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What I know about Tokyo Ghoul from what I've seen in my dash

- Kaneki Saaaaaaan
-Lil bean Hide didn’t deserve to die
-Some white haired chick with red crossed bobbypins
-French dude with no chill
-yum yum people
-Emo kids get free contact lenses to look evil
-Suffer suffer suffer


I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V

So about that biphobic joke on The Real O'Neals...

Yeah, as a bisexual female, it kinda hurts. But really…it makes sense.

No, really, think about it: Bisexuality, despite having a very real place in history, is still a subject of controversy not only in the straight community but in the gay community as well. The whole “Pick a side” thing comes from gay and lesbian persons, not just heteros. The LGBT+ community isn’t as accepting as everyone would like to believe.

Plenty of gay men don’t feel comfortable dating bisexual men because the belief is that he’s “confused but will eventually decide he’s gay.” Plenty of lesbians won’t date bi women because they don’t wanna date someone a dick has been in. On top of that, some people have trouble grasping that bisexuality doesn’t just go away even if you “pick a side” to date.

While I don’t exactly think it was necessarily intentional, I think that by painting Kenny as one such kind of guy and showing that not all members of the queer community are as entirely accepting or even accepted, we’re opened up to a commentary about how some identities are lambasted by the very community that was supposed to provide them a semblance of understanding.

That, and Kenny is still new to the LGBT+ community himself: The most queer people he’s interacted with at once was the Halloween party in relative brevity and the most constant he’s had before Brett was a lesbian classmate. His exposure, exploration and understanding of queerness is still fledgling level at best. And we know Kenny is lowkey vain so he’d probably only find it necessary to focus on gay male understandings rather than the whole scope of male queerness in general. So while I’m not impressed by his stance on bisexuality, I think this is a decent possibility. Not a great one, but one nonetheless.

Like I said, I kinda doubt this was the intention but if they do eventually address the biphobia present in both straight and queer communities, I’m hype because people don’t talk about this enough. At the very least, it’s something we ourselves need to talk about in real life so that shows don’t need to throw out those kinds of jokes just to get people to talk about them.

TL;DR-Biphobia exists in the LGBT+ community and it needs to be discussed. Stop acting like it’s this overly accepting group whose ideals should be completely reflected in The Real O'Neals because there it is: bisexuality isn’t as accepted as you’d like to think.

“I loved her, more than I thought I could love somebody else.” - Stefan Salvatore about Elena Gilbert. 

And you guys are telling me that Steroline is endgame and trying to persuade me that Stefan really loves Caroline, that he’s always loved her. Bitch Where? ‘Cause last I checked he swerved Caroline and went straight for Elena so I still don’t get where you guys are getting this mess from. 

Oh, and one last thing, Stefan loved Elena more than he could ever love anyone else. Let that sink in. Let it marinate. Let it be K N O W N that Elena is Stefan’s one true love. 

is there anyone else who only daydreams about other people? like i hardly ever daydream about myself usually it’s a character i’ve constructed to interact in the world of one of my fandoms, or ocs in certain scenarios such as a zombie apocalypse or horror movie plot. i see everyone talking about this ‘idealised version of themselves’ but i never really exist in my daydreams. some of my characters might have parts of my personality or something i suffer from, such as anxiety, but my daydreams usually look like a tv show or movie or comic book with the characters rarely being me or looking much like me

The crew of the USS Enterprise: Doctor McCoy

The drawings were traced, but the lines are mine.

(the rest of the crew will be here)

 Digimon supernaturals au: Miyako ✥

“Can you get us in?“
"I could try talking to their security system, but those can be tricky sometimes. Really suspicious, you know?”
“What, no I’ll get us in thank you very much! No one is better at sweet talking in binary than me.”
“Do you get a lot of computers hot and bothered Miyako?”
“This isn’t the time for jokes! But yes. Yes I do.”

Anonymous asked: Charisk requests? How about Frisk as a vampire please :) 

I wasn’t sure what to do, so have some dorks being cute! ` v ´)/  

7:30am is always the best time to post drawings.

I have never attempted to render anything in such a way so this was certainly an experience.