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Basically this book…

Decided to draw one of my many favorite scenes from The Dark Prophecy without giving away major spoilers

Please consider the fact that-- even while fighting Zarkon and his massive forces, even when they might never see Earth again, even when he suspects he’s Galra and doesn’t know his parents--Keith’s single biggest fear was that Shiro wouldn’t approve of him. That Shiro would leave him.

And yet at the end of s2 that’s exactly what happens.

S3 Keith is going to be a mess, y’all. A. Mess.

and I can’t wait.

you know, call me crazy, call me biased af, but i just think it’s bullshit that we get all these sappy, ridiculous climon scenes and malec can’t even finish a goddamn conversation without someone walking in…and demanding, once again, that magnus fix their problems.

attolirene-deactivated20160522  asked:

What endgame do you /want/ to see? Fluffy endgames for your favorite characters, what you think would be a fitting end to the story, whatever.

i mean i doubt the ending is going to be fluffy, but as far as realistic goes, i want:

  • sansa to have a role in ruling the north, 
  • the starks to be reunited at least briefly,
  • littlefinger to die a horrible death, 
  • asha to take theon back to the iron islands, 
  • brienne to feel like she’s fulfilled her duty, 
  • jon to find out about lyanna already jeez, 
  • jon connington to find out that rhaegar’s son has his name, 
  • arianne to help her people and prove herself worthy of rulling, 
  • barristan to crown daenerys in whatever capacity even metaphorical,
  • arya and gendry to meet again, 
  • jaime to die honorably

the list could go on forever 

and as far as cracky goes:

  • jon goes to dorne gets a tan and learns to surf
  • arya returns and goes around westeros in search of gendry and hotpie “we’re getting the band back together!”
  • one of tommen’s cats has seven kittens and they become symbols of peace when he dispatches them around the seven kingdoms “kitten gift” becomes a common phrase that means gesture of good will and is also the title of a bawdy tavern song
  • doran and sansa co-write a best-seller titled “putting up with shit: a guide to weathering other people’s rude behavior”
  • gilly reads the books sam studies and founds the first women only university and missandei and shireen are the first teachers hired
  • stannis davos melisandre and selyse all move into the same flat and the neighbors talk
  • bran and margaery bond over botany 
  • myrcella becomes a cyvasse world champion
  • tyrion and jorah open a b&b and snipe at each other over customers’ meals
  • dany starts a dragon sanctuary north of the wall
  • daario and arianne grow old and fat together and have the loudest party 20 year-olds have ever had at 70
  • loras moves into the same retirement home as jaime and karaoke night suddenly gets very aggressive
**** new game of thrones season 7 leaks ****
  • robb stark will be resurrected by melisandre/the lord of light, but he will not be the same.  he will have the head of a direwolf and the body of a decaying corpse (basically the minotaur of westeros) and he will be ruthless and set off to kill everyone except the starks.
  • there will be a flashback scene of rhaegar and lyanna where rhaegar will tell lyanna that he wants to name their baby “aegon” because you never know when you’ll lose your regular aegon and will need a spare.  also, he admits that he is terrible with names and having two sons with different names could be difficult for him.
  • it will be revealed that cersei is pregnant with zombie clegane’s baby.  she will give birth to the zombie baby and while he is being born in king’s landing, the wall will be falling in the north.  it will be revealed that the zombie baby is actually the third head of the dragon and also azor ahai and also a secret targaryen.
  • gendry returns.  his arms muscles are the size of a small truck from all that rowing and he can’t hold them up because his body is now very disproportionate, so now his arms just kinda drag on the ground.  it’s very disturbing.
  • it will be revealed that bran stark the time traveler has gone back in time and fathered every known character.  and bran is actually a secret targaryen.  therefore everyone is a secret targaryen.
  • hot pie will find melisandre.  melisandre will be convinced that he is the new prince that was promised.  spoiler alert: he’s not.
  • bran’s vision reveals that yara’s real name was actually asha this whole time.  he tells her and she spirals into a strange identity crisis.
  • brienne of tarth says “fuck this shit” (exact quote, s7 ep2) and joins the night king.  not even as a wight.  she just is really sick of humanity and swears an oath to the night king that she will help him destroy it.  podrick will marry the night queen to seal the alliance.
  • it will be revealed that there are actually four heads of the dragon.  the fourth is either lyanna mormont or little sam.  as of the last episode, we do not know which.
  • daenerys will go to the wall to use her dragons against the white walkers.  jon is instantly smitten with her and wants to be her king, but daenerys only has eyes for sansa.  the last scene of the season is a proposal from daenerys to sansa that they marry and split the kingdom and rule as queen in the north and queen in the south.  sansa says yes.

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so cute indeed!!

there are so many things that I loved, seeing Mikasa dozing off and looking out for Eren, and in the same time Eren noticing how she’s tired and telling her to rest
it’s not out of nowhere, we’ve seen Eren in chapter 51 being the one fussing over her health when she needed that, the wording implies very close attention too
they both look out and care about each other a lot obviously.

I also loved how he told her “I’ll get you a new one”, he didn’t tell her to just throw it away and get herself a new one, while Eren still doesn’t understand the significance of the scarf itself to her, at least he feels that he gave it to her the first time and he should be the one who to give her a new one if she needs.

I mean it’s obvious this scene is a set up to ch50, put at the very first episode to give us a sense that we’ll go full circle, and they’re already kind of hinting to what it’s about

I also loved Eren’s tone when he said that, reminded me of his tone in episode 6 when he gave Mikasa the scarf the first time, a little soft and tsundere-ish (Kaji yuki described it this way)