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so i don't know if you're still doing the Dex poetry series, but i would be interested in seeing if Dex ever shows Nursey the poems and how that goes down, if that's okay! thank you :))

I am still doing the poetry series (I promise!), but I haven’t had any inspiration recently. I will continue it if and when the inspiration strikes. Really, I will.

If anyone doesn’t know, this is my poetry series tag and it’s a series of poems written from Dex’s POV.

Thank you for the prompt! The poems are actually not from the POV of my usual HCed Dex, so it was cool to write from another version of Dex’s POV. :)

(Also, I was in a weird mood, so this got super introspective and complicated but I feel like it fits for Dex’s relationship with writing so I’mma just go with it.)


           It’s not that Dex isn’t good at hiding things. He is. He grew up in a house with very nosy parents and five siblings who assumed anything of Dex’s was theirs as well. He learned how to keep things private, found nooks and secret spots as easily as he found studs in a wall and learned how to be just conspicuous enough to be overlooked. Of course, the newfound literary part of him can’t help but see this as a metaphor, the kid trapped in the closet is good at hiding things, and he realizes it with the same kind of bitterness he attributes to all of his newfound literary perspectives.

           It’s mostly Nursey’s fault anyway, that Dex is so literary now. Dex could just as easily blame Samwell as a whole, what with requiring he take a literary course, but it’s harder to blame an institution than a person and Dex, somewhat out of character, took the easy way out in this time. Yes, the first English course was required, but the second was not. The second was a poetry course usually taken by freshmen who hadn’t technically chosen their major yet but were dead set on English. Dex had been the only science oriented person there and, at first, he had felt out of place. That, too, Dex realized later, was a metaphor.

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hi there ~ i just wanna say that your work is very good and i love it! anyway , if you're still doing the promt thing can you do #23 with paperhat with some fluff and a bit of smut (u dont have to if you dont want to)? and just take your time to write (you might be busy with your life and i don't want to bother)

Note: in case anyone is wondering this fic is safe for eveyone to read, thank you!

“We have to be quiet.”

Flug sat across from Blackhat in an empty storage closet. He tucked his knees up to his chest and then trapped them there with his arms as if it would make him feel safer.

“I know we have to be quiet, Flug,” Blackhat hissed. “I don’t want them to find us either.”

Being ambushed by potential customers was becoming a regular thing with the  Black Hat Inc. gang. This time, their buyer didn’t even bother to greet them, as soon as Blackhat and Flug had stepped through the doors, a large metal gate had slammed down behind them, and alarms had begun to blare. Huge four legged, centaur-like robots had come out from the walls and begun shooting as the two ran to find cover. After dashing down several hallways, Blackhat holding tightly to Flug’s hand, they had ducked inside an unlocked closet and had been hiding there since.

Of course, they hadn’t gotten away without injury.

“I wish I could just go out there and tear them limb from limb!” Blackhat snarled. Flug shushed him, and shook his head violently.

“You know can’t sir, they- they NEUTRALIZED you,” Flug whispered harshly. “I don’t know what was in those pressurized bullets they were shooting off, but it blew your whole arm off and you haven’t been able to shift it back, which means you don’t have any power right now!” Blackhat growled.

“I hate feeling so useless!”

“I know, sir, but…. I don’t know what else to do…” Blackhat suddenly shifted up onto his knees and then placed his one intact hand on Flug’s arm.

“We’ll get out of this Flug, don’t worry. You or I are going to think of something.” Flug nodded, nervously twiddling his thumbs. Then he pulled his arms back so that he could take Blackhat’s hand in both of his. For a moment, Flug traced abstract patterns into the eldritch’s grey skin, but then out of nowhere his spine snapped straight and he gasped.

“I can’t believe I forgot!” Flug exclaimed softly. He let go of Blackhat to dig into the front pocket of his lab coat and pulled out a beetle like object. “I always bring my spy drone with me to customers meeting places so that they can check out the place for traps or dangers while we make deals! We got surprised right away so I didn’t get the chance to send him out, but I can do that now!” Blackhat was grinning.

Flug brought the small beetle drone up to his face and then said,

“Activate Code 07.” The drone buzzed, and it’s eyes opened to glow a soft blue.

“RECONNAISSANCE MODE ACTIVATED,” it stated. Flug was extremely grateful that he had programmed his inventions voice to be relatively quiet.

“All right, also activate stealth mode, and Code 10.”

