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Hate to break it to y'all because some of you seem to think you’re fucking untouchable, but racism is the discrimination against a person or group based on their race. It doesn’t matter what race YOU are, or what race the OTHER GROUP/PERSON is, if you’re discriminating against someone based on their race, IT IS STILL RACISM.


y'all so im still a lil drunk but baaaaasically i’ve IDed as bi for 2.5 years or whatever and I’ve had experiences with abusive men in the past but this summer especially and now i feel like i??? Do not want to date men or be around men or share a life with a man and only want to date other women lol and so im just like… do i even wanna use the bi label or not, , i don’t want to date men or involve them in my life in any way, & the lesbian label doesn’t feel like home to me but the bi label makes me terrified of men relating 2 me … it’s yikes all around LOL but like if u read pls

Looking at all my favorite characters, about 90% of my favorite characters are mainly the adorable, shy, hero, the romantics characters, but mostly the positive characters of the show…

Bashful, Wander, Joy, Judy, Nick, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Dreamfinder, Figment, Star Butterfly, Penn Zero, Mabel, Ladybug, Lincoln, Rose, Chowder, Flapjack, Roger, Gordon, Lazlo..

These characters are the reason I’m even a positive person. Without these characters, I wouldn’t have been exposed to positivity and how I can keep that going in my life. So, thank you to these wonderful fictional characters for inspiring me to be the person I am today.