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I understand that some people like to tell others ‘Blessed Be’, but please understand and respect that some people just don’t like that phrase and/or what its associated with.
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Don’t know why y'all get so offended when former hijabis take their hijabs off and then express happiness about it. Not everybody believes the hijab is obligatory like you, nor does everyone have the “choice” to wear it. Idk why we as Muslims don’t talk about these things? I get it, western rhetoric is all about the poor Muslim woman without a choice, but guess what? That is the reality of a lot of Muslim women. It hurts them when we deny it.

Like shut the hell up, you go on and on and on about having had a choice and how happy you are about it so let others make their own choices and be happy about it, too. The intolerance is striking.

Anyway, don’t @ me and I don’t want your comments or anonymous questions/insults thanks.

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YASS okay prompt time! Maybe something where Lance is being really snippy and arguing with Pidge about stuff, and so Keith separates them when it gets heated. But they don't know that Lance is sick and irritable because he's got a headache and so when he comes out later he doesn't even remember that they were arguing and he's really upset that Pidge is mad at him and he doesn't know why?? until finally he's just totally not making sense and the paladins figure out that he's got a wicked fever :O

HELLO you have blessed me with your reblogs.
“Lance, you flipped those two numbers.” Pidge reached out, her finger brushing against the screen where the two offending numbers were.

“I’ll fix it! Just give me a chance!” Lance pushed her hand away, finishing the line he was working on before fixing what Pidge had pointed out.

“I was just trying to help.”

“I don’t need it! Just let me finish it!”

“I was just pointing one thing out!” Pidge folded her arms, already frustrated. Lance was in a bad mood, but it really wasn’t fair for him to take it out on her. “Just because you’re in a bad mood doesn’t mean you can take it out on us!”

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Hey everyone. I gotta talk about something.

I fairly often see followers of mine posting about how cishet aces aren’t LGBT, or including “don’t follow if you think cishet aces belong in the community” in their byf and such.

And sometimes, this is accompanied by reblogging posts in which ace people say genuinely terrible or absurd things! So I’m not going to claim that I have no understanding whatsoever of the aversion people have.

I’m ace. I’m neither cis nor het, but I’m ace, and it’s a huge part of my identity, and as a result of being ace and trying to deny it I’ve gone through a great deal of pain and self-hatred. I personally think cishet aces should be in the community, if they wish, but I understand the reasons that people don’t want them. If it were just that, I would probably see those posts and just roll my eyes, but here’s the thing.

Ace people can talk about abuse they’ve endured, about discrimination from therapists, about feeling alienated from other people, about feeling broken, just really horrible things, and people will come out of the walls to mock them for suggesting that aphobia is real or to explain at length why this doesn’t technically constitute oppression. And, I have to be honest, that’s disgusting. I mean, my god, even if you’re correct that what they’re talking about isn’t aphobia, or that it doesn’t fit some technical definition of oppression, that’s horrible. That’s not an acceptable way to treat other people who’re talking about pain they’ve endured. And then there’s the simple matter that I’ve never observed these people having a very high opinion of us non-cishet aces, either. Most of the discourse posts I see don’t even bother adding the “cishet” qualifier anymore.

I know not all ace exclusionists do any of that or support those who do. But the honest truth is that they make me feel unwelcome in my community, and having them around just kinda bums me out.

I don’t really feel comfortable blocking people for this. Like I said, I can understand some of the discomfort people have. So I’ll just say this again: I think cishet aces belong in the LGBT community. If that makes you want to unfollow me, please do.

I’ve quietly followed the “ace d*scourse” for some time now, I’ve seen a lot of crap (and as a law student, I have to say that aphobe alogic gives me epic migraines), but the thing that makes me most tired about the d*scourse and ready to throw in the towel?

Aphobes lie. They slander the ace community and its supporters and repeat it so many times that they convince themselves that their lies are true, and sometimes even convince ace supporters that what they’re saying is true, while conveniently making excuses for why they don’t have to show any evidence.

I’ve seen this happen several times (like the dove situation, for starters). Yes, the ace community—like every other community—has problems. Some of what aphobes say may be issues in the ace community that should be called out.

But aphobes lie and slander in so many cases (and they also take innocent mistakes and blow them up into monstrous bigotry), and it’s not about fact anymore to them, because they are objectively wrong in the cases I know of and are clearly not at all receptive to actual facts. Because of this, I can’t take anything aphobes say in good faith anymore, even things that may be actual problems, because I’d have to do days of digging to figure out whether it’s a real problem, an out-of-context misquote/twisting someone’s words into the worst possible interpretation, or just a straight-up lie.

And I wouldn’t care quite as much if not for the fact that their lies and slander are spreading to rational-minded aces/ace supporters in some cases, causing an ugly mess of total misinformation that leads to more baseless demonization. Aphobes are unaware that they are the ones making it challenging for the ace community to filter out its more toxic members—not that they care, because to them, all aces are the Devil anyways.


Oops We’re All Humans

To who it may concern

Hey. I hope you have a nice day. I don’t care who you are; if we’ve argued or if we’ve never met; if you hate me or if you like me; if you agree with my opinions or you don’t; if you are having a bad day or if you’re sad; I hope your day gets better. Because you deserve to smile.