“STEALTH MODE ACTIVATED - ENEMY IDENTIFICATION MODE ACTIVATED.” Then two small rods dropped out of the beetle’s abdomen as it began to fly upwards. Flug caught them, pushed a button on the side of one, and then a blue electronic screen appeared between the rods. He expanded the screen to the size of the sheet of paper, and then pushed another button so it was left floating when he let go. Blackhat was watching all of this with a stunned expression.

“Holographics, sir,” Flug explained. “I’ve been working on a hard light version, but it’s a lot of work, and I haven’t figured it out quite yet.” Blackhat swiped his hand under the rods and for a second, the screen floated a little higher. “Oh, there are micro thrusters built into the frame of the rods; the rods themselves are made of microlattice, so they don’t need a whole lot to keep hovering.”

After saying this, Flug switched his position from leaning against the side wall of the closest, to leaning against the back. Then he patted the space beside him for Blackhat to sit. He didn’t expect the weight of an arm around his shoulders. When he looked at Blackhat, he found the man smiling in a kind of awe-stricken way.

“I’ve told you you’re a genius, right, Flug?” He asked. Underneath his bag, the doctor went bright red, and he stuttered out,

“Y-yes, sir!”

“Well, I’ll say it again anyways: You’re a genius. I wasn’t even aware that you knew how to make something like this.”

“Well, I’ve been incorporating these idea and principles into my inventions for only a little while now because it’s been difficult to learn how to make something more dangerous with these concepts.”

“Regardless, I’m impressed.” Internally, Flug was screaming as he tried to focus on what the drone was projecting onto the screen. He almost let that scream out, as he felt the side of his bag be lifted, and a pair of lips press against his cheek before moving away.

“S-sir! We’re in a dangerous situation right now, t-that kind of stuff can wait!” Blackhat seemed surprised by the scientist’s outburst. Then his dazed expression was replaced with a serious one.

“Right,” he muttered. “I got caught up for a moment there, I’m focused now.”

The two watched closely as the beetle drone crawled along walls and marked enemies with the set of micro tracking chips it was carrying. By the time it had explored the entire building, it had discovered a total of 10 robots and one humanoid which it had been unable to get to through a set of heavy doors and 2 roboguards.

“Now what?” Blackhat inquired.

“Well, I have a rewire program on my drone as well, but I’m not sure how well it’ll be able to perform on robots. It was only meant to work on things like household objects and fuse boxes,” Flug said. “I can voice that command in once it get back, but in the meantime, I have a message to send.” Clicking yet another button, this on located on the top of the right rod, a little red circle began to blink in the corner of the screen.

“What does that do?” Blackhat asked. Flug grinned beneath his bag.

“Sends out a distress signal.”

When the beetle drone got back, Flug sent it back out under the rewire command, in hopes that it would take out a few robots. Several minutes later there was the sound of an explosion and guns firing. On screen, 2 green blips that represented the robots blinked out; each on opposite sides of the building.

“I guess both plans are working,” Flug stated joyfully.

As the blip closest to their location went dark, Flug threw his arms around Blackhat in his relief.  “We’re gonna be safe!” Then the two stood up and got ready to leave the storage room.

. Flug grabbed the screen as he opened up the closet’s door just in time to watch as Dementia’s strong arms flexed and squeezed tight around the neck of one of the robots and pulled upwards. The squeal of metal on metal and sparks flying accompanied the sight of the wires in the robot’s neck ripping out as it’s head was pulled off. Dementia kicked off the robots back and landed on her feet as the now beheaded contraption toppled over.

Upon seeing her friends, Dementia smirked and tossed the robots head over her shoulder.

“Got you guy’s distress call,” she shouted. Then she ran towards them, flipped over them, and kept barreling down the hall. “I think there’s a few more robo-ass’s to kick before you all thank me for saving your butts!” Her exit from their vision was followed by the sound of more gunfire.

“How many are left now?” Blackhat asked Flug. The screen showed 3 green dots including the one in the closed off room. “Do you think we should help?”

“Well, are you still unable to shift?” Flug questioned. A look of concentration passed over the eldritch’s face, and the smooth skin over his armless shoulder rippled. A few tendrils of black poured out of the skin before retreating. “I guess that answers that.” Blackhat snarled and was about to protest, when Flug pressed a finger to his lips. “BUT, I do have the anti-grav device that our client was supposed to buy with me still. It’s not going to help us kill the robots, but it can help us trap our customer turned captor once Dementia and my drone have taken out the guards.” This was enough to shut Blackhat up.

