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I Don’t Want the World to See Me (Cause I Don’t Think that They’d Understand) #9

Here’s another little piece from Bucky’s POV - it takes place during Part 39.

***If this is your first time reading through, and you HAVEN’T yet read through part 45 of WEMtbB, this will contain major spoilers***

Word count: 1331 (so much for this being a drabble series)

Warnings - Angst, anger, thoughts of violence/death, thinly veiled threats of violence/injury/rape/death, violence, injury

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Third Time’s the Charm

This is the first part of Meet Me in the Hallway series. It’s going to be three or five parts, depending on how it goes lmao I can get a little bit carried away with my writing and it ends up waaaay longer than I intended.

Feedback and comments are so welcome, I know my writing isn’t the best out there but I’m willing to learn and accept criticism. It’s how we grow as a person anyway, right?

Please enjoy.

“Hey, can you help me?”


“Can you help me please? I’m lost. I need to get some cash and I can’t seem to put my card in.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I’m desperate.”

“What if I rob all of your money and belongings? I could use some money to pay for my tuition.”

“Listen mate, do whatever you want, but leave me some money for cab. I forgot where I left my phone and I don’t have any cash. I just want to get home. Please.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“Just put it in. Please?”

“You’re Flora Sterling.”

“Probably. Cab money. I’m begging you.”

“You know what? Give me your address, I’ll take you home.”

Maybe it’s his kind green eyes or the delicate curve of his mouth, or, maybe, just maybe, Flora is just high and drunk enough to trust anyone.

Maybe it’s her empty, bloodshot eyes or the rosy, tear streaked cheeks, or, maybe, just maybe, Harry is just generous enough to help anyone.

An AU where Harry is a student with a flair for art who’s good at ignoring things and Flora is a girl who has too many people around her and too much feelings, and is not that good at keeping secrets.

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Lingerie and Emma Frost

Rogue never cared about fancy underwear. Beyond the cute, matching sets she’d buy that made her feel put together, back when no one got to see anything, it felt pretty pointless to give it any thought beyond practicality. Even after she started having sex, it still wasn’t relevant, because, usually, she’d go from fully clothed to ass naked at the speed of light. When she finally gave lingerie consideration she went to Victoria’s Secret, and kept going for years without giving it a second thought. 

When Emma Frost finds out, she’s appalled. Utterly unimpressed, she stares at the rhinestone-infested, cheap-lace covered, tacky-jewel-tone-colored abominable pieces she owns and decides that Remy Lebeau must have really loved the woman if he went along with those. The White Queen will not have that and takes her to La Perla and Agent Provocateur. Because, Rogue, you do not put bumper stickers on a Bugatti

Rogue doesn’t know much of textiles, fabrics, or designers, but even she can’t help but notice the difference, or her appreciation and awe at the obvious artistry that goes into the craft of premium chantilly lace, the decadent, rich velvet trimming, and the beautiful, delicate, beadwork some of these pieces have. It strikes her as utterly decadent and is, if only for half a second, kinda mortified at the though that she, had essentially, worn generic for a man like Gambit, because, ‘Oh God, she’d been feeding a chef LeanCousine the entire time’. Then, she remembers he’s Remy and he’d like her in a trash bag, and promptly gets over it. 

She tries on her favourite in all the boutique. A beautiful Agent Provocateur set of beautiful sheer black tulle, with black velvet piping, and black and dark ruby coloured tiny beads embroidered through the bra. The tulle is utterly transparent, and wearing it, it looks like scarlet-beaded, black-lined flowers are tattooed all over her bosom. She’s absolutely in love with the whole thing. Emma loves it on her ‘Good eye. Beyonce wore that bra under the mustard yellow Roberto Cavalli she wore in Lemonade’. Rogue Doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t care. She feels like a Bond Girl in it. Mainly, though, its the subtle, almost unnoticeable twinkling of red the beading glints with when the light hits, that she likes the most, it reminds her of-AND she sees the price tag. The three-piece-set cannot be a pound in weight, and at just shy of a thousand bucks, it’s still on the mid-range price at the store. She decides its a lovely store, with lovely underwear, and she gets it, really. She’s not lacking in money, but for her, it’s just too much. She walks out without a problem, but she’d be lying if she didn’t admit that putting the set back in its place, made her ache in the place in her heart where her very real, pure, feminine frivolity inhabited.

A dejected Emma gives up, sighs, and rolls her eyes ‘Ugh, just go to For Love & Lemons dot com and click on SKIVVIES. Knock yourself out with those, if real craftsmanship offends your modest sensibilities’. Rogue does not get what Emma was scoffing all about when she enters the website. Sure, it’s nowhere near as sophisticated, she guesses, but it’s still beautiful in a whimsical sort of way, with the tiny flowers and adorable motifs. It looks something a wood fairy might wear in bed. Besides, each piece is, at least, a hundred bucks cheaper, and though still expensive, it’s reasonable, or at the very least, justifiable. Plus, their pieces have the whole transparency-thing she saw in the more expensive stores, and she loved that. She gets two sets: The first, sheer, nude tulle, blush velvet trimmed, underwired, high-waisted, with cut-outs, and embroidered white blossoms that strategically cover the tips of her breastskindof. The second is a more to the point, basic black, lacy, and strappy. Both bras she could wear with high-waisted jeans, and under a bomber, she figures. Win-Win, really.

Rogue never cared about fancy underwear, but she does now, and kinda loves and owes Emma for it. She decides she most certainly loves her when, not much later, she’s delivered a gift, a pale pink box with black, smooth-textured lettering, wrapped up in the signature black silk bow, and finds the ridiculously expensive three-piece-set she had spotted at the store that had immediately put a special someone’s eyes at the forefront of her mind.

That last set DOES glint red in the light up close and personal and looks killer with high-waisted black trousers and a structured blazer.

Oh, and Queen B did wear the bra.


A scrap of an IWWV fic set somewhere at the end of act IV, under a readmore because spoilers. (And if you haven’t read M.L. Rio’s ‘If We Were Villains’, you  really should, because it’s gradually driving me insane). 

“Alexander,” he says, brisk and breathless with cold, the draught from the door carrying a single breath of winter. “I know you’re awake, you bastard.”

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Hey there! Zen is your husband? He's mine as well :) I don't mind sharing him with you because you seem cool hehe. I'd like to request something about Zen and MC spending a relaxing saturday morning together. Perhaps she makes Zen a delicious fresh fruit smoothie and brings it to him in bed. She asks him to guess which fruit are in it and when he gets them all correct, she rewards him with a kiss as his prize <3

I see you read my tags, anon(>•o•)> or, you know, caught on to my obvious bias. but yay! i seem cool;; and we share a husband! also, I can totally do this for you, this is the cutest thing ahhhhh

side note: the admin, ams, is allergic to strawberries, so they’re not gonna be in said smoothie hahaha

also disclaimer idk if this smoothie actually tastes good, i threw fruit together

It was one of those mornings where neither Zen or MC had nothing to do and nowhere to go for the day. These days were getting rarer with both of their careers getting busy, but when they did come, they made the best of them. Sometimes it was going on dates, other times it was staying at home. This particular morning, they decided to stay home. It was Saturday, after all.

The two of them woke up at a reasonable hour, but refused to leave the bed for any other reason besides getting food, drinks, or to go to the bathroom. They had a small breakfast before, but now Zen wanted something else. “Babe…do you think we can make smoothies?” MC looked down at him, since he was laying across her lap, before responding. “Hmm…but I don’t want a smoothie.” He pouted at her and brought a hand up to poke her nose. “But I want a smoothie.” MC rolled her eyes, “Then make yourself a smoothie, love.” Zen groaned, rolling over on her lap so his face pressed against her stomach. “That’s too much work.” MC laughed, leaning down to kiss his head. “You’re a dork. Do you really want a smoothie?” She didn’t receive a verbal answer, but she felt his head kind of nod against her stomach. “Fineeeee. You need to get off of me, then. I’ll make it for you.” Zen moved away from her stomach and moved to the side. “Thank you, princess~ I’ll make it up to you later, okay?” MC rolled her eyes again and got up, stretching before she started walking out of their bedroom. “You better.”

So MC started to make the smoothie, getting out the blender and looking through the fruits they had in the fridge. Zen really wasn’t kidding when he said he’d keep the fridge full when she moved in. They had all kinds of fruits and almost everything MC could think of. Looking through them, she came up with an idea. It made her smile, and she grabbed about four out before going back to smoothie making.

