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Reblog this if you had to learn cursive writing as a child

If you were ever told or were made to learn cursive writing when you were in grade school.
I wanna see how many of you suffered like I did.

some object heads i doodled in class earlier today

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I've noticed that ouma gets REALLY agitated whenever people other than himself lie, why do you think this is?

It’s because Ouma knows he’s a giant hypocrite and he’s full of self-loathing and he doesn’t want the rest of the group to be hypocrites like him.

Jokes that aren’t entirely jokes aside, it really does come down to the fact that he’s good at lying but doesn’t necessarily like having to do it, I think. As we know, Ouma steps into the villain role and maintains an antagonistic façade for most of ndrv3. And he does a spectacular job at it, and he’s certainly talented at lying through his teeth and acting as though he’s having the time of his life in such a horrible killing game even though he hates it with a passion. But that doesn’t mean it was something he liked having to do necessarily.

For the most part, Ouma certainly prefers “gentle lies.” If his speech to the rest of the group in the middle of the Chapter 4 trial is anything to go off, he clearly believes lies can be used for people’s benefit. Unlike the “single unchanging truth” which is often harsh and cruel and not something people actually want to know, lies present “endless possibilities,” as he says. To put it in Umineko terms, since I’m always talking about Umineko here anyway, lies are “magic.” And that magic is often used by people to comfort themselves from the harsh realities and “truths” of the world around them.

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I think it's cool that you and @ibilateral are friends despite the distance and people need to stop analyzing and over analyzing every aspect of your life and let you just do you.

i definitely agree that ppl should stop overanalyzing 🙄🙄

To all the mentally ill kids

Take a shower, it will make you feel better

Clean your room, even if it’s just a bit, you’ll feel a little more acomplished

Eat something whether it’s a snack or a meal

Now that that’s done. That show you’ve been wanting to watch but all the episodes are too overwhelming? Watch a couple episodes and forget there are anymore until you want to watch it again~

That story you’ve been wanting to read, but it’s so long and you don’t know how to start? Just pick out a few pages and read those. Read more when you’re ready

Been wanting to draw or paint, but have no idea what to do? Just do whatever~ Doodle eyes, or faces or flowers or stars, etc. Paint little circles and shade them, or trees or anything! It doesn’t have to be good, but you’ll feel good for trying~

And remember any meds you have yet to take, and don’t take anymore than you need to. Stay safe my lovelies

nice things about being invested in a popular ship: 

being able to skip past things you have minor quibbles with because there’s so much out there that you don’t

I have chosen, on this blog, to interpret Berúthiel as a woman of mixed ancestry. Her father, in this view, is a high-blooded Númenórean – a Black Numenorean, which is to say, a King’s Man or the descendent of those who followed the ways of Ar-Pharazôn and who had been turned to the worship of Melkor by the Zigûr, Sauron. Her mother, meanwhile, is a native of the southern continent known to the lore only as Harad (Sindarin for “south”); and whose people also had been followers of Sauron and Melkor prior to the settlements made in the Harad continent by the Númenóreans.

There’s some precedent in the lore for this; it’s said that “After the fall of Sauron [the Black Númenóreans] swiftly dwindled or became merged with the Men of Middle-earth, but they inherited without lessening their hatred of Gondor.” (RotK) So we know from canon that the King’s Men had seemingly few qualms about intermarrying with the “Men of Darkness,” those races of Men who had never been to Beleriand and allied with and fought beside the elves and were therefore uplifted by the Valar to become basically Elves Lite™.

However, despite this precedent, and despite the fact that it’s never outright stated what Berúthiel’s background is (except to indicate she’s from an inland city to the south of Gondor, and thus very likely is indeed a Black Númenórean from one of the strongholds of the King’s Men), there’s one good reason my having chosen to interpret her heritage as mixed should be considered lore-divergent….

….the Kin-Strife. Aka, the actual civil war experienced by Gondor several hundred years after Berúthiel had been married to King Tarannon Falastur of Gondor. The actual civil war which started because the King of Gondor at that time, Valacar, had dared to marry a woman who wasn’t Númenórean in blood and had a child and heir to the throne, Eldacar, who was considered to be of impure blood and was usurped by a distant relative, Castamir.

Aka, the Númenóreans of Gondor, the “good guys” of the narrative, were way more concerned with “racial purity” than were the Black Númenóreans of Umbar and Harad, who, let us remember, the narrative tells us “dwindled” due to their intermarriage with the supposedly lesser Men.

So it seems unlikely that there’d have been no outcry when a half-blooded Queen showed up, even if she didn’t give Tarannon any heirs of equally “impure” blood to worry about. They hated and feared her anyway, perhaps due to her sorcerous ways, perhaps simply because she was a foreigner despite her Númenórean heritage, perhaps because she was as evil as the narrative is at pains to paint her as being. 

But narratives are biased, especially these, and canon is flexible, especially this one, the one which literally never gives us native names for entire continents but just calls them South and East in Sindarin, this one which was written by a man who thought it was a-ok to depict a “superior” culture showing up in a “barbarous” land and teaching the poor savages to be civilized and called that “superior culture” the good guys. You know. That one.

So… Why are we all so against nasty blogs, mostly Harry update accounts, that shit on Louis, but we’re constantly reblogging form people who do the same on Harry? why isn’t there a campaign against these blogs like there’s for the Harry’s ones? I could name you at least ten nasty harry/harries/antis blogs, but no louis/louies/antis ones… Is it less important?


The Ultimate Loves throughout History (inspired by x)

Mark Antony and Cleopatra (41BC - 30BC) - famous for defying the Emperor Augustus and for their passionate affair

Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille (1475 - 1504) - famous for joining what can now be called ‘modern’ Spain together

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York (1486 - 1503) - famous for uniting the two warring factions in England: York and Lancaster

Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart (1565 - 1567) - famous for producing Mary’s only son and their rare ‘love’ marriage

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal (1612- 1631) - famous for the most beautiful building, the Taj Mahal, being built in Mumtaz’s memory

Jahangir and Anarkali (1621 - unknown) - famous for the romance that blossomed between the crown prince and a slave girl