Outside the door to the room that housed their traitorous client, Blackhat and Flug found one robot with it’s arms and head ripped off, and the other’s top half was slumped over it’s back. Dementia tipped her head up at them in greeting, and then at the door. Black snatched the anti-gravity device from Flug and pressed and held the only button in it as he signalled for Dementia to go ahead. Then she round house kicked the door, and there was the sound of splintering wood. She went at it again, and the double doors swung open with a CRACK. Blackhat threw the device just as a gun went off.

The cursing that followed was far to explicit to be repeated.

Inside the room, encased in a bubble of gravity distortion was a small humanoid creature. They were trying desperately to move about despite the fact that they had nothing to use within their reach as a push off. Blackhat was the one cursing though, as Flug looked over to discover his now armless boyfriend.

To say that their client got away with their deed would be laughable at best. Dementia and Flug both took a little revenge for the way that Blackhat was incapacitated by the creatures ploy.

Back at the mansion, Dementia placed a robot’s head that she had salvaged on a  pedestal in her room as a memento of her victory. Flug was requested to follow Blackhat back to the eldritch’s quarters. Once there, Blackhat literally shrugged off the tattered remains of his overcoat. Then he flopped back on the bed before he realized his mistake.

“Flug!” he cried out in distress. “I can’t get back up without my arms!” Flug had to stifle a snort of laughter behind his glove

“Dont, worry! I’ll help you, Blackat,” he snickered. Then he went over and helped his boyfriend back up to sitting at the edge of the bed. The eldritch slumped forward defeatedly.

“UUUUUUUUUGGGHHH,” he groaned. “How long am I gonna to be stuck like this!” He tried to shift his arms back again, but the tendrils came out even smaller than before. “I just want my arms back!”

“I can be your arms for now, sir.” Flug reached over and wrapped his arms around the other.

“Uhrg, I just realized that I can’t reciprocate your gesture without my damn arms.”

“That’s okay, Blackhat. I’m just glad you’re still alive.” That’s when Blackhat realized that the other was hugging him out of a reassurance for himself. With the stumps of his shoulders Blackhat bowed them inwards in the imiatation of an embrace.

“I’m glad we’re both alive.” The was a muffled sound of agreement, and Flug pressed closer. When Blackhat was able to recreate his arms a few hours later, the first thing he did, was hold his boyfriend close, and wish he never had to let go.

First, i apologize because this fic isn’t all that fluffy, and I feel kinda bad for that, but my muse ran away with me and was like, yeah, this is what we’re writing. Thank you for the request anon, and I hope maybe this mediocre pic of armless Blackhat and Flug and this poorly made gif of Dementia ripping off a robots head make up for it a little. Thank you for your compliment, and I hope you like the fic! 

The Alpaca Whisperer - Chapter 5

The Alpaca Whisperer
an epic story of love, courage, and poultry

Hartbig AU by iloveyouinchinese & isilagdur

All chapters can be found here.
tw: violence, injuries

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Previously on AW:

She followed Grace’s shaking finger to the harsh outline of some more sinister being, only just concealed in the gathering shadows of the barn walls. As if on cue, out he stepped into the last sliver of light the open barn door allowed: Hannibal, the fowl fiend, head cocked dangerously to one side, talons gleaming.