“All done!” She said, walking back into their bedroom with the smoothie in hand. “Aw thank you, princess” Zen said, sitting up while she crawled back into bed, careful not to spill it. He was about to take it from her, before she pulled her hand back and grinned. “Wait, I had an idea.” Zen tilted his head, “Oh? What might that be?” MC grinned wider. “You have to guess what kind of fruits are in here. There are four. Guess all of them correct, and you get a kiss.” Zen chuckled, “Sounds fun…do I get little ones along the way?” MC shrugged and handed him the smoothie. “I’ll think about it.”

Zen pouted, but took a sip anyways and tilted his head a bit, obviously thinking about what was in there. Also, looking at it, it was a sort of purplish color. “…Blueberries?” He asked. MC hummed in response before leaning in to kiss his nose. “Correct.” She smiled, making him smile too. “One down, three to go.” MC said before he took another sip. “Hmm…” Zen hummed in thought, smacking his lips a bit as well. “Raspberries?” MC grinned again and kissed his forehead. “You’re good at this,” She pouted, “It’s almost not fair.” He laughed and shrugged, “I like fruit.” And he was about to lean in to give her a kiss as well before she tilted back. “No no no. You still have two other fruit to guess.” “Aww baby,” He pouted again, “But I want kisses.” “No, too bad. Two more.” Zen humored her and took another sip. “Blackberries.” “How do you know these things?!” MC asked, surprised. That was the one she was hoping would trip him up. He laughed again, “I’ve had this smoothie before, babe. I know what’s in it. No can I please have my kiss?” MC groaned playfully, but leaned over and kissed his cheek. “There.” She said. “But I wanted one hereeee” He whined, pointing to his lips. “But you didn’t get the last one yet, silly Zenny.” Now Zen rolled his eyes, but he took another sip anyways. And this time, he didn’t really taste anything else. “..Apples?” “Nope!” MC said, laying across his lap. “Try again.”  

It took him longer than he expected. And since she kept teasing him, he was really wanting that kiss now. He already took three guesses and he still didn’t know what it was. Half of the smoothie was gone already. But he did get it on the fourth guess. “Oranges?” He asked. “Hmm.” MC hummed. “Babe, I think you need to put that smoothie down for a minute.” Zen groaned, putting the smoothie on the bedside table. “What did you put in here?” He asked while doing so, not knowing that she was moving closer. When he turned back to look at her, her lips pressed against his. It surprised him for a second, but he smiled and wrapped his arms around her. After a minute, MC pulled away. “Finally.” Zen rolled his eyes playfully, “Oh hush. I got it, right?…Can I get another kiss? For all those guesses?” MC laughed, but she nodded and pressed her lips against his again.  

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Ushijima. D, E, F, I, J, K, M, P, S, V, and Y!

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) +  K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Combining these two because I think they’re related! (someone enlighten me please on the difference between these two bc I’m lost at the moment)

Ushijima realizes belatedly that seeing his mark left on his partner’s skin…does things to him. It makes arousal burn hot in his belly and it makes him want to pin his partner down and bite down on that exact same spot, clenching his jaw until his teeth leave wounds, leave scars.

He tries not to think about it too much, tries to look away when his partner drags fingertips delicately along the mark and smirks knowingly at him.

“You’ve been biting me a lot lately.”

Ushijima clears his throat. It’s oddly dry. He’s probably dehydrated. “I apologize. I’ll stop—”

“I never said I didn’t like it.”

Ushijima meets those mischievous eyes with his own confused gaze. Those lips are curled in a challenging smirk, those long fingers are still tracing the circle of his bite, high on that tempting neck, just below that diamond-cut jaw.

“Everyone’s going to see this, ‘Toshi” a purr, and Ushijima’s stomach lurches in familiar anticipation. “Everyone’s gonna know exactly who I belong to. Do you like that? Is that what gets you hot?”

They crawl onto his lap, press their crotch right against his. He can already feel himself growing hard, and they haven’t even done anything yet.

“Yes.” Ushijima finally gets out, voice horribly, horribly rough as his hands seek purchase in the dip of a trim waist.

(A little later, there is a fresh bite on his partner’s hip, and Ushijima can’t bring himself to scold them about the impracticality of low-riding sweats when they go out for their late afternoon jog).

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

You want the truth? 0. Nada. Nothing. ない。Zilch.

He admits this to his partner just as things start getting heated. His partner only smiles fondly at him (in all honesty, they’d be more surprised if he did have experience) and slowly teaches him how to go about it, how they like to be touched, what gets them off. 

Ushijima would be gentle, too gentle, sometimes a little too methodical and a little too afraid of messing up, but his partner will patiently talk him through it, soft whispers of you can go harder, ‘Toshi, I’m not gonna break, it’s ok. and it’s an amazing experience for both of them.

(Ushijima is a very fast learner.)

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) + I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Again, combining these two because they’re somewhat related!

Ushijima is very romantic and thoughtful. He’s into intensely long foreplay, whispering compliments and sweet messages across his lover’s skin. He rarely ever comes before his partner and always makes sure he’s not hurting them, that he’s not going too fast. He prefers positions where their bodies are flush together. He loves being able to kiss them during sex, holding them close, being able to see their face so he knows if he’s doing it right.

He wants his partner to be able to see his face too, wants them to see how much he adores them, how lucky he feels to have them. That intense moment when their eyes lock in the peak of sex is what gets him the most.

Given all that, he likes missionary best, but he also loves it when his partner straddles him, bouncing on his lap as they ride his cock. When he’s feeling particularly adventurous, he sets his partner on top of the kitchen counter or the dining table and fucks them right there.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

I’ve had this headcanon that he’s never had any sexual thoughts growing up, and masturbation is something he just did to get the random, uncomfortable erections over with. When he and his partner get together, masturbating still isn’t something he does because his partner is always there (and he only ever really gets horny when he sees them), and when they’re not he doesn’t feel any sexual drive whatsoever.

(His partner is trying to get him into the wonders of phone sex, but whenever they do it ends up like:

“'Toshi~, guess what I’m wearing?”

“Something warm I hope. It’s freezing right now.”


M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Ushijima isn’t a inherently sexual person, but when he sees the marks he left on his partner, his control cracks the slightest bit. He rarely ever initiates anything, waiting on his partner to tell him what they want, but one day he notices that his partner just walks around the place in their underwear, body littered with the bruises and bites he left the night before. He tries to chalk this up to the heat and ignores it as best as he can but then his partner sits beside him on the couch, their exposed skin hot to the touch. They take his hand and press his knuckle against the darkest, most obvious bite and they groan, high and obnoxious and terribly overplayed but Ushijima can’t deny the sudden tightening of his pants.

“What are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” they murmur, shifting closer until every inhale is saturated with their perfume. “Getting you to fuck me into this couch.”

Ushijima swallows. “Why didn’t you just say so?”

His lover chuckles, a low, sultry sound, and the last of Ushijima’s control snaps when his hand is suddenly shoved beneath the loose garter of their underwear.

“Where’s the fun in that?”

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

He goes with whatever his partner’s in the mood for. Though he does express a preference for slow, easy sex, he still can’t deny that he loves all the marks rough sex leaves on both him and his partner.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Ace of the National Volleyball Team. 5/5 Stamina is part of the job description. Let’s just say their sex life benefits very well from this.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He’s very quiet by nature. Aside form a few grunts, and a drawn-out sigh when he comes, he’s completely silent. 

When he watched porn once (Tendou’s fault, as usual) he noticed how loud both participants were, and asked his partner if he was “too quiet” during sex. His partner only gave him an incredulous look and said “Not everyone is vocal during sex, ‘Toshi. Stop worrying too much.”.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Ushijima doesn’t feel the need to have sex as often as most people. More often than not he prefers the warm comfort of innocent intimacy: cuddling in bed, on the sofa, watching a movie together, long jogs and shy, sneaky little kisses in the forest, soft I love yous whispered along the curve of his ear. All that good stuff gets to him way more than sex does.

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100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

sacrifice; the au-ish fic where Hope finds a baby on his doorstep
(this one is suuuper long, just to warn you!)

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As Nira tries to console herself with everything that has happened over the past few days, she finds herself confronted once again by the demon.  She feels as if she is facing this demon alone, but is she?

Things were only getting worse. It felt like every time she helped fix a problem, another problem would make itself known. There was nothing to hold onto and she was spiraling. Falling further and further into a darkness that would never end.

