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Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

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This little old lady came to my register and gave me her business card and usually I don't pay attention to this kind of stuff but this time around it was worth the attention. She sells a pretty intense form of pepper spray and tasers. They also come in versions where it looks like a flashlight (but can also be used as a flashlight). Her business is called Damsel in Defense (which is brilliant btw). I'm pretty sure you can order from online... Hope this helps those who might need it.

so... I’ve turned off anon

Within the span of an hour I received 12 (TWELVE!) anons about the preview. All expressing some sort of concern about Olicity reuniting in this season. Disregarding anything I’ve posted about it previously. I answered this question. Repeatedly. 

I don’t know what else you guys need me to do. 

I’ve said this so many times I feel like a broken record, but here goes. One more time for the books. The show doesn’t concern me. The narrative paints a clear picture. The interviews don’t worry me. They’re constructed to make us doubt and wonder (and they do a good job with some of you). Getting piled with twelve anons in an hour all asking the same question (more or less), however, makes me wonder what I’m even doing here. 

No one listens to what I say. They want me to answer their specific question, even if I’ve answered so many others that are worded rather similarly. My previous ”yes, I believe they reunite in s5″ response is constantly called into question.

“What about now?”

“Do you still think this?”

“How about now?”

Yes, I still do. No amount of anons in my inbox is going to make me think otherwise. However, the constant barrage does steal what enjoyment I’m getting out of this. I can’t sit and go “yes, it’s all finally happening” without someone in my ear “do you still think they reunite??”

I understand some of you need more reassurance. Believe me, I got the memo. And I don’t want to belittle that need. I understand why people are worried. What I do not understand is why no one takes me at my word. Why I am continually asked this same question over and over and over and over? Can’t you read my blog, look at my previous responses and say, “okay, I guess she still believes”? 

I’m gonna guess the answer is no so I’m turning off anon. I just want to enjoy these last two eps. I’ve been patient and waited a long time for them. 

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Okay apparently, Taylor has been looking for a house in Chelsea to be "closer to Joe" Girl..... chill. Go back to "being single" I can't with her anymore

im tired everything is so much with her taylor honey chill

legit tho, I do understand the frustration people have when their original work doesn’t get noticed.  i feel the same, despite not putting much of my original work out in the internet in the first place (I’m nervous about sharing things before they’re at a certain level but i digress)

but what annoys me is when people just…constantly complain about how no one pays attention to their original work and only looks at their fanwork?

my question is….what were you expecting?

We all know why we’re here for fanwork first.  It’s because we already have an emotional connection to those characters, and most of the time, we’re already specifically looking for content related to those characters.  It’s easy.  It’s relaxing.  We know the characters, we know the plots and settings, and it’s just a nice way to unwind with things we already know we love.  There’s less mental work that has to be done because don’t have to reintroduce ourselves to anything, it’s just…it’s a safe space.  It’s a comfort zone.

Original work?  That’s harder.  Of course it has to happen sometime before you can go looking for fanwork, of course you got into something original before you got into the fanbase, but once you find a comfort zone, it’s easy to stay there where you’re already having fun and you already know what you like.  Getting to know someone else’s original stuff when you’re already online for the fan stuff is extra work during a time where you’re really just here to relax.

So yeah, it sucks that original work doesn’t get as much attention.  But if you get into making original stuff, you have to understand that it’s an uphill battle and you have to be willing to put that effort in.  No one owes you anything, much less their attention.  Just because you make something doesn’t mean the world owes it to you to give you the attention you want.

Original work is work.  Not to say that fanwork isn’t work either, but to act like the two are interchangeable is flawed and is setting you up for disappointment.  You want your original work to be noticed?  You have to work for it, you have to work as hard as those people who made the stuff that gets fanwork already worked.  Sitting around and bitching about how no one looks at your original work is nothing more than self pity and entitlement.

You want attention?  Put your nose to the grindstone and make your thing something that people make fanwork for.  It’s not going to be easy, and if you thought it was going to be easy, you’re in the wrong line of work.


First of all, thanks to dawnthecreator who inspired me. I’ve always wanted to create some candy in The Sims 4 (since i don’t have ts3) but i never saw someone doing it :)

@kahasan  I’m sorry for Kahamiya’s outfit, i didn’t find anything that looks like her casual outfit (the one you edited). I know it’s not as pretty and mesmerizing than your art commissions, but i’m not an artist and that’s the best i can do so far lmao. I hope you’ll still enjoy these blurred screenshots :’)

Credits : Kahamiya’s jumper by Margeh-75 ; Kahamiya’s hair by toksik ; Beanie by Younzoey and recolored by maimouth ; baby hair by mimilky ; poses by helgatisha, eslanes and simtrovart

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I had Gay feelings today. Girl 1 and girl 2 were walking by me and girl 2 said "hey girl" to get my attention and she pointed to girl 1 saying "she's a lesbian." Girl 1 said "don't pay any attention to her, but you're pretty though" and she didn't disagree with being called a lesbian and I????? I was so happy??? For the rest of the day???? Im gay

thats gay,,,, also how do i get a lesbian to tell me im pretty,,,, you have been Blessed you are so lucky anon

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Dear Miru, why is there a lack of fem!SwissAus on the Internet? Thank you, oh goddess of goats and adorable ships.

My dear child I do not know, I guess it has to do with Switzy not having an official nyo!design and the alignment of the stars or some obscure BS like that.


I will gladly accept the title of Goddess of the Goats. Bring forth my golden goat waggon and let me ride into the sunset.


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Who is most likely to date a puppy like girl ( I hope it doesn't sound weird hehe)? I mean in ways like, she's always excited to see them and clings to them a lot, she always wants their attention and whines if they don't pay her attention and she always thinks about them, gets confused easily and lost. I hope my words made sense to you hehee

Okay, most to least likely to date a puppy-like girl, here we go! <3










(This is my opinion)

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5/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; kim hyojung.

“sometimes i wish i could tell the person [commenting on the internet] how mad i am at their comment. they post their words with ease, but they can cause a great scar. they can make someone get plastic surgery. i wish people would think about it first.”


Oh man, I ended up having WAY too much fun drawing this! XD This was a quick little art trade I did for Artistic-girl. I hope you like it! 0u0

Despite the fact that I can’t draw girls, Lord Dominator was REALLY fun to draw, even if it took some getting use to. Lord Hater is the best! I had a blast figuring out how to draw that mug of his. >u<