don't question my decisions

me: gets rlly rlly embarrassed whenever i write sweet/romantic things.,,.,..,,,, literally blushes,,,, cries when smth is 2 cute… takes 3 hrs to write any reply more than 2 sentences if smth rlly sweet is happening…. 50 shades of axol’s face is hella red..

me: chooses an incredibly sappy / romantic sad boi from an otome game as my muse ?? ?? ? ?



1. if at the end of an ok cupid date i was like, “look i don’t see any romantic future for us but you’re attractive and your personality doesn’t turn my stomach, can we make out against a wall for a while so i can take extensive notes for writing purposes” what are the odds that he’d actually believe me

2. would it matter if he didn’t believe me? related: if he didn’t believe me, what are the odds he’d still be down with it?

3. given that i would in fact be 100% telling the truth, would it too badly offend my sensibilities to make out with someone who didn’t believe me but was still down with it?

4. …imagine your otp

decided to finally stop being scared and actually contribute to the fandom

have a champion of Ianite

(sorry about the quality my phone’s camera sucks)