How was she to put the world in order?  Nira knew nothing outside of the Dalish.  Everything she had accomplished happened by sheer luck and the support of those around her. And she was supposed to be what?  The Herald of Andraste?  She knew nothing of Andraste or the people that served her.   How was she supposed to save them when she knew nothing outside of her people?  She wouldn’t even know where to start.

Holding her knees close to her chest, Nira hugged herself as she tried to calm down.  It was happening again.  The light that surrounded her was slowly being consumed by the darkness.  It was coming.  Nira buried her face into her arms.  She felt herself tense up as she prepared herself for the demon she knew was approaching.  It had first appeared after Cassandra began trusting her with more and more responsibility a week prior.  When the fear demon realized how much of an impact it had on her, it continued to haunt her.  

A sharp shiver ran down her spine as she braced herself.

“You’re still here?  I would have thought they had gotten rid of you by now.”

Nira'sal closed her eyes tight, desperately trying to concentrate on anything that wasn’t the demon’s words.  

The voice was soft and distant, but its words were sharp and struck her like no other.  It wasn’t working.  Her fear consumed her, despite how hard she tried to keep it at bay.  Summoning the small bit of courage she had left, Nira tightened her grip on her arms.  "Leave me alone.“

"Such strong words for such a weak little elf.  We both know you aren’t cut out for this.  You try to be kind to them, but will they return the favor when they find out who you truly are?  An elf that stumbled into something she doesn’t understand.  You can never save them.  Their hopes have been placed in the wrong hands.”

“I can try.  I will always try.”  Nira’s voice cracked as she spoke, her words trying to convince not only the demon but herself as well.

The demon chuckled, the sound deep and ominous, chilling her to her very core.  

“You can do nothing.  You will fail.  Why should you even bother?”

Each word was another dagger in her heart.  She wanted nothing more than to learn as much as she could about this world, but at the same time…she never asked for any of this.  She wasn’t good enough to become Keeper, what made anyone think that she could save them when she couldn’t even save her own clan?

“I…”  She raised her head slightly, her eyes focused on the ground.  Tears streamed down her cheeks.  He was right.  They had the wrong person.  Nira couldn’t recall what happened the day she stepped out of the rift, yet Cassandra and the others placed all their hopes in her.  What would happen if she couldn’t close the rift? What would they say?

“Vara amahn, elgar’daris.”  Another voice rang out somewhere far in front of her, a commanding voice that seemed to eat the darkness away bit by bit.  Slowly, the area that surrounded her became somewhat familiar. The Fade.  It wasn’t real…and yet…  Nira raised her hand to her forehead, her body shaking violently as she tried to regain herself.  

She couldn’t save this world.  She knew that from the beginning.  Why couldn’t anyone else see that she was the worst possible choice to save them?

“Nira’sal.”  Again the voice called out.  Nira looked up to the figure that she could barely make out amongst the darkness.  As he got closer, the answer should have been obvious.  It was Solas.  “Are you alright?”  He spoke softly, kneeling down beside her.  

“I am.  H-how did you find me?”  Nira looked up at him, tears threatening to erupt once more.  She reached out, gripping his cloak tightly, her body slowly moving closer to him with each passing moment.  

Solas watched her with a sad glance.  “I was speaking with a friend when I heard your cries.  I had no idea that a demon had its hold on you.  I apologize.  I should have realized it sooner.”  

She wasn’t alright.  The demon knew what strings to pluck.  Knew exactly which buttons to push.  Nira felt defeated, alone.  She just wanted some sort of comfort.  Hot tears stained her cheeks as she pulled herself into Solas.  “I just want to get out of here.  Take me home.”

A soft sigh escaped from his lips, his arms wrapping around her steadily. “Ma nuven’in, da’len.”

Nira’s eyes opened slowly and immediately began tracing the room.  She knew that the demon couldn’t be here, but she had to be sure.  She pushed herself up, wiping the tears from her eyes.  She was alone, but at least she was back in Haven and away from that demon.

She exhaled softly.  She was so weak.  If Solas hadn’t have come when he did, there’s no telling what would have happened.  

She heard a small tap on the door as it opened.  “Nira’sal?”  Solas looked over at her with a soft smile and slowly made his way over to her.  “Are you well?”  He asked, sitting beside her on the bed.

“Well enough…I guess…”  Nira forced a smile on her face.  They were quiet for a few moments.  She didn’t mean for anyone to see her like that.  Scared and alone, laid bare for him to see.  

“How long has that demon been tormenting you?”  

“Not very long….I’m so sorry, Solas.  I never meant…”  

A smile crossed his features.  “You have no reason to apologize.  Everyone faces their own demons.  It is nature of things.  Unfortunately, for mages, demons seem far more real and pose a much deeper threat.”  He paused for a moment.  “I had noticed that at times you seemed to carry a much heavier burden than the others.  I would have helped you had I known.  In the future, I would like for you to come to me.”

“I wasn’t really planning on telling anyone.  All of this…”  Nira looked around the room, her right hand gripping her arm.  “…It’s just all too much.  I didn’t want to let them down.”  Everything the demon said was true.  She was just a sheltered, naive little elf.  She had no idea where to even begin to seal the Breach.

Hesitantly, Solas reached over and placed his hand next to hers.  “I know, but they trust you.  They believe in you.  It will take time, but you will become the hero they require.”  He pushed himself to his feet, nodding slightly.  “Heroes are not born overnight, da’len, it will take time.  Now, try to get some rest.  We head out for Redcliffe tomorrow and you will need your strength.”  

Nira reached out for him, grabbing a bit of his jacket before he moved too far away.  Solas looked back at her, surprised by her sudden action.  “Wait…Will you stay with me?  At least until I fall asleep?  If the demon comes back, I…”

He watched her silently, but nodded, worry creased into his features as he sat back on the bed.  “Of course.”

Nira scooted back under the blanket, exhaling softly as she tried to make herself comfortable.  At least, as comfortable as she could…she still couldn’t get used to this shemlen style of living.  She was going to have to push herself through her discomfort.  Maybe with Solas here she could actually get enough sleep for the first time since she arrived in Haven.

She watched him for a moment, waiting for him to move in next to her.  When he did not, she pouted.

Nira grabbed Solas’ sleeve once more, tugging him towards her.  She scrunched her face up as she looked over at him, in hopes that he would understand what she wanted.  After a moment, Solas nodded begrudgingly, slipping himself in easily next to her in the bed.  Immediately Nira snuggled into his chest.  Finally, she felt safe.  She wasn’t alone and now?  She had someone she could go to when it came to the demon.  Solas knew everything about spirits.  Maybe he really could help her.

Solas wrapped his arms around her, pulling her even closer.  “Tel gela, I will be here.”  Nira smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep, protected by Solas’ embrace throughout the night.


  • Vara amahn, elgar’daris - leave this place, demon
  • Ma nuven’in, da’len - As you wish, young one
  • Tel gela - Do not worry

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Fen’harel enansal

Can You Trust Me? Pt. 3

@kaisoo-tmr:  I don’t know if you are already working on it but I need a part 3 to “Can You Trust Me”… A little smut (or a lot) and a decision (well only if you can choose between JIKOOK and yoonmin)… Anyway I love your writing and wish to read a lot more!

It’s kinda rushed because I wanted to get at least something out on my birthday :) I hope you enjoy it

Yoonminkook!Smut!Fluff (implied Taegi)

Part 1 ~ Part 2

Ah, Jungkook. Fuck. Harder.

Jimin was bent over the bed, hands gripping the sheets as Jungkook relentlessly pounded into him. The sound of skin smacking against skin nearly as loud as his moaning. Yoongi was further on the bed, watching with his hand wrapped languidly around his cock. As much as he loved being inside Jimin, he loved watching the younger male scream as his face twisted in pleasure. That’s why whenever he had him alone, he preferred being on top. So he could watch the male’s reactions to being pleasured.

"Yoongi hyung,” Jungkook’s voice was huskier than average, eyes low and lower lip between his teeth. “Come over here. I’m sure our Jimin is hungry.” The youngest bit his lip tighter as Yoongi crawled over sitting up on his knees so Jimin’s lips were only inches away from his cock. “Go ahead, hyung.”

