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Five Aesthetics

1) Old Men in tweed Jackets, Ancient stones from ancient ruins carved with dead runes speaking of even older civilizations, dust motes reflecting in the sunlight streaming through the tall windows of university libraries, Vintage photographs of men with handlebar mustashes sitting beside tired hunting dogs.

2) Panther-like strides down wet streets, the enigma held in pale green eyes, ornate silver daggers against black velvet, the rich smell of sweet inscense.

3) Missing an old friend, Sunrise gilding the frost on windowpanes, sittings in silence next to someone you love, tall clouds rolling across a summer sky, the loyalty of an old hound, warm hugs.

4) The pent up energy in a Michelangelo painting, a fox slinking across the road, Amber reflecting firelight, white silk handkerchiefs, the sweet bite of exotic spices in the air, a scarf blowing in the wind.

5) The quiet of fresh snowfall, dark trusting eyes, padding around the house wearing a quilt and drinking tea, sad pasts and bittersweet memories, being startled by the wind and laughing at yourself for it, porcelain figurines.