don't need no stupid boys

You’re not worth the tears I shed over you.
—  personal thoughts (via faundroyant)
me re -watching merlin
  • Merlin 1x01: arthur is a royal pain in my ass omg i do not care if he dies, i will even help kill him!!! lol
  • Arthur 1x01: merlin is so stupid omg he is the worst i don't need a servant boy father pls
  • Merlin 1x02: omg valiant is going to kill arthur!!!1!1 i have to save him or he'll die.
  • Arthur 1x02: father i trust merlin with everything even if it means defying a fellow knight on the word of my servant boy
  • Merlin 1x04: arthur no omg do not drink from that cup beynard gave you, it is poison, i will drink it and nearly die for you!!!
  • Arthur 1x04: merlin's life is not worthless father and i will make a super dangerous and long journey to find the cure for merlin's recovery whether you like it or not!!!
  • Me: that went from 0 to hella gay real fast

Young Jared Padalecki  [ and his adorable dimples (◡‿◡✿) ] in The Ring of Endless Lights - Part 3 


They’re humans, treat them like one. They’re living humans who are breathing and alive as you read this. Please understand that they are not toys. They deserve so much more than what most of the fandom is giving them. They don’t need the bullshit you guys give them.