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I 100% unfollowed fast/brit/waiting/french over their gross ass au but I've seen people tell them how it's extra gross bc mercy is Jewish-coded. I'm not super understanding how she is Jewish-coded and I'd like to know so I can be more conscientious of it

Okay so this is very similar to an ask I received on my main, so I’ll give a more in-depth explanation there at some point, but the long and short of it is:

  • Ziegler is an Ashkenazic surname
  • Her motivation to save lives, no matter the cost, is in keeping with Pikuach Nefesh–basically, the idea that preservation of human life is more important nearly all other considerations
  • Operating under this assumption, you can see why she would have believed it ethical to save Genji, despite the affect upon the quality of his life
  • This is backed up by the assertion (by Michael Chu) that she is an ethical person–nevermind what you think of her decisions, she has made them for what she believes are ethical reasons
  • Following such a code also explains why she finds being a soldier to be wrong, but carries her own weapon.  Because she is carrying it reluctantly, and for self defense only, this is not in anyway premeditated (unlike enlisting or ordering someone on a mission) and is, therefore, in the eyes of her religion, not murder (NOTE: not all Jewish people feel this way, but it is in line with what I was taught)
  • Her sense of guilt/responsibility over/for the fallout between Jack and Gabe feels very Jewish to me, as do her interactions with Reinhardt (who also has a Jewish name, and is Jewish coded for many of the same reasons as she is)
  • I have seen people argue that angel imagery is Christian, but I’ll add here that Judaism had the concept of the angel first, so it should in no way be read as proof of Christianity.

There is more, but unfortunately this is all I can remember off of the top of my head right now.  If any other Jewish people want to add to this, let me know!

- Mod Rory

I haven’t successfully figured out what Vader’s feelings toward Palpatine would be in the timetraveling vaderwan au. Palpatine never overtly moved against Vader, asked for his help and ‘gave ‘help’‘ in return. Sure, he lied and was a sith lord, and asked Anakin to do horrible things that went against Anakin’s nature

but post “you TRICKED me” hurt feelings, IDK how he’d feel??? like??? would he still try to talk to and reason with Palpatine?? Obi-Wan and the Order have asked Anakin to do a lot of things he didn’t like??????? some of which resulted in his mother being tortured to death, so??????????

i mean, he’s successfully talked Knight!Obi around to his side of things again. I feel like at this point, Vader would also be interested in trying to talk Palpatine around to his way of thinking. “Look. The Jedi aren’t that bad, we can still save them! Change their ways!!”

(meanwhile this timeline’s palpatine is just “who the fuck are you - better hurry up and bullshit my way through this so I can figure out how to use it to my advantage”)

thoughts??? comments???

  • friend: I'm moving away to follow my dreams and have a better education!!
  • bpd: it seems like...
  • me: don't.
  • bpd: you're being abandoned!
  • me: i'm not, they have their own life and i'm very happy for them.
  • bpd: ok but get this
  • bpd: what if
  • bpd: they're abandoning u and they hate u
  • me:
  • bpd:
  • me:
  • bpd:
  • me: well if u put it that way!! can't argue w/ that!

i should be drawing something else, but groot is adorable

Dirty Realities of Cohabitation Domesticity Meme

Send me a ship and I’ll answer these questions:

1. What habits does each have that the other hates?

2. What arbitrary rules do they enforce on each other? (direction the toilet paper, color of hand soap, how to set the table, etc.)

3. What slight from years ago do they bring up against each other in fights when it starts getting ugly?

4. In what ways do they let themselves go?

5. How do their parenting styles conflict? If they don’t have children, do they argue about that? If neither wants children, how do their pet training styles conflict?

6. What do they do that embarrasses each other (preferably in public)?

7. What do they do that makes the other jealous?

8. When was the last time they almost broke up? What was it over?

i am sick of the cultural elitism that exists in the classical music world. it’s so snobbish that people will argue popular music genres are lesser because they’re commercial, as if Mozart didn’t write pieces on commission from the upper-class, as if all their contemporary favorites aren’t MAKING A LIVING from writing music. it bothers me that it’s seen as a moral failing that i like musicals, or Lorde, more than whatever Western Art Music composer is in vogue. i shouldn’t have to defend my taste on the basis of artificial hierarchies. because at the end of the day? the Hamilton soundtrack kept me alive during my worst semester of undergrad, and TMG gives me catharsis when i’m tired or sad or lonely. not the latest poster child for the Philharmonic. 

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Steve’s lips purse lightly, because he knows he doesn’t have the same EXPERIENCES that Bucky does. Hasn’t seen the same horrors, though he has seen terrible things. Still, for what he has seen - he HAS to believe it. He has to believe in the misguided attempts, or WHAT ELSE can be believe in?

❝Maybe not everybody,❞ he agrees idly.

❝But I gotta believe otherwise until I see
that, Buck. I can’t GIVE UP on somebody
just because they may be a lost cause. I
gotta make sure I’m not just giving up
EARLY. You know that.❞

Bucky knows that more than most, considering the lengths Steve went to ensure his safety but there were some people that didn’t deserve that. Hell, he wasn’t sure HE even deserved that but he was thankful for it nonetheless, it just worried him that other people could use that UNYIELDING kind nature to manipulate him.

                           ❝I know, I just worry about you, alright?❞

He concedes for now, at least just until the matter is brought up once again, it’s likely not the last time he argued that point.

                          ❝Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reason,
                          not just because you THINK they can be good, there
                          has to be something to PROVE it.❞