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So, You're Thinking About Joining Tumblr (a work in progress)
  • 1: You must have a tagged/me, tagged/gpoy, tagged/my+face, etc. even if you don't leave a link on your page or as part of your theme.
  • 2: If you send anonymous hate then you honestly are not even mature enough for Tumblr, which is really, *really* saying something.
  • 3: If you send anonymous uplifting, supportive, or mildly flirty messages, you are the salt of the earth.
  • 3: If you post something that you yourself did not actually create, source that shit. Do it. No excuses.
  • 4: It's your own blog, post whatever you damn well please. People don't have to look at it. Don't be afraid to block people. Be as private or open as you're comfortable with. Your tumblr is your place, not anybody else's.
  • 6: If someone sends you nudes, it is understood that you aren't supposed to share them with anyone (let alone everyone) unless you're given explicit permission. (Also, exercise caution when you send nudes.) Depending on where you live, it's actually a crime for you to disseminate nude or partially nude pictures of women without their permission. (I don't know if the same is true for nude/partially nude protections for men, but I know for a fact that
  • 7: Don't believe everything you read, even if it's presented with pretty pictures and fancy graphics. It's easy to lie with statistics (like, crazy easy). Please exercise caution and discernment, within reason. Check sources to see if they're fishy before you believe claims that set off your BS alarm.
  • 8: Sometimes it's okay if you offend someone, because they're basically just a bundle of nerve endings instead of a reasonable person, and almost no matter what you do it'll be offensive to them. That being said, never go out of your way to harass or offend someone. Come on. Be the better person. Ignore them if they're just egging you on.
  • 9: Being racist is never okay. It really isn't. It has never been okay, despite social norms through the ages. Discriminating against people and harassing them due to immutable facts of their biology (the color of their skin, their gender, their sexuality, disabilities or proclivities, etc.), where they were born, or their deeply held spiritual/religious beliefs is not just uncool, it's wrong. Reevaluate your life and your worldview if you think it's okay to do those things.
  • 10: Beware nightblogging. Do not fall into that trap. It is a slippery slope. This site is wonderful and beautiful and terrifying and terrible, but it is not worth losing a wink of sleep over. Nightblogging doesn't just hurt you, it hurts those who love you.
  • 11: Sexuality is a fluid and confusing thing for most people. (Like, a majority, not just a plurality.) If you don't think so, you're probably new to this site. You will name your blog and follow your first blog and think you're the straightest guy or gal that ever was or will be. A few months of scrolling through hot people of all sexes and genders later, someone will ask you what your sexuality is, and you'll be like "??????" You like what you like, that's cool. Don't feel ashamed for not falling perfectly into some silly, rigidly defined Sexuality, and certainly don't let it define you. You're gay? Cool! You're straight? Good for you! You're bisexual? You're not confused or greedy, everyone else just fears what they cannot understand! You're pansexual? My god, he's having sex with our pans! You're asexual? Awesome, I respect that about you! (The "A" in LGBTQA+ doesn't stand for "Allies", ya dingus.) You don't know what your sexuality is called? Doesn't matter. It's yours. It changes and evolves and morphs and probably involves more kinks than you'll admit to having or even know you have yet. (Yet.)
  • 12: LGBTQA+ is kind of long and cumbersome and seems like a mouthful at first, but it's better for everyone if you spend 5-10 minutes familiarizing yourself with it and coming to accept it. (Didn't make a dick joke here, but I definitely thought about it.)
  • 13: Sex gifs are going to happen to you. They are going to happen to you in the safety of your own room in the dark in the middle of the night, and they are going to happen to you in broad daylight out in public. "Puppies to porn in seconds" is not a joke, it's a fact of life on this site. That's not necessarily bad, it's just something you should keep in mind if you're going to scroll through your dash in your place of worship or on the bus or in the middle of a family reunion, etc.
  • 14: Superwholock is a thing. Consider yourself warned. Steel yourself. No one is safe.
  • 15: The memes. Oh God, the memes.
  • 16: Subcultures are cool. Or scary. Instead of bashing a subculture for no reason, why not spend that time doing something constructive (like your homework) or invest it in a subculture that you do enjoy.
  • 17: Don't ask me what Homestuck is, I have literally no idea.
  • 18: For you to understand that referential all humor is, I need. I need this because of reasons.
  • 19: Don't be afraid to make friends on Tumblr. Yes, they can be real friends, who you will love and cherish. You will develop inside jokes with them, you will take truly, horrifyingly ugly selfies and share them with each other. You will cry on each other's shoulders (probably over a beloved fictional character experiencing difficulties, but also because of life and how much it sucks sometimes). Maybe you'll skype with them. Maybe you'll get drunk and maybe send them some texts that you shouldn't have. Or pictures. Or videos. Or large sums of cash. But you're real friends and you'll laugh it off (maybe in a forced, awkward sort of way, but you'll still laugh it off). Unfortunately, they probably live 1,000 miles away. And you'll both get busy and maybe not talk with each other as much anymore and fall out of touch for a little. That's okay. Everything's going to be okay, buddy. Drop them a message in their ask box, even if it's 4AM and you just remembered how much you love your stupid perfect useless beautiful derpy tumblr friend, and say hi. The beauty of the internet is that people can get in touch anywhere, any time (even if you have to wait for their time to be right for them). And maybe they ignore your message, or it's lost in the shuffle and they never see it. You'll lose friends too, and that's hard (like, really fucking hard), but learning how best to cope with that is extremely important for living a successful life. You can take something away from any experience. You'll be okay.
  • 20: There's plenty more, but I can't think of anything at the moment.