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the years when andrew & neil are on seperate teams: one night they have games really close to eachother, andrew drives to neils hotel to pick him up they go get some fast food & drive to an empty parking lot overlooking a beach. they eat in silence & hold hands. then they share some kisses & take a nap holding hands. then andrew drops neil off at his hotel (a goodbye kiss bc why not) & they part with the anticipation of the next game they'll be in proximity of each other in a month :(

Ahh! I am so happy right now!! Thank you!! I love this!! Okay, I’m not ready to move on from this, so I’m going to try that thing where people write bullet points that are like plot points because a) creativity is fun, and b) if I try to write this like actual fic it won’t be done for like a month. And what have I done? This is so incredibly long. I got slightly carried away.

  • Neil arrives in town first. His game is close enough that the team drives, but only barely, and it’s in the opposite direction of Andrew.
  • Also, Andrew’s game is even farther in that opposite direction.
  • So, yeah, Andrew’s going to have to fly, unless he wants to spend the entire day driving to his game.
  • (He would definitely prefer that.)
  • (Actually, he’d prefer to skip the game all together.)
  • Of course, no one except Neil knows that Andrew doesn’t like flying, and no one’s going to find out.
  • The airfare is covered, and Andrew’s coach is like, “Don’t you dare miss this flight, Minyard.”
  • (Andrew has possibly missed flights before.)
  • (Andrew is not going to miss this flight; at least this flight is going to take him to Neil.)

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