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PSA About Requests

So I just had a very rude anon ask me when I’d be doing their request because it’s been a month and they’re getting impatient.

When you send in a request it is not like a commission. I don’t have to do it, let alone immediately. I have a constant flow of requests and I don’t always get to all of them; some I delete if I don’t like them.

You are not entitled to a story.

I am doing this with my free time, free of charge. I write what I like, and if you don’t, I’m sorry. Maybe you ought to consider writing your own stories.

But don’t be rude about requesting. It makes me less inclined to write yours, let alone write in general.

genderrfluidharry  asked:

Ask meme !! (I'm so sorry I keep sending these but ur writing is everything 💀) I saw that u did a little ballerina Rafael one and I'm :( crying !! I didn't know I needed that so much but I realized there's not a lot of that in aldnt and I NEED IT !!! I love him so much! So anything about him being a sweet little ballerina :(((( or being an amazingly talented older one 😭 I hope ur having a wonderful day 💞

You could never send me too many things, and you never have to apologize, especially not for giving me the excuse to rant about Ballet Rafa. You’re amazing. 💜💜💜

Rafe is five when he goes to his first ballet class. It’s the first hour he spends away from the rest of the Lightwood-Bane family. It’s the first time he has to meet a whole group of new people all at once. It’s the first time he’s ever met children who are exactly the same age as him. It’s the first time he’s started something halfway-through, where everyone else already knows what’s going on, knows all the terms, knows each other, and he knows nothing. It’s the first time he’s had to focus, to keep himself disciplined, to follow instructions, to learn how to make his body move a certain way, to use all of that energy that’s always stored up in him. And it’s the first time he’s felt comfortable. Since before, since Buenos Aires. It’s the first time in this new life where he’s really, really felt safe.

Rafael is ten when he and Max finally decide that they’re sick of sharing a room. His own room has been waiting for him since the day he came here. When Rafael says he wants it, Magnus and Alec let him choose how he wants to decorate it. None of his choices are very surprising. Purple walls. Hardwood floors with a big, soft rug under the bed. A special little cabinet, just for his shoes, his rehearsal clothes, his books about history and anatomy and the differences between Russian and French techniques. The wall around it is adorned with posters of Carlos Acosta, charts and diagrams of proper postures, and the framed picture Alec had taken of all of them on the day of his first recital. All of that is expected. The only surprise is the small barre that Magnus and Alec install on the far wall. Once Rafael finally moves into his own room, he rarely ever leaves it.

Rafa is twenty-two when he realizes that he wants to teach. He’s pretty sure he still wants to perform, but he thinks he’s starting to care about it less and less. He doesn’t enjoy performing for the sake of the audience. He enjoys it because it’s a finished product. A culmination of all the rehearsals, all the work. It feels earned, and it feels like an accomplishment, but he thinks he cares about all the rest of it more than he’s ever cared about getting a curtain call. And after seventeen fucking years of training, he thinks it’s safe to say that nothing else will ever compare to those classes he first took, when he was child. That’s what he wants. That’s always been the best of it. Rafa’s good with kids - way better than he is with anyone else, anyway. He thinks that’s it. He thinks that’s the best possible choice for him. And luckily, he figures it out soon enough that it’s not too difficult to adjust his college major.

-send me a character or pairing, and a prompt, and I’ll write a three-paragraph fic for you!-

I kinda realized that I’m gonna be a bit screwed over for bills in a week so uh

I’m on mobile so no examples atm but I’ll probably open 3 $50 slots full body and colored though these may be a bit experimental cuz I wanna try and speed up how I do things so it’s not taking me 10 years to get 2 lines drawn lmao

I can draw most anything but nothing nsfw for now

If people are interested hmu I’ll make a better post when I’m on my laptop later. In the meantime I’m looking into selling some of my old crap to scrounge up whatever the fuck I can

okay so I was browsing a store online with a bunch of overwatch merch and they had this collection of wallets with characters and their quotes and

‘oeath walhs among you’
I almost didn’t notice 
but strap yourselves in ‘cause it gets better
(also I’ll add a caption under all of them in case they’re too hard to read)

‘lets otopthe aeat’
you heard him, everyone

‘one shor
one hill’

‘a inrooe perror arco’

‘love love’???? idk I can’t read that shit

‘trueself is wnhout form’
apparently words too

‘bettle continues’

‘gravmy hills’
I don’t even know Zarya’s voice lines well enough to know what this is supposed to be but I’m pretty sure it’s wrong

‘rrs high noon’
rrs high noon somewhere in the world


‘marhe avyhe oragon’
almost got the dragon right, come on you can do it

‘justicerain ffomaaove’
looks like someone sleep-drunk

‘ican do tms yitn all my eyes closed’
yea you heard it right ALL my eyes closed

‘rhllo rcriverco’
what even

‘heros never one’

‘from oroer oring hermony
from light inro buings’
oh my god

‘I ma one-man’
you sure are

‘preoue oont rrove’

‘cheer love
the cavalry’s here’

and now a bonus:

plot twist
Reaper’s actually Tracer

hey guys, i got a tattoo, i think it really expresses who i am and how i feel