don't really agree with him


The answer is no. Absolutely no. If she thought she could win this fight why would she be offering to sell the victory to us even for a fortune? Trust me.

people think i’m nice because I don’t usually badmouth people in public. it’s not true. I’m mean as the hills; I just know better than to run my mouth when the cafe is crowded. listen i’m mean but i’m not dumb catch me alone in a quiet room where I can watch the door and i’ll throw shade so dark u won’t be able to see your way home

the fact that calum has days where he feels like we (the fans) are bad for him - days where we bring him down and make him question his life and his choices, makes me so unbelievably sad. we’re supposed to support him, love him, make him happy. even if he doesn’t always listen to our wishes. he does so much for us, gives so much to make us happy. he’s sacrificed so many things to be able to help us help ourselves, and even though we’ve definitely helped him too, it fucking hurts that he sometimes sees us as a burden because we won’t stay the fuck out of his personal business. he’s sacrificed a lot, don’t make him sacrifice his sanity too. support him the way he supports us through his music. he deserves that.

Shit is weird man

Quick thoughts!

1) Honest show of hands for people who didn’t think Bryke would confirm Korrasami. I would have bet a significant amount of money that they wouldn’t come out and confirm it is as undeniable canon. Both because of the socio-political reasons, but also my eight years of being in this fandom, I’ve never seen them so definitively discuss one aspect of the show. Incredibly happy to be so wrong. 

2) “I’m only sorry it took us so long to have this kind of representation in one of our stories."  I just really love that line in Bryan’s post. 

3) Super glad they labelled them as "bisexual”. Just from a personal point of view (I don’t really want to get into a massive debate over it, as I know it’s an incredibly personal subject and there are so many nuances), having a mainstream piece of media use that word is fantastic. Anyone who identifies that way (as I do), or vaguely follows the narrative around it knows the word bisexual is seldom used, or if it is, with massive negative connotations. 

4) Some people were slightly freaking out at the “forced” line regarding ATLA romance. I will deal with this in a separate post, but it’s really not that bad (unless you really want to believe Bryan is trashing their own writing). Instead, if you read the full quote it’s about conventional story telling tropes and the need for every story to have an explicit final act romance. I totes agree with him, I groan in pretty much every action film (Edge of Tomorrow being the latest example - good film, no need for that kiss!) when the two leads hook up regardless of story telling necessity. 


I stared at these shots for a long time trying to decide which one of them is more of a poor unfortunate soul with a damaged as fuck brain.
But I found out that I can’t really choose.

Imagine being assigned to tutor badboy!Woozi.

BONUS: Badboy!Woozi comes up with his own way of “productive learning” and it’s basically you giving him a kiss whenever he gets a question right.