Father’s Day go past without any angst about a tiny Svlad Cjelli growing up in a CIA facility, attaching himself to the only authority figure to show him a shred of kindness only to be met with broken promises and a project name he never liked.

So this is kind of late, but fuck it

If you need to come up with a new password, or even a bunch of new passwords, for instance because a bug in the internet’s encryption software has left all your social media accounts unsecure for the past two years (lol), there’s an easy way to make great passwords that you’ll always remember.

Start with a favorite quote. A line from a book, a song lyric you love, just something that you know you’ll remember verbatim. For an example, I’ll refer to the work of contemporary prophet Freddie Mercury.

I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?

Now, take the first letter of each word. So: ISALSOAMSSWYDTF

15 characters. Nice. Most passwords on the internet are required to be between 8 and 16 characters long, so pick a phrase with a suitable length.

Now convert it into calculator code. You know: I = 1, S = 5, A = 4, B = 8, T = 7 and so on.

That gives us 154L504M55WYD7F.

Pretty good! But we’re not quite done. There are some characters that repeat, since the quote I picked used multiple As and Ses.

So alternate the repeating characters. The first S becomes a 5, the second S remains an S, the third S becomes a 5, and so on.

The final password is 154LS0AM5SWYD7F. Gibberish to anyone who looks at it, secure from the casual cracker, but all you need to remember is what phrase you used!

Stay safe out there.

“number 5” wasn’t just a silly old nickname.

It was the name Coran used for his favourite nephew, just to annoy him, because while he was the youngest of five, he was way too small by Altean standards, much to the poor boy’s chagrin.

So, whenever he saw Pidge fumble around and moan about her shortness, he’d remember the nephew he loved so much and missed. And when she’d turn around and flash that cheeky grin? It made him smile. She made him smile.

Maybe this was him, who knows?

Number Five wasn’t just any silly old nickname.

once when i was little i tried to design my perfect pet and what i ended up with was a cross between a little sea pony (as featured in the children’s book The Little Sea Pony©) and a snake

Lightwood-Bane Brother Headcanons
  • Rafael is a patient older brother to Max, who can be incredibly annoying and loud at the best of times. Rafael only ever really snaps at Max if he’s interrupting something Rafe is trying to listen to or watch.
  • Rafael is often quiet and shy when meeting new people, but once he’s familiar with someone, he’s unwaveringly loyal, and very sweet.
  • Max is much more outgoing and boisterous; he loves meeting new people, especially downworlders and other warlocks with physical markers like his blue skin. 
  • Max and Rafael both think Werewolves are the coolest downworlders, though. (They always grill Maia when she visits – pestering her to transform right there in the living room, Papa and Dad won’t mind!)
  • Max is incredibly dry-humored from a very young age. Alec blames Magnus, but everyone knows Max’s sense of humor is a mirror of Alec’s.
  • Rafe is extremely attached to his family and – for the first year or so he lives with them – constantly anxious about their whereabouts. He always wants to know what his parents are doing, whether he can help, if he can go with them. He keeps very close track of his parents and Max at all times, especially when the family is out.
  • Alec and Magnus work hard to reassure Rafael when he does get anxious. Max always takes Rafe’s hand to comfort him.