Obediently, Jimin’s lips wrapped around his length. His tongue played with the slit as he kissed and sucked on the head lightly, drawing out heavy groans from the oldest. The sound danced through Jimin’s ears, giving him encouragement as he took more of the shaft. Oh the sounds Yoongi began making were heavenly and before he could think, Jungkook was pulling him into a deep kiss, tongues running against each other roughly. The older reached up to fist the boy’s hair, deepening the kiss, Jimin’s moans from below only making everything more exciting.

“Shit Yoongi-”

“You taste good, Jungkookie”

At the sound of his nickname leaving his lips, Jungkook began to fuck Jimin as hard as possible almost as if he was trying to impress the oldest, eyes trained on the blonde as he bit his lip. Jimin was becoming sloppy, swallowing Yoongi whole but not without a few strangled screams whenever he was pulled back. Two of his favorite people, fucking him at the same time. He honestly couldn’t believe his luck. His climax was building in the pit of his stomach and he pulled back and asked both men if he had permission to cum. He nearly whimpered when they both told him a firm no.

Jungkook pulled out of Jimin quickly, lifting and turning him around so he was further on the bed. His eyes were clouded with lust as his orange hair spilled around his eyes, bottom lip trapped under his teeth. The bed creaked as Jungkook crawled to the middle and laid on his back, pulling the older male onto his lap with a smirk. Yoongi was once again on the sidelines, watching and waiting for when he would be able to join. Jimin began lowering himself onto the youngest excruciatingly slow, but the roll of his hips as if he was some exotic dancer earned a groan from the both of the males. When he was finally situated with his back arched, Jungkook lifted a finger and beckoned Yoongi to come over. With a knowing grin, the oldest straddled the males chest and placed his cock directly in front of Jungkook’s mouth.

This was the youngest’s favorite position.

Jimin had begun his rocking, hips bucking slowly as if to the rhythm of a slow song. It was smooth and controlled, despite the way he had been losing himself only minutes before. Before Jungkook could tilt his head forward to take Yoongi in his mouth, the oldest grabbed him by his hair and forced him to look up into his eyes. The sheer contact, the roughness of his touch, caused a mix between a moan and a whimper to leave his mouth. This was unlike the way he felt whenever he was with Jimin. With him, he had felt in control, like he had all the power, and the feeling was intoxicating. But with Yoongi, he felt weak and without power, but the thought of having Yoongi above in every way made his cock twitch.

“Have you been good, Jungkookie~?” His voice was heavy but still gentle. Jimin was fervently rocking his hips now, obviously aroused by Yoongi’s display of dominance.

“Yes.” It was barely louder than a whisper, despite the way moans continued to escape his throat at a quicker pace and higher volume.

“Yes what?” Oh Yoongi was really into it tonight.

“Yes, I’ve been a good boy, daddy.”

Without hesitation, Jungkook took in Yoongi’s length while Jimin continued to rock against him. He was so obedient, so willing, and the oldest loved it. Even Jimin who didn’t often take on the dominant role, was always turned on by the way Jungkook would fall apart at the seems with just the right words and a proper tug. Of course, in everyday life, he would refuse to back down and would argue with Yoongi for hours about anything. But when he got in that bedroom he would take whatever punishment he had earned and would allow himself to be used, and the oldest enjoyed this the most. He enjoyed having a pet.

Damn. Fuck that feels good.”  Yoongi was groaning now, fingers still intertwined with the youngest boy’s hair. Only a few minutes in and he was already feeling his climax building in the pit of his stomach. From the sounds Jimin was making he was edging too.

Jimin reached forward and pulled back the oldest’s shoulder, looking at him briefly before crashing their lips together. Jungkook opened his eyes and watched, excited by the sight of his two hyung’s making out. The feeling in his groin began to grow and he used all his energy to curb the feeling, digging his nails into Yoongi’s thighs.

All three were unraveling together.

Only briefly did he pull away from Yoongi, and as he licked and kissed among the head he begged to cum over and over again. Jimin smiled down at him, obviously entertained by his excitement but unable to tease him anymore if he was going to keep his own orgasm for rocking through him before he’d asked permission. The oldest was holding out on his answer, obviously edging himself but finding a sick enjoyment in watching them squirm. Soon, Jimin had joined in on the begging too, laying kisses and passion marks all around his lover’s neck.

It was only when Jungkook looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Daddy please. I want to taste you.”

That did it.

Yoongi was fully fucking Jungkook’s mouth now and the boy accepted it happily. Then, as he felt his climax rush over him he gave both of the other males permission to follow suit. Jimin began bouncing up and down quickly, head lolling back, letting out screams as he felt his orgasm rock through him roughly.  

Oh fuck yes. Shit.”

Jungkook intentionally held out, waiting for the rush of the oldest’s cum filling his mouth before letting his own orgasm hit him. He reflexively reached down to grab Jimin’s hips, steadying him as they both experienced the wave of their climax. It was euphoria, nothing less. This was how it had been every night since they’d decided to be together as one complete couple. Aside from the dates and the extra amount of hands whenever Jimin decided to go on another one of his shopping sprees, this was the biggest benefit. The constant and amazing love-making.

Yoongi moved off of him first and made his way towards the bathroom, leaving the door open like he always did. Then Jimin was moving as well, attempting to clean the both of them with a towel that had been conveniently placed on the nightstand. It was then that the oldest’s phone began to ring from beside the pillow. When the Jungkook picked him up he saw the caller ID read the same name it had been reading for a couple weeks now.

“Hey, Yoongi-hyung. Taehyung-hyung is calling again. Another lunch date?” Jimin smirked as he threw the towel against the hamper and began searching for his discarded pair of trousers.

“It’s not a date.” He could hear the pout in the mint-haired male’s voice.

“It’s totally a date.” Jimin was now grinning as he pulled up his pants and tossed Jungkook his shorts.

Since Yoongi had started a new job, he was being ushered in by one of the seasoned workers, Taehyung. At first it had been once every couple weeks and now Yoongi was seeing him once every couple days. The oldest was determined to convince them that they were just friends, but after inviting the guy over and seeing the way they stole glances of each other, it was obvious that they weren’t just friends at all. At first Jimin had been upset, jealous that someone else had gotten his lover’s attention. But after long discussion with Jungkook, they both realized that they had met the exact same way.

As long as their hyung was happy, neither of them minded so much who it was with.

“You too are unbelievable you know that?” Yoongi stood in the doorway of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist while he used another to dry at his hair.

“And so are you, it’s not a date.” Jungkook, as always, refused to back down.

“It is not.”

“I’ll prove it to you,” there was a hint of mischief in his voice and Jimin only sat back and watched.


With unbelievable speed, Jungkook picked up Yoongi’s phone and darted into the bathroom. He was so fast that by the time the oldest registered what was going on, the door was slammed shut and locked. Exasperated, he turned and banged against the door to no avail. He sighed and placed a hand on his temples as they heard the sound of dial tones echo from the other side.
When it begun ringing it had obviously been turned on speaker. A ring or two and a low, soft voice was bouncing off of the walls of the bathroom and coming out clearly through the door. Jimin smiled to himself. The other male sounded sweet.

“Hey is this Taehyungie hyung” Jungkook heightened his voice so that he sounded almost like a child playing a joke on one of their parents.

“Ah. Jungkook-ah, why are you calling?” He sounded entertained, obviously surprised by the sudden call.

“Taehyung hyung, would you like to go on a date with Yoongi hyung? I think he’d really like that.”

There was a snicker from over at the bed and the oldest glared at him until he quieted and instead eyed the door. Oh he was going to kill the boy for embarrassing him in front of his coworker like that. He wouldn’t be surprised if he burst out in laughter and claimed it all to all be a really funny joke.

“Really?” There was a hint of something in the boy’s voice that Yoongi couldn’t quite put a finger on. “I-I would love to.” Jimin could supress the smile no longer and instead got up to stand next to the door, grin directly at Yoongi. “But what about you and Jimin? Aren’t you three…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jungkook’s voice was soft. “Just have a good time with him. He’ll text you the details.”

And then the call was ended. The air hung silent for a moment and then Jungkook strode out the bathroom confidently, grinning widely at the surprised look on Yoongi’s face.

“Guess you are going on a date, huh?”

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matt and foggy for ♦? I encourage fluffy nonsense :))

Slow dancing

“Illegal,” Matt whispers with a smirk, as Foggy sneaks another pair of beers from the open bar. “For shame, Mr. Nelson.”

Foggy shivers; he tells himself it’s just from the chill of the bottles against his skin, and not from the way Matt’s furtive whisper ghosts warmly across his neck.

