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In what way Devil and King Dice have Bendy?

I’m not the best to ask this to since it was @curious-shadow-cat that created this au. 

Buut, I can only speculate it could have went like this

( p.s. he followed a diy to create Bendy )

SPOILERS (I guess)

what if, when they’re selected to be part of the Chinese Glory Team and all this professionnal high-class stuff, Ye Xiu just looks at Zhang Xinjie and tells him “we don’t need a cleric”?


The roles of each characters are probably not definitive, I would make soe changes at the end. Maybe put Asgore with Toriel as Heart King instead of Sans … but which is their jack then ? And what about diamonds king ?

Argh I don’t know yet but if you are any suggestions, I’ll take it !

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that king's maker thing looks good. please tell me more

it’s on lezhin (the manga/comic website) and it’s still updating and it’s……so good. basically blonde guy is a lost and newly found prince and black haired guy teaches the blonde street rat how to be royalty and blonde guy is like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT and black haired boy is like HMM I’M INTRIGUED BUT UR DAD OWNS ME SO HEY MAYBE YOU CAN BECOME KING AND FREE ME THANKS

it’s so good and like it’s completely plot driven. the latest chapter was the first time anything remotely romantic happened (which is what i like so LOL)

the only problem is, because it’s only on lezhin, you gotta pay for it :/ but it’s w o r t h i t


“The Queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen.”


Yuuup, we already went over that other backstory stuff.

SCM: The Royal Red Myth Ch. 6

Pairing: King X MC
Mostly romance, some angst and drama later in the series
MC’s Name:
Word Count:
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Hey guys! Heather (smile-smile-ichthys) finished her wonderful SCM fic, The Journey of a Goddess, today, so you should definitely check it out by clicking here for her masterpost!! Some of the ideas in this fic are inspired from her story, so go read it ;)

Also, I’m not superrr thrilled with this chapter but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it T_T I’m trying to get them to get to know each other better, but small talk is not my forte… and I’m scared about making the King OOC! Wahh :( Well, I hope you guys like it anyway~

OH! IMPORTANT QUESTION: Should the King have a name?? If so, any suggestions?


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  • Colourless King: Now, after years of waiting, I'm going to defeat you, and then I will kill all the kings!
  • Gold King: Why would you want to do that?
  • Colourless King: What?
  • Gold King: What's the point in killing the kings? What do you gain from it?
  • Colourless King: I... don't understand the question.
  • Gold King: Look, you must have a reason for wanting to kill the kings. Otherwise this whole season was just pointless bickering.
  • Colourless King: Of course I have a reason!
  • Gold King: Great! Do you feel like sharing it with the class?
  • Colourless King: No. It's a secret!

I’m… I’m sorry, Wiggles.


HOW DID THOSE HAPPEN?! i’m not sure why you felt the need to give sombra a pair of new … assets but i don’t hate it

Also CT’s expression is perfect, ahahaha. THANK YOU