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So I cry a lot

Like I’ll cry when I see a sad post on tumblr, I cry at dumbo, I cried when I went to pakistan and saw kids doing hard labor with no shoes, I cry when I think how hard my parents work. But I remember a few certain cries that were like wow cries. Do you ever have those? A time where you cried and remember everything about it so well. I actually remember the first time I cried over something (outside of infancy). And it was from this Pakistani movie my parents were watching on ptv. I was around 8. And the movie followed this girl who got forced to marry this old man because she wanted a love marriage but her dad sold her off to this older guy instead. And this old guy was backwards af and through oil on her and set her aflame. I was so shocked and I asked my parents if stuff like that really happens. And they said yeah it does and I just started crying so hard. But it’s weird that the memory of me crying to that is still with me