Foggy clears his throat. “We’re 20 and hip, Murdock. Nobody cares if we sneak a couple.”

Matt’s grin only widens. “Oh, so we’re hip now?”

“I’m going pretend that that wasn’t a dig at my obvious hipness. Besides, it’s a wedding! Everyone gets to drink at a wedding.”

Matt shrugs. “I guess I wouldn’t know.”

Oh, right. Matt’s folded so neatly into the Nelson clan that Foggy sometimes forgets that he’s not actually a part of it–that Matt hasn’t partied through a dozen Nelson cousin weddings right alongside Foggy. Hell, before Foggy invited him to tag along to this one, Matt had probably never been to a wedding.

“I will teach you the ways of the wedding,” Foggy says grandly, wrapping an arm around Matt in order to dispel their sobering thoughts. After all, the words sober and wedding simply do not mix. “It’s all in the three D’s, my friend. Drinking, dancing, and, uh, and…”


Foggy nearly chokes on his spit, all the while Matt innocently sips his beer. Which, hey, maybe it actually is innocent. It’s not like Matt could know what his lovely voice suggesting debauchery does to Foggy.

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So, after getting uncorrupted (or even before that), how do you think Jasper will react to Peridot poofing her?

I feel like Jasper would probably have a stronger reaction to the idea that Peridot felt guilty about it.

I mean. Again… I don’t think it was just the corrupted Gems she was talking about in Earthlings when Jasper says nobody wants to be around her. Remember, Jasper was clearly worried about Peridot and offended on her behalf but didn’t really have an obvious reaction to Peridot seemingly betraying her besides tensing up and summoning her helmet.

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Not many people know this, but Misha can get really grumpy. Like super, old man, way in need of a nap-grumpy. Vicki knows … the kids know. Misha’s mother surely knows—and, so does Jensen. Although, Jensen was the only one Misha didn’t really want to know. He liked being the always loving, always crazy, always thoughtful friend … being grumpy took away some of that shine; and that shine always looked so pretty when it glinted off that green and those freckles.

But when Misha had woken up for work one day—heater broken in his condo so everything was thoroughly coated in Vancouver’s icy air, and he was out of coffee … and the coffee place down the street gave him the most bitter swill he’s ever tasted in his life, and the shirt he was wearing had a tag that kept itching him as he drove to the stages, and he found that they moved up the scene where he’d be wearing that uncomfortable prosthetic all day … Misha was damn good and grumpy by the time evening came.

He tried to rush back to his car—get home before anyone could manage to talk to him and see the complete and total seething, sour lump that he’d morphed into; but just like the last fourteen hours, he didn’t get his wish. Because leaning against his car, all round muscle and long legs—was Jensen.

“Hey, man. Headed home?” he asked, giving Misha a soft smile that would usually melt him on any other day, but today—he was just too far gone.

Misha nodded, not chancing words just in case the growl in his voice rumbled out.

“Don’t look so happy about it … what’s wrong?

His jaw clenched as Misha gritted his teeth together—they’ve been friends for too long and Jensen could read him like a child’s book. He shrugged, hoping futilely that it’d be enough to sway the man’s questions.

Jensen smiled again, seeming almost happier the more obvious Misha’s grump became. “C’mon, Mish. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Misha clenched his fists, shaking a little as he started to boil over. He wasn’t mad at Jensen after all, but the fact that this day had been shit from the start and then he’s being kept from just going home and going to bed so he can sleep its memory away feels like too much.


“My heater is broken!” he finally hissed, the dam breaking on his paper thin resolve. “I had no coffee! Then my coffee was shit and this shirt is shit, and that prosthetic I was wearing was uber shit! And I just want to sleep but it’s going to be cold at my place and I won’t be able to sleep and I hate sleeping when it’s cold! And, and … ahhh!” Misha took a few, fevered breaths before he slowed down and began to blush … realizing far too late that he literally just yelled in Jensen’s face. He slumped down, finally mouthing the word “sorry” under his breath before reaching around his friend’s body for the door handle of his car—wanting to make his escape now before he had to see that shine leave Jensen’s eyes for good. His breath caught when fingers wrapped around his wrist, pulling him upright again.

A chilled breeze swirled around the two as Jensen tugged him in, wrapping Misha up in a tight hug—a soft palm smoothing the hair at the back of his neck. “My heater isn’t broken” Jensen whispered, so close to Misha’s ear that goosebumps trickled down his arm. “And I got some damn good coffee.”

Misha didn’t breathe, standing there shocked and flat against his friend as the warmth of Jensen’s body seeped through his clothes.

“And all I ask …” Jensen hummed again, letting another moment of wind and prickled flesh bowl Misha over before finally pulling away so he could look him in the eye—the glint never shining more brightly, “is that you don’t try to sleep in that shirt. Someone fidgeting beside me always keeps me awake.”

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Hi, do you think you could recommend some trans books with good representation? I don't wanna waste my time on books like Luna or I Am J if they're transphobic

HELLO, yes, I can! Or at least I sort of can. Thank you for asking!

So, first of all, there is not a single book with really good trans representation out there. Almost all of them have been written and edited and publicized by cis people. So there’s just a general ickyness around them and there are problems in all of them, and… yeah. It’s very unfortunate. 

There is one however that was recently published and is not really clearly distinguished as having a trans character, but it’s called The Unintentional Time Traveler by Everett Marroon. AAAAAAND IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OKAY. It literally makes up for all of the shit that unapologetic cis writers have done with trans characters. It’s written by a trans author and while it might not exactly open your eyes to what being trans is like, it’s really really well-written and engaging and the trans experiences are really beautifully and sensitively dealt with, and I think it does some really important work of reclaiming the trans narrative. The one sort of flaw (which isn’t really a flaw at all, but is if you’re looking for a trans book) is that it’s not really obviously trans. Which is maybe actually good, because the idea that transness is experienced in only one way that is super obvious is not true. So. I’d definitely check this one out. 

After that, I love Pantomime and Shadowplay by Laura Lam a lot. These are the first two books in the Micah Grey Series (the third one Masquerade is forthcoming!), and have a mirage of queer characters, most notably a nonbinary, intersex, and bisexual protagonist. They’re set in a steampunk/fantasy universe, and AAAAH I love them a LOT. There are a few potential problematic elements that come up in the first book, but they’re all resolved in the second. 

After that, for realistic ones… there really are not any I can recommend whole-heartedly. But the ones I’d rec above others…..

I like Being Emily and Just Girls by Rachel Gold (which are set in the same world but can be read as standalones). They both have their problems. But they’re also, as far as I know, the only books out there right now that have queer trans girls in them. AND Just Girls has an open and proud nonbinary character and that makes me v v happy.

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills is about a trans boy and it’s alright, though again since it was written by a cis person just has some icky feelings around it. And the author has said some things about why she should be “allowed” to write trans characters that really upset me. There’s also some subtle misogyny. It’s a very happy and joyful book and there is romance and OTHER STUFF HAPPENING IN GABE’S LIFE BESIDES BEING TRANS, and it was a really important read for me in coming to terms with my gender. But looking back at it now, there are some definite problems.

I wouldn’t say I Am J is transphobic, but it is incredibly misogynistic and lesbophobic, so I’d pass on it anyways. As for Luna, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION.

In conclusion, I’d go for The Unintentional Time Traveler first, because it’s really well written AND written by a trans author. It’s an incredibly important book to support, and a really great read. Then follow the other recs as you see fit— and feel free to ask me more about them!

Thank you so much for the ask! I hope this helped. And I so wish there was more that I could recommend! :/

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Oh OK, you don't have to do it now but some blog recs fanfics and timelines would be helpful :) thanks!!

This is so unorganized but I’m publishing because it’s probably helpful and I do not want to lose it because I put a lot of work into it. 

I can only help with Larry, so if you want a different point of view I don’t think I can help, soz. I know some Larry blogs follow non-Larries for a different perspective, but I am too petty to do that lol.

Okay, I’m going to start off with fic recs, because that is by far the easiest for me. I’ll link to the authors tumblr account too, even if don’t follow them. I figure you see if they are someone you want to follow:

The Dead of July by Whimsicule aka an amazing winter soldier AU where Louis is Bucky and Harry is Cap! I haven’t read anything else by them, but based on this fic she’s really amazing.

