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so I’m really thankful for this one woman at synagogue–she’s a lesbian and brings her wife and son to synagogue–because I think my mom being around her is making her more accepting of queer people?? It’s so nice and I’m constantly thankful for my synagogue and the queer ppl at it

Halloween Stuff Starters

01.  ❝ Let’s go egg his house. ❞
02.  ❝ Didn’t even try to decorate, huh? ❞
03.  ❝ If you wear the same thing again this year, I swear to god ❞
04.  ❝ Stop crying! It was just some dude wearing a mask! ❞
05.  ❝ Wow, you sure put too much effort into this holiday. ❞
06.  ❝ They didn’t have any candy left, so I asked for weed. ❞
07.  ❝ Don’t give the kids alcoholic candy!!
08.  ❝ Every time I sit down, more kids show up. I hate Halloween. ❞
09.  ❝ No more candy. Sorry. Bye. ❞
10.  ❝ How cute. You look like you raided a dumpster. ❞
11.  ❝ That costume is so culturally insensitive. ❞
12.  ❝ Apparently she’s dressed as a witchbut I don’t see the difference.
13.  ❝ Aren’t we too old for trick-or-treating?
14.  ❝ I really don’t think you need all that sugar.
15.  ❝ Bobbing for apples is gross. Saliva sharing to the extreme. ❞
16.  ❝ Kind of makes me wish something interesting would happen, likea murder. ❞
17.  ❝ No! NO ouija boards!! ❞
18.  ❝ We’re going to a graveyard? What are you, thirteen?
19.  ❝ I’ve seen scarier Hot Topic cashiers.
20.  ❝ This isn’t right. Where are the slutty male costumes?
21.  ❝ This party sucks. I’d rather be out getting candy.
22.  ❝ Yeah, because getting arrested for trespassing sounds so fun! ❞
23.  ❝ Okay, just hit the door bell and run! ❞
24.  ❝ It’s just a couple of eggs. They can wash the car later. Come on.
25.  ❝ No way! People who hook up at parties die on Halloween. Haven’t you seen any scary movies?

can straight people not make jokes about gay/bi people being in denial of their sexuality and their same sex attraction? Like seriously they’re dealing with a lot of internalised homophobia. It’s a fucking tragedy not some spectacle for your own amusement, like “lol!!! we all realised it before you… haha so much denial it’s hilarious..” Who the fuck do you think made it so they’re struggling to accept it/in denial in the first place? you fucking heteros, that’s who.

Kind of stinks that sometimes when I try to reach out and connect and network with other artists I admire or just want to be friends with I usually get  kind of shrugged off, ignored and passed over. Like hey, I understand if people are busy or overwhelmed with their own lives as it is but every now and then shouldn’t we be more open to each other?

I tried reaching out to an old classmate I regarded as a friend to ask how they were doing, compliment their art and ask about their experience with the entertainment side of illustration and if she would like to include me in future collabs with friends, alert me to events I should attend, introduce me to people and give me any kind of endorsement…. that’s what friends do right? Help legitimize and encourage each other?

half the time I hear about people’s jobs it’s always because they knew person X they met person Y and got to work with person Z and now they work together and recommend each other for jobs!! To pave your own path it usually starts with, or helps to have, an established connection that brings you into that world.

I had gotten a rather luke-warm response, some advice to strike out on my own and seek conventions, construct my own social media forumula, reach out to new people and work harder, as if to suggest I wasn’t working hard. But wasn’t that what I was doing? In that instant I was reaching out to someone, that was the whole point! I’m generally a shy person and don’t like to throw myself at people or initiate, but I knew I needed a change. I wanted to be that change. So to start, rather than bothering another stranger, I tried to better connect with someone I was already familiar with. There was no excitement to help, no offers of introductions and inclusions, even after 2 years they still never followed me back and there was no comment or interest in my artwork…. the whole interaction felt… off. a self-implosion.

Was this too demanding? Do they think I’m just being manipulative? Are they evasive because they think my art isn’t so great? Maybe my art IS bad…but am I wrong for even trying to reach out or was it just an freak interaction and eventually I will get a more positive reception if I persist.

I can’t really say but that’s why I’m talking out loud in the first place

I don’t think people should be fearful to put themselves out there and I don’t think they should be punished or admonished from it either. A little kindness goes a long way