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It’s even funnier when people say there’s a power imbalance between Roadrat, not just because Jamison’s his boss so if favors him, but also because literally in the Junkenstein story they once again put the power in Jamison’s hands with him as Hog’s creator but when it comes down to it Jamison isn’t interested in controlling him at all.

Showing that Jamison views them both as equals.

i’m half watching this show on tv and there’s a chracter with ptsd and he’s being treated so so poorly by the social workers and mental health professionals and he’s being literally abused by his friends and it hits home and i am crying so much i feel so horrible i really cant wait to talk to my psychiatrist about EMDR 

I testified in court for the first time today. I was an expert witness. A patient at my hospital had drunk bleach and then tried to kill a bunch of people, and I was supposed to testify that, based on my expertise and years of training as a psychiatrist, that sounded pretty crazy.

The courthouse was a skyscraper downtown. The fashion theme of the court-goers was “poor underclass people trying to cargo-cult formal dress”; for some reason they ended up looking like ‘40s gangsters.

The courtroom itself was a beautiful chamber made of white marble and very expensive-looking wood. On the wall was written in big metal letters WHEN LAW ENDS, TYRANNY BEGINS. There were flagpoles obscuring the A and the Y, so the visible letters said WHEN LW ENDS, TRANNY BEGINS, which I interpreted as a kabbalistic prophecy of Rationalist Tumblr.

I sat through a couple of really pitiful cases where people who realistically will probably never leave long-term state psychiatric hospitals got to have their yearly hearing, pled to the judge to please let them out of their long-term state psychiatric hospital, and were uniformly told they would have to stay for another year. Then my turn came. My hospital’s lawyer asked me to describe the facts of the case, which I did. I started hoping maybe this would all be easy

Then the patient’s lawyer got to cross-examine me. He decided to die on the rock of “the patient never really drank the bleach”. He pointed out that the patient had been admitted directly to the psychiatric hospital without spending any time in a medical hospital, and asked me if it was realistic that someone could drink bleach and not have to spend time in the hospital.

I got really freaked out because I hadn’t wanted this job, and I had hoped that I could just say that, as an expert psychiatrist, drinking bleach and trying to kill people sounded pretty crazy to me, and then sneak off the witness stand without having to deal with the whole “hostile cross-examination” thing. And I always feel bad about not knowing enough about non-psychiatric medicine, and I really didn’t know whether bleach-drinking always required a hospital stay, and I wasn’t sure whether it was supposed to be common knowledge to everyone except me that drinking bleach was super deadly, and I was tempted to just BS something, but I was on the witness stand and under oath, so I just said this was outside my expertise as a psychiatrist.

The defense attorney got really angry and asked “Well, have YOU ever drunk bleach, Dr. Alexander?” My hospital’s lawyer objected, and the defense lawyer said some legal stuff, and the two of them argued about it for a second, and finally the judge indicated that she would allow the question and I had to tell the court whether I had ever drunk bleach.

I said I hadn’t.

(I kind of wondered what my parents would think if they knew that right now I was on a witness stand, testifying under oath that I had never drunk bleach.)

The defense attorney asked, still pretty condescendingly, whether this was because, without any medical expertise, using my total layman common sense, I thought that drinking bleach was probably really bad.

I was kind of panicking, and I didn’t know what to do, and I worried I had just destroyed all my credibility as a doctor by not being able to emphatically say that drinking bleach required immediate hospitalization, and now I didn’t know whether I was going to look like I was walking back on my previous statement or what, so I just answered that yes, it seemed reasonable to say that drinking bleach was probably worse than not doing that.

The defense attorney got very excited, like I had just conceded the whole case. Then he asked me some very confused questions about bipolar disorder, and I think I did an okay job explaining why he was very confused, and then he rested.

Despite my bungling the bleach questions, the whole “trying to kill people” thing still sounded pretty bad, so my hospital won the case and the patient was found to be in need of continued care.

I just got home and looked it up, and according to

Should you worry about drinking a mouthful of bleach? You’ll probably be fine. Most household bleaches contain fairly low concentrations of sodium hypochlorite – about 3 to 6 percent. That’s not an endorsement for trying it, but for the average adult, you shouldn’t expect anything worse than an upset stomach.