A Promise Lives Within You Now by sarcasticfluentry is a Middle Earth AU that I adored when I read it. I love this author, so I also suggest going through her page, too!(I recommend YAtB which is a great Harry Potter AU.)

And Then A Bit by Infinitelymint. It’s an amazing non-AU AU canon complaint type fic with the mother of all publicity stunts. Also, another one of my favorite fic writers so I recommend all of her fics, too. 

Landslide is a very interesting fic that is defintely on the more unique side of plot lines. It’s a 70s AU where Harry is a FBI agent sent to investigate a “cult.” 

Anything by LoadedGunn although I will say half of her fics have daddy kink if that’s not your cup of tea lol. Her tumblr.

Escapade by dolce-piccante. I just - it’s just really amazing. Also, read RNTM by her because it’s really good from what I hear, but it’s a WIP and I don’t read those (no matter how much larryappreciation tries to force it down my throat lmao).

Basically the go to blogs for fic recs: intenselouis and modestmgmntofficials. I think theboyfriendstagram could go on that list, but she does more of like a search for fics. Like if people need help finding a fic, she always tries to help. Honestly, they’re all like fic encyclopedias. 

Almost every organized blog out there has a tag for fic, so that’s also helpful.

As for timelines: 

bulletproofhalo does amazing timelines and has very organized tags

I… I honestly thought I had more blogs that had good timelines. Since I don’t, I can recommend blogs that have extensive tagging systems. Lapelosa, bulletproofhalo, bromanceshomance, worshippedlove. Probably more but I can only remember them atm.

Okay more blog recs (some might be mentioned twice. I’m not the most organized and I’m just going through my follow list lol): 

These girls iworkedinabakery, larendipity, and wellingtoncursewhy are my “squad.” We’re in a group chat for iMessage that basically consists of us crying over H&L headcanons, a lot of loving arguments, and a bunch of fic recs and talking about blogs we don’t like lol.

blogs that fanart: datjonah (I think baby gate had her taking a step back though) prettytruthsandlies cyrilliart stillatraceofinnocence (which is prettytruthsandlies nsfw blog) pass-the-pencil akisdoodles … and larry-newbie and yourssincerelylarry do manips

blogs that fan fic: loaded-gunn isthatyoularry infinitelymint 100percentsassy fuzzypurplestuff mizzwilde supernope worshippedlove zarah5undercover (who is, unfortunately, finally leaving her blog :(((() 

blogs that are very heavy on discussion: areyougoodwithyourhands lapelosa vansandburberry diggingandfluff genuinelybelieve tellmethisisnotlove worshippedlove jaw-drops scrufflecake bulletproofhalo bromanceshmomance verily-i-say gossip-candy (who does all the charity stuff which is really effing awesome) lornasaurusrex harrybirthdaytoya sundy srslycris and thisiskatsblog (some of these blogs have very busy personal lives so they don’t post a whole bunch, but they’re helpful)

blogs that are very helpful when you just woke up and don’t know what the fuck is going on: larryappreciation anchoredlou vansandburberry ohthefond stylesforstiles

Now some blogs that I just really like: evancl twerk-it-larry harrybirthdaytoya scrufflecake fuzzypurplestuff laynefaire usa-nglophile nofuckyeahzarry larryappreciation youknowtheendgame cyclonelouis haveyouquitefinishedlouis uptownlarries a-compass-for-his-ship areyougoodwithyourhands jaw-drops …. Everyone I follow. I just listed some of the first people I saw on my dash. I wouldn’t follow people if I didn’t like them.

If you have a twitter, the only account (besides the boys) that I feel is of the utmost importance to follow is LaundryDay1D. They only update when major shit happens. I’ve only gotten a few notifications from them, and it’s handy if you don’t have a phone tree.

These two girls dimplesonfire and allegedlymags run the twitter account Whathappen1d which is an update account that mocks update accounts and it’s awesome. 

takemehomefromnarnia is a nice blog that is basically about showing support for the LGBT+ community in the 1D fandom. They post a lot of history and cool facts about the community and head Rainbow Direction. They have a twitter account too.

I’m just going to stop here. Lmao this definitely got out of hand but there you go lol. I know I still forgot stuff lol.

I ALMOST FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK:  The Harry & Louis Treatise will truly make you want to scream with how obvious they were in the beginning. It’s basically one giant HL timeline.

anonymous asked:

I am a non shipper of heterosexual ships (my only ship was ByaRen and IshiIchi)but I wanted to ask why does most of Japan not ship ichihime like don't you think they would have a better understanding of their language then us western? And be a bit more aware of the sentiments and feelings of characters then us?

Yeah but how can you affirm japanese fans do not ship ichihime ? Where did you hear that ? What is your source ? I’m ready to bet good money you heard it from ichiruki shippers . 

The thing is this fandom has no problem spreading rumors which sometimes have no basis at all . The fandom is so big people repeat what they heard from other people and after people have seen an affirmation so many times they believe it to be true when no . It happened so many times before . Why do you think the ichiruki fandom claims everywhere Kubo promised to a fan to make ichiruki canon ? One fan claimed it and the ichiruki fandom despite the story being riduculous and full of incoherences threw itself at it like no tomorrow and when ichihime became canon they accused Kubo of being a liar instead of understanding the fan who told them this was the liar  . 

The thing is we know a lot of japanese people ship ichihime . One of the most prolific ichihime fanartist on tumblr is japanese :

The ichihime tag on pixiv is updated very often you can check for yourself :

One time a japanese manga artist making shoujo made an ichihime fanart . 

So while we have no possibility to really know the size of the japanese ichihime fandom we know there is a japanese ichihime fandom and now more than ever we better be careful and keep a critic mind in front of the affirmations of ichiruki shippers . 

Plus we know of one very important japanese person shipping ichihime : Kubo . He constantly wrote it in his manga and it was obvious for every body without a biais ( all my friends not involved in fandoms told me it was obvious and even asked me with who else could ichigo possibly end up with beside orihime when I asked them about it ) . There was no love triangle , there was no ambiguity , there was no ship baiting ( in the manga , not talking about fanservice here ) . Kubo had always been very straightforwards with his intentions concerning the pairings it’s unbelievable there is even such a debate around it . 

Ichigo made a solemn promise to protect orihime , to her and only her and it does hold meaning in japanese culture and orihime outright said she was in love with ichigo . The endgame pairing were obvious since the very beginning . 

25 Reasons Why It Makes Sense for Beth to Still Be Alive - Even if I Don't Quite Buy it Yet!

You will probably read this and believe that I am all Team Delusional but you might be surprised to find out that I am still very much on the fence. TWD broke my heart when they choose to have Dawn accidently shoot Beth in the head so I am having a very hard time trusting any of the writing. Also, I am not convinced that TPTB are actually smart enough to pull something as complex as a Beth is Still Alive storyline off. All I am pointing out by this post is that those who believe this are not as “crazy” as they seem. The idea that Beth may still be alive actually makes more sense than her being dead at this point………..

  1. All the foreshadowing in 4b…Example: “I know you think I am just another dead girl….” This pretty much goes without saying.
  2. All the 10s…..seriously shown everywhere along with 8s…but most important the Get Well Soon Sign in Coda that had a clock drawn underneath pointing at 10:10. Who knows, maybe this had to do with her dying in the last 10 minutes, but that is still really strange.
  3. The missing scenes….again THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM…I know from studying filming non-stop all summer. Of course the “missing episode” stands out the most but there is are much more. Why would they cut so much? The only other reason would be because her death was a rewrite. There are just too many of them and she was CONFIRMED on set in most of the missing ones (there is more EK sightings than just “the blonde girl rushed into the house” and even some additional blurry pics that could be her but are too bad to tell for sure).
  4. EK was in GA for a solid three months last summer (Seriously people, I have an actual calendar that I used to track EKs movements for filming.) except on two occasions:
    1. When they were shooting Terminus
    2. The week of July fourth (she went to NYC)

Yet, the hospital filming was only filmed one week in June (15-20), one day on July 15 (when the one and only pic of EK was taken), and the first week of August (5-7 - EK was there). It was said on TTD (after slab town) that the only time they filmed in the studio for those scenes was when Noah and Beth escaped down the elevator shaft. They even said that the elevator was in the hospital but that they did not want the actors filming there because of the obvious safety hazard so they built a replica of it. But the question is why she was in GA all summer? That would have been the perfect time to promote her music with all the arts festivals and fairs across the country. Therefore, EK had plenty of opportunity to film scenes for 5b then. If they wanted it to seem like she really died, that would make sense. Also, I am not convinced that she was not in GA sporadically last fall. Her SM seems to suggest she could have been but I won’t list all those dates now.

