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Whenever I listen to Power I picture the music video like this:

It opens with the girls riding motorbikes through a desert dirt road, they come up to a pub and walk in, all wearing sexy black outfits. A few minutes later different guys come up and try to flirt with each of the girls, one gets a bit hands on and the girls have had enough and Perrie steps in front of the guy and starts signing “Hold up, no, you didn’t bow, bow, I ain’t the chick to walk behind you around town. Just ‘cause you’re packin’, packin’, whoop, down south, that don’t mean I’m ever gonna take it lying down”

They continue singing in the pub, showing the guys who holds the power. Then when the chorus kicks in the scene changes, and the girls are in the desert doing a epic dance routine. It switches between the pub and the desert showing close ups of the girls faces. Once the bridge rolls around the girls are walking out of the pub, the guys stumbling out with them. Jesy’s motorbike part shows the weather change and droplets of rain start falling. The post chorus starts and the girls begin dancing in the rain.

Then the video ends with the guys riding away and the girls walk back into the pub now owning it. Or it ends with the girls themselves leaving the guys in disbelief and riding away on their motorbikes.


“Maybe it’s a usual answer, but I’d have to say my mom. I think I think of my mom always. She always behaves with, like, the most kindness and consideration for other people.” (x)

More TG Art Theft

A few friends and I have been noticing reposters cropping up more and more, and we’re not sure why but PLEASE PLEASE stop supporting them, guys.  The latest one I’ve noticed is @shira-san-ni, who is even blatantly reposting TG fandom famous artists WITH TUMBLR accounts like @azuma04 HERE, @xinorinrin HERE, and @jujuwanko HERE and HERE.  I apologize for making these unpleasant posts, but we have to stand up against this type of behavior by being careful to ONLY reblog from the artists themselves or people clearly reposting with permission.  For the artists I’ve mentioned, and others that this and other art thieves have stolen from, I do know that Tumblr is very good about taking down these reposts when contacted by the artists themselves.  I’d appreciate a signal boost for anyone who wants to support our wonderful fandom artists and also keep this fandom healthy and respectful.  Have a good night, everyone!

super rough summary of a part of the ch. 37 spoilers (from the raw text)

- it seems kanae and hori chie talk about tsukiyama’s situation and kanae asks her what’s the way to save him
- hori tells him that it’s as simple as telling tsukiyama that kaneki’s alive. kanae doesn’t like that (he has an angry facial expression)
- they don’t know what’s gonna happen after tsukiyama gets better. kanae thinks chie is irresponsible

- hori tells kanae to cooperate and makes him promise that he’s going to respect tsukiyama’s will, then she gives him haise’s picture

- kanae hands the picture to tsukiyama, who holds it with a trembling hand. kanae stands there with an uncomfortable/cloudy expression on his face
- tsukiyama says something that doesn’t seem to be a correct word?? but it might be because his voice broke or something and he’s probably mumbling (that’s just my impression, but since he’s crying and his speech bubble looks weird, that sounds reasonable). kanae’s thoughts: “it’s started”

since i’ve had to report yet another re-poster this week, this is a little reminder that if you ever see my art re-posted or stolen somewhere, plesae let me know!

this includes tumblr, facebook, instagram, twitter, wherever! if my url is not attached to it, it’s stolen!

you won’t bother me at all if you send me an ask or twitter DM with links to the offending post(s), i promise. you will make my day so much better by helping me take down re-posters.

Yeah but imagine… Everyone can hear Haise scream, but Matsuri orders them all to stay on their own targets and forbids them from abandoning their positions to help Haise… Will anyone but Shirazu and Seiko ever disobey a superior rank just to save this ‘half-ghoul’? Will they just keep fighting and listening to Haise’s screams and shouts but try to ignore it all? 

Will Haise get through this and then think about how literally everyone in CCG abandoned him?