don't quit your gay job

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Quotes
  • "Look up 'idiot' in the dictionary. You know what you'll find? The definition of the word idiot, which you fucking are!"
  • "I peed on it."
  • "No, my question, I get to go first!"
  • "Why in pluperfect hell would you pee on a corpse?"
  • "I didn't intend to! It's not like I did it for kicks!"
  • "Go. Sleep badly. Any questions, hesitate to call."
  • "Who taught you grammar?"
  • "You put a live round in that gun?"
  • "Who taught you math?!"
  • "Do you think I'm stupid?"
  • "I don't think you'd know where to put food at if you didn't flap your mouth so much."
  • "Yes, I think you're stupid."
  • "Still gay?"
  • "Sorry that we said 'fuck' so much."
  • "Did your father love you?"
  • "Well, he used to beat me in Morse code, so it's possible, but he never actually said the words."
  • "He called her a... well, a bad word."
  • "She's been fucked more times than she's had a hot meal."
  • "Don't worry, I saw Lord of the Rings. I'm not going to end this 17 times."
  • "You want to see something cool?"
  • "You know what? You'd better be her doctor."
  • "Okay, you've got 30 of my fucking seconds. Thrill me."
  • "I want you to picture a bullet in your head. Can you do that for me?"
  • "I was wetter than Drew Barrymore at a grunge club."
  • "Don't quit your gay job."
  • "Wow, I feel sore. I mean physically, not like a guy who's angry in a movie in the 1950's."
  • "Your mouth is a recommended place to put a sock."
  • "This is every shade of wrong."
  • "Uh, I'm retired. I invented dice when I was a kid."
  • "I shot him with a small revolver I keep near my balls."
  • "Doesn't that suck? I just hit you for no reason. I don't even know why."

Of course the Almighty StraightNotGay doesn’t want to ask trans*folk any questions.  He sees and knows all.  He is omnipotent and omniscient.  He is inside us all.

Way to be an accepting and open-minded member of society, you stellar example of humanity.

  • Izzy: Omfg GNQ needs to just choke on all the dicks.
  • Tobi: He'd probably enjoy that
  • Izzy: Omfg I have never wanted to just punch someone so hard before. GNQ, how have you still not learned your vocabulary? You are accusing a rape survivor that has no desire for sex of wanting to rape people. How you a fag lern 2 vocabulary?
  • Tobi: I wonder where he lives...
  • Izzy: Germany. The answer is Germany. Plot twist: Hitler was cryogenically frozen and has been revived. He stalks the internet under the pseudonym GayNotQueer.

we just watched a presentation on “gay jobs”

it was about queer eye for the straight guy and clinton kelly

someone asked the presenter what she thought about it perpetuating stereotypes and she was like “well i think they’re all like this in real life”

i won’t miss you, queer lit, not going to lie

Some thoughts I had laying in bed after I woke up:

  • Radical feminism thinks that a gay person pretending to be straight is a tragedy, but a straight person pretending to be gay is some sort of wonderful political statement.
  • GnQ once spent a day demonizing asexuals who have sex with their partners to please them, despite being gay-by-choice and an active supporter of political lesbianism. Apparently, if you were born asexual but choose to let someone have sex with you because you love them and want them to feel good, you’re some sort of disgusting, self-victimizing freak, but if you were born straight but choose to let someone of the same sex have sex with you for some sort of half-baked, appropriative political statement, you’re a beautiful martyr.

Some stuff to think about.