5. Trailers and previews are intended to be misleading and blur out people and places. Never before have we ever took them for fact until Beth died.

6. She was shot in the middle of a working hospital. Even though Daryl carried her out of there for the Maggie Effect, they were still right there.

7. She was shot in a spot on the head that was survivable. There have been enough posts on the forensics of where she was shot to not have to elaborate further. Check out the Bethyl tag for more information.

8. Dr. Miracle is still alive….plain and simple. Look, when Beth helped him put down the first patient, he said that DAWN did not want him wasting precious resources to save the people with severe injuries…NOT that he couldn’t. The only time he said that was when he did not want to save the Oncologist and Dawn knew it was BS. He DID end up saving him though…and that is why he had to manipulate Beth into killing him. That’s not even taking into account that Car*l was able to be healed of INTERNAL INJURIES after the doc prescribed what basically amounted to an Epipen.

9. The actor who plays Dr. Miracle said on Twitter that the character died….but he was very much alive at the end of Coda.

10. All of the Crucifixion and Resurrection symbols. Others have analyzed and described this better than I ever could.

11. Carl’s Comic Book SL where he gets shot and survives….again others have already explained this in detail but look it up if you are not already aware of it.

12. The Andrea Scars. Andrea is grazed by a bullet in the comics. Why give Beth the scars? Just to mock us?

13. Speaking of Andrea, it is the general consensus that GM was fired because of how that character was destroyed and all the backlash from CB fans that occurred (along with RK not taking too kindly to it) so why would his replacement actually kill another popular blonde female? Surely, the PR people at AMC were not dumb enough NOT to expect all this reaction? If they were, than trust me - as someone who went to school for and works in the Public Relations field – that department needs a complete overhaul!

14. The lack of PR about her death. Besides a couple of interviews the night of and day after, there has literally been nothing at all from AMC, producers, actors, or anyone. That is really strange and NEVER happens. Usually, they are talking about the death, promoting the show for weeks afterwards. Especially for a character that had been on as long as Beth was. They have not even attempted to address the backlash from the reviewers or fans as of yet. Instead, they are staying surprisingly mum….not even trying to explain or sell us on why it was actually awesome.

15. The show always takes photos of a MSF and SF (see season 4 finale) regardless of anyone dying. The actors were filming an emotional scene all day, of course they would look emotional! But even stranger is that some of the photos show the gunshot makeup on EK and others don’t. This suggest that they were not all taken right after wrap and maybe not even on the same days. Also, these actors put on some of the best emotional performances in the series (EK, NR, LC) so they would have been really happy that they nailed it and proud of themselves – one would think anyway.

16. Let’s talk about that MSF of TTD a minute too. What an overall weird episode! Why was RK on there again? Also why did they wait to bring out EK until the very end? The entire thing was strange. When we finally got to see her, the tears seemed so sad that I was sure she was dead. But then I was like, “Humm, wait a minute. Wasn’t she just on after Slabtown and acting so happy and excited? She would have known that her character was dead by then, so she had to be acting on one of those appearances, right?” We cannot forget that EK is an actress…and a pretty good one too, IMO.

17. The “Cookout, camping thing” death dinner. OK? That is definitely not the norm if you know anything about these things. There is an Instagram pic of her with a s’more on August 24 so maybe that was what this girl from MANHATTAN requested (seems odd but I’m sure city girls like the outdoors too). I think I could buy that - as strange as it is for a death dinner. However, it also could have just been something she went to and what they (or she) came up with off the top of their head to say when asked….and they are all asked about it. BTW, knowing what we know now, Bob and Gareth’s was probably that one at the restaurant that was previously reported in the beginning of August since the school scenes were not actually shot until after the SDCC (Surprise! Check the filming again and you will see that location was filmed the week after – Gareth was spotted on set and that is why most spoiler watchers though the Termites would not be dealt with until E7 or the MSF). Theirs seemed to have been a more traditional kind that most Dead Heads are familiar with.

18. The Spoiler. How in the world did TSDF get their hands on that spoiler – which turned out true, word for word – a month before it aired telling us that Beth died in a MSF episode that was NEVER released to reviewers and shot on a location that fans could not even begin to get close to? Again, weird. It had to come from someone connected with the show. And why would they do that? It isn’t like TSDFs have a ton of money to pay someone! AMC sure wanted us to know she was dead or someone was really P-ed off about it.

19.  NR’s spoilers. So most of us know by now that NR can get carried away on his SM (example: spoiled Hershel’s death) so him spoiling something is not unheard of. However, didn’t anyone else find it weird that he actually re-tweeted an article about him spoiling Beth’s death…..before she actually died on air! At the time, I was almost certain there was no way in hades she was actually going to die because he did that. Strange, strange, strange! Either she is not actually dead or that man is pretty mad over it.

20. The finale EK pic. Everyone who is anyone who set eyes on that picture in my neck of the woods say it is most definitely EK. Even someone who previously hated Beth and wanted her dead told me she thought for sure that was her. I have heard on SM that the new blonde girl (Alexandria?) specifically said it was not her but I can’t confirm that at the moment. Could it be a dream or a flashback? Maybe. But look real close. One of my friends on a Facebook group pointed out the red by her ponytail in her hair. It looks very close to the blood from on the exit wound when compared to some of the set photographs. Perhaps, a blood stain? I hate to be a broken record…but once again that is strange. Why would someone have a flashback or dream of Beth in that condition? The spot could just be a hair-thing but the picture itself makes you wonder. Also, why would she be in costume (which she appears to be) if she was just reading from a diary.

21. Scott Gimple’s “It’s going to be sad and then it will get strange…” comment. How does a show about Zombie’s get stranger?

22. Weird filming in general. I know a lot of people think that it is just a myth that they were down there shuttling people around in black vans and hiding them from onlookers. I would think so too if not for so many reports, CH actually talking about them hiding her on TTD (after Slabtown), and an online friend of mine actually witnessing it while stalking filming during the SF in November. Of course this could only be considered rumor by you too (friend of a friend…I get it) but it seemed like a lot of this kind of stuff was reported.

23. Recent pics of EKs GA Condo. Professional EK stalkers (like myself lately) can easily tell the difference between her GA Condo and her NY apartment (and even the NY studio and rented space). Some of her pics lately seem to be at her GA place. Maybe they are old pics?

24. Speaking of that condo, she recently bought it last spring. Now TPTB were kind enough to tell AW that the Gareth character would not last and evidently let the actor who played Bob in on the whole tainted meat thing but did not think it was important to let EK know not to buy a condo despite being on the show for so long?

25. Her SM spree. If TPTB were so intent to have this “shocking” death then why in the world would they let EK just advertise that she was everywhere but GA last fall? This makes absolutely no sense! Before you all go and tell me that she had a right to post whatever she wanted on her public Twitter and IG accounts, let me assure you that is false. As a season regular, EK is still bound by contract for the rest of the season and it is perfectly legal for an employer to monitor what their employees put online. Mine does (public one) and so does most school boards. We know from everyone that ever acted on the show that AMC “tracks them from space” and LGJ apologized for his silence because the show would not let him post. Seriously, this could be grounds for legal action. However, if one really wanted to sell that she was dead, it would make sense that they would allow her to.

Half Truths (and Similar Fractions)

Hello! This is an AU fanfiction - nothing is real. I’d recommend reading at least chapter one, so you can understand the premise of this AU; all previous chapters can be found on my fanfic page.

As ever, thank you for reading, liking, reblogging, leaving messages, etc - all appreciated.

Chapter Twenty Two

It takes a while for Hannah to rise to consciousness.

It’s because she’s warm, and cosy, and feels indescribably content, somehow. The comforter is soft against her skin, and even though the smell isn’t familiar, it is nice, and reminds her of something familiar, and Hannah turns in her sleep, happy.

This side is equally warm, and when her hand encounters another one, Hannah lets her fingers wrap through long fingers.

There’s a mumble next to her, and it is that which really drags her to awareness.

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I just got back from SeaCon for the weekend! It was so fun and amazing and everything I thought it could be, but even better. I’ve never done one of these before, so excuse me if it’s confusing or ramble-y, which it probably will be.

