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just got in a car accident. ive had a nonstop panic attack for the last 30 minutes. the person i hit gave me a hug bc i was crying and hyperventilating. her car was higher up than mine so theres barely a scratch on the bottom of her bumper. but i fucked up my moms car. broken fender, dented reinforcement bar, broken headlight, broken grill, need to replace this other thing that goes behind the fender, dented air conditioner grill thingy, & pushed in hood of car where u open the hood. im still shaking and i feel so bad bc me and my mom are #broke #as #hell and ive only had my license for 7 months so not only do we have go fix the car but the car insurance is gonna go up. i fucked up so badly. she keeps saying shes not mad and just happy im ok but i feel terrible

Hey. Hey you.

Like this for a starter with starter for one of my muses OTHER THAN AMY. I am leaning towards more Sonic, Netto, Rock and Nitro but my other muses will do nicely too!

But do remember when I ask you who you want and you don’t specify then I can’t guarantee you’ll get a starter, so please think about who you want and make it easier on the both of us lkjhgfdsa

I think things get extra emotional when you consider the fact… ok, when I consider my fact that, in 2008? I was 16. Since I was a 16 year old little high schooler, Barack Obama has been my president. For 8 years, my young adult life has been forging itself while having him as my nation’s ultimate role model. And while I obviously feel blessed to have had that, having to now deal with not only saying goodbye, but doing so as I enter into the beginnings of real adulthood, while also knowing what’s ahead after his time in office ends… idk, the combination of it all just seems to ache extra hard. 

Hey friends,

I’ve been having some difficulties with my hands this week. They appear to be getting worse. I am going to *try* to give them a break today and see if that helps. So, I may not be as responsive. (Some things are already written in the queue).

-Meg 👽