Meeting Felicia was the one of the biggest things I wanted to do at SeaCon once I found out she was attending. I was in Seattle from Friday to Sunday and was intending to only attend SeaCon on Sunday since it had everyone I wanted to see for sure, including J2 and Felicia. Friday and Saturday were days I left free for my friends and I (who I kind of forced to attend with me because I didn’t want to go to SeaCon by myself. Sorry guys! Hahaha) to hang out in Seattle and make it a fun trip for everyone. However, when Felicia moved to Friday, it changed everything we were planning on doing, but I wasn’t letting anything stop me from meeting Felicia. Once I saw the schedule when her photo-op, panel, and autograph was, I made sure to get to Seattle before then and left my friends to hang in the mall while I went alone to SeaCon on Friday.

In the photo-op line, I remember getting really nervous because this was someone I have admired for a while and loved the work she does on Supernatural and Geek & Sundry, epsecially Co-Optitude. I was facing forward in line for the photo-op, but some divine spirit intervention made me want to turn around to look around, and it ended up being Felicia just walking by into the photo-op room! I was totally in a stand-still. She was so beautiful and so graceful. When she walked by, I felt the breeze carrying her perfume, and it was lovely, and I was kind fanboying with the people around me. 

I would say I was about 15 people back from the start of the line, and I could see everyone getting their first rounds of photos. I was planning to go for the basic hug because everyone advised that going for the hug is the best thing to do for your first photo-op. However, as I was watching the people go, no one was getting a hug. Almost everyone, besides a couple which had props, just put her arm around her. This made me panic because in my head I was like, ‘What if she doesn’t hug in photo-ops? Why don’t people want to hug her? Am I just crazy?” Here comes my time to go up next, and I was like, “No harm in asking. She can just say no.” So I went up to her, and I was like upfront, “Hi! Could I just get a hug?” She smiled and then said, “Yes, of course!” I was so excited and happy when we both wrapped arms around each other, which is super embarrassingly obvious from my photo-op. I told her, “Thank you so much!” and I don’t really remember what she said after that because I was in such euphoria and just left in such excitement. 

Next was autographs! Again, I was one of the earlier batch of autographs, so I was maybe 7th in line or so. I didn’t have my photo-op ready, so that’s why it’s not autographed, but I had bought a print at the vendors room. Again, being a nervous wreck with these kinds of things, I was so nervous talking to Felicia. I couldn’t even stare at her for too long without tripping over my words. I said something like, “Hi Felicia! I just wanted to say how amazing and wonderful you are, and I love everything you do, including what you do online, especially Co-Optitude.” She was like, “Thanks Michael!” (And I kind of cried a little on the inside when she said my name) and we had a small conversation about Co-Optitude and her brother and such. When it was time, I was like, “Thank you so much!” and I left, but no, I had to make it even more weird and say the most awkward, whispered “I love you.” when leaving. Gahhh! I don’t know if she heard it, but if she did, that’s super embarrassing. 

Still! It was what I always imagined meeting Felicia was. She was so sweet, adorable, and lovely, and I’m so happy I made the decision to go on Friday to meet her. 

"Don't Forget Where You Belong" - One Direction Preference


You smiled as you saw the house pull into view. It was an incredible feeling, knowing that this was “home” for Zayn. Even if he hadn’t grown up in this house, it was the place where his family lived. Where his heart lived. He glanced over at you, giving you his signature crinkly-eyed smile. “Ready, babe?” he asked, giving your hand a loving squeeze. “Ready,” you nodded, squeezing him back. Walking into the house, it was this instant sense of love filling the room. His mom rushed to the door, his sisters close behind. Engulfing him in a tight hug, she held his face between her slender fingers, giving him a teary eyed smile. Then, she turned to you, and pulled you into her arms. “You must be, (Y/N). Zayn has told us so much about you,” she crooned. Blushing, you glanced over at Zayn. “Zayn talks about you all the time,” you murmured, “I’m so happy to finally meet you all. Thank you so much for inviting me to come this weekend.” Beaming from ear to ear, Zayn’s mom took your hand in hers, squeezing it just as Zayn had moments earlier. “Of course, sweet heart. You’re always welcome in our home.”     


He was rummaging through a mess of old cardboard boxes, helping his mom with some spring-cleaning. Tagging along, you worked in a nearby corner of the room, sorting through a pile of old sweaters. Louis stopped suddenly, coming across a leather bound photo album. Sitting with his butt resting on the dusty attic floor, he began flipping through the heavy paper pages, blue eyes scanning each photograph. “Wow,” he whispered, breathlessly. “What is it Lou?” you asked, coming to his side when you saw the look on his face. “An old family album,” he stated, holding up the book for you to see. You beamed, positioning yourself on his right side. Looping your arms around his bicep, you rested your head on his shoulder. The two of you gazed through the pages of memories, Louis pausing every so often to relay a story of each picture. “Oh, man,” he chuckled, stopping on a photo of him self at about five years old, “My fifth birthday.” He wore a tiny red cowboy hat atop his head of messy brown hair, and he had his eyes crossed at the camera. “I can’t wait to make a whole album of memories with you. With our kids.” Smiling at you, he placed a kiss to your temple, carrying on with his trip down memory lane.    


Sitting on the sofa in his family home, you sipped your glass of red wine, spotting the myriad of picture frames displayed along the mantelpiece, above the stone fireplace. Crossing the room, you gazed at all the memories captured in the photographs. Stopping before each frame, you took in each snapshot one by one. It was impossible not to smile, seeing all the happy moments Liam had spent with his sisters and his parents. It was obvious how much love there was in this house. Liam walked up behind you, grinning when he saw you holding a photo of him as a kid. “Hey, baby,” he hummed, kissing you lightly on the cheek. “Hi,” you sang, stepping into his open arms. He draped an arm around your shoulders, taking the silver picture frame from your grasp. “I remember this day,” he laughed, “I was ten, and mum had taken me to get a haircut, for the start of school.” Staring up at him, your heart soared to hear him talk about his childhood. “I hated it. And I hated that itchy blue blazer,” he continued, thumb grazing over the glass as he spoke. “Well, I think you look very handsome,” you lulled. Chuckling heartily, he placed the frame back with the others. “Liam,” you whispered, “I’m really glad you invited me to come home with you.” Coffee eyes warm and full of love, he gazed back at you, and pulled you into his chest. Wrapping his arms tight around you, he kissed the top of your head. “You belong here with me,” he hushed.


The candles flickered as they sat in the middle of the white, linen tablecloth. The two of you sat across from each other at the round table, in the crowded restaurant. Each of you perused the extensive menu, sipping your chilled glasses of wine. “See anything you like,” he asked, peering at you over his tall menu. “Hmm… it all looks so delicious,” you hummed, smiling at him. “I agree,” he nodded, returning his blue eyes to the list of food. “Oh, wow,” he chimed, laying the menu down flat. “What is it?” you queried, giggling at the excitement you saw painted on his face. “Look,” he pointed to the third item listed under Dinner, “they serve Corned beef here.” You laughed, out loud. “That sounds…” you giggled, “Well, that sounds awful, actually.” This time Niall laughed too, eyes scrunching up in the way you so adored. “It’s actually really good,” he assured, “My grandmother used to make it on Sundays, for dinner. It was always my favorite.” You smiled sadly at him, knowing how much he missed home. “Then let’s get two of those,” you murmured, taking his hand across the table. He smiled, kissing the back of your hand gratefully.            


You stood at the kitchen sink, hands dripping with soapy water, as you scrubbed the dirty sauce stained dishes. You handed a wet plate to Harry, who stood beside you, dishtowel poised in his long fingers. He smiled happily at you, meticulously drying the plate. He had his iPhone playing softly in the background, and the soft melodies of an unfamiliar tune floated through the kitchen. Harry stopped wiping, eyebrows scrunching together as he listened to the song. “What is it, Harry?” you questioned, gazing at him quizzically. He bustled over the stereo, turning the volume up a few notches. Slowly, his lips curled into a smile, and he began humming along to the words. “What is this?” you asked, chuckling as he swooped over to you, looping his long arms around your waist. He twirled you around the room, leaving a trail of soapy water in your wake. “Harry, what has gotten into you?” He carried on, laughing and singing. Dancing and humming. “My mum used to sing me this song, every night before I went to sleep,” he beamed. Your eyes lit up, matching the gleam dancing in his green irises. “It’s beautiful,” you whispered. “Almost as beautiful as you are,” he hummed, pressing a smiling kiss to your lips.