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Humans Are Weird

It is well established among all sentient species that Humans are Weird. Exceptional Humans, however, make the regular humans seem almost tame in comparison.
Yatrov was to show the newest crew member- another Human- “the ropes”, as Human Jenny phrased it.
Upon arriving, however, the newest Human barely spared xir even a glance, which was odd, seeing how Humans prize interaction above all else. Shrugging it off, xe delicately held out a clawed hand to engage in the Human positive-meeting greeting, a “hand-shake” it was aptly named. “I am known as Yatrov, in Human Common tongue. I am sorry to say that I was unable to read your file report, and am thus left without your name. What is it you wish to be called?” Yatrov was genuinely sorry; the ship was in dire need of repairs, and this Human was coming to help.
Instead of taking the proffered hand, the human’s brown eyes stared into xi’s own violet. “I am Giovanni. And you are approximately 7 minutes late. I do not fault you for your tardiness, your job is a busy one, so your apologies are void. I do not need to see the entirety of this ship, I only require the engine room. Take me there and I will begin repairs immediately. Social niceties and other such meaningless things can be done at a later date, if done they must be at all.”
Yatrov felt somewhat slighted; xe’s species did not greet with touch, but it was seen as an insult- a social misdemeanor- to deny the shaking of hands. Attributing it to the Human having been under circumstances that made him “cranky” and to the fact that the Human was excited to work- humans forgot norms when excited, xe had found- Yatrov continued to try to create a pack-bond with this Human, “I have heard many great things about you.”
“Truly?” The Human considered this for a moment, head tilting, “I am merely faster than most, mentally. A marathoner or racer is not spoken of in as high-esteem as those with quick mental facilities are, are they?” The Human was speaking out loud, xe found this practice odd and ignored it. “What exactly have you heard?” The Human tapped their legs with their fingers, adopting a rhythm unknown to xir, and hummed. 
Arrogance or curiosity? “Admittedly, not much has been told. I know that you have several thesis papers, have repaired and improved upon numerous ships, and that you were good enough that our captain was surprised that you even bothered to consider joining our crew.”
“Huh.” And that was that. Giovanni did not speak after that, made no effort to communicate. Giovanni did not try to obtain physical contact. Giovanni remained aloof with even Human crewmates long after he had joined. He also remained fidgety, seemingly unable to keep still, unless it was to engage in a staring contest with the resident cat- to keep the Humans from adopting a weird, deadly creature- or to continue his single-minded work with machinery.
Three weeks after he had joined, the ship was attacked. Vernians boarded the ship, using their many appendages to apprehend multiple members of The Highlight- the ship- at once. No one knew where Giovanni was, and no one would have been surprised if he had left to save his own hide.
Which was precisely why everyone, who were all bound and trying to negotiate with what was essentially pirates, was surprised when Giovanni came around the corner, a knocked out Vernian held under gun point.
Guns pointed at him, Vernians shifted to attack him. “What you need to know: firstly, I have hacked into your language processors. All Vernae will sound like gibberish.” He paused, then grinned ferally. “Try”, he dared.
“Kir-ah?!” They did, and did not seem pleased with the results.
“Back! Restore!” the voices of Vernians screeched, their language translators on the fritz. 
“Secondly,” he paused, “I will shoot your friend if you do not release my own.” When an uproar of shouting started again, he blandly stated, “Blank point will be quite messy, won’t it?” He hummed, as though in thought, though his eyes trailed after every movement the Vernians made.
A smaller one, likely emotionally closer to the Vernian Giovanni was holding captive,  pounced.
ZZZZZT-PA! The Vernian howled, two of its 11 “arms” gone. “My threat is not idle.”
The room quieted, members of the Highlighter slowly being released.
“Thirdly.” His lips pursed, his nose tilted, sneer deadly, “Run, and pray that I never see you again!” He shot a wall, and they scattered, leaving the crew of The Highlighter mostly unscathed.
It was hours later, after the chaos was settled and the ship fixed up again, that Yatrov approached Giovanni.
“Why did you save us?”
Giovanni scrunched his thick eyebrows together, “Why ever would I not?”
“You make no attempt to communicate with us.” Yatrov insisted, trying to discover the reason Giovanni would do something without some sort of gain.
“Oh, that.” He dismissively waved his hand, his face again lax and bored. “I do not see the point in wasting words. I enjoy the presence of the crew, and- while I see no point in engaging in it- their idle chatter is amusing to listen to.” He raised an eyebrow, “Why do you ask?”
“The crew operated under the belief that you disliked us.” Yatrov felt a small bit of shame; clearly, Yatrov had been wrong to assume that all Humans were so similar.
“I-” He looked hurt, eyes filling with water- tears, they were called, and Yatrov knew that this was not a good sign. His lips twitched, his words near whispered, “Did you not consider me a friend? I thought we were.” He had begun nervously threading his fingers, humming lightly.
“I thought you disliked me.” Yatrov’s admission only increased xir’s guilt, and the slight tremors of the Humans smaller body.
“I made you and the others a new computer.” Giovanni’s eyes searched Yatrov’s one, and again found no solace. A computer did not equate to friendship. “I *made* you and the others a new computer.” The emphasis hit Yatrov. Why would one handmake something if the person receiving it did not matter to them.
“I am sorry.” Yatrov paused, xe had seen it in a Human film once, maybe…? “Can we start over?” A small nod eased Yatrov’s mind and reaffirmed xir’s decision. “I am the one known as Yatrov, and I enjoy reading: fiction, typically.” Xe did not hold out his hand, but stared Giovanni right in the eye.
The smirk on Giovanni’s face told xir that the actions- or lack there of- was not missed. “I am known as Giovanni.” He held out his hand, looking smug and slightly proud of remembering this, as their hands clasped, he said, “I enjoy sandwhiches, science, and conversations on how realistic or achievable a work of fiction can be. It will be a pleasure to work with you.”

Humans were odd, but exceptional Humans lived by a very different set of rules. Intelligence changed their perceptions. Yatrov knew, from personal experience, that they were still Human, still fantastic and horrifying, at their core. Yatrov put down the book xe was reading, looking up to watch Giovanni’s animated expressions as he ranted about machinery. Yes, truly, Humans are Weird.

(Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes, my hand has been cramping up lately and it is hard to write at the moment. And I should not be writing sci-fi, because it is NOT my forte, but I had a plot-bunny and felt the need to attempt it. This is basically a shortened version of what I wanted to write, skipping over much of what I actually wanted to put down. Feel free to take the general idea and write something better XD )

Today I realized I couldn’t remember your birthday or favorite movie or even your favorite color and can’t possibly describe how relived I felt.
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I was going through ToA comment section on Amazon and I found these masterpieces. *strong sarcasm*. I’m sorry for this post but I really need to defend Rick Riordan.

First of all… ruin Nico?! Man, Nico has been gay and sassy since the day Rick created him and you can’t tell me otherwise. Also a huge part of his character development is based on Nico dealing with who he his, speaking of his father, Bianca’s death and his feelings for Percy. He learn that he has friends who loves him.  
I’ll talk a lot about the second pic so let’s start  
“I can maybe understand Rick wanting to appeal to that crow but I don’t think it needs to be so heavily addressed in a children’s book”  
It’s not “wanting to appeal” it’ representation and YES it needs to be addressed in children’s books. Kids need to know that it’s OK to be LGBTQ+, that they are not broken or sick, that they are loved. There are many queer kids in the world and they need representation as well as hetero, white, black, Oriental, Latino and Muslims kids.  
“In the previous novels the exact same characters NEVER gave any indication of being homosexual or bisexual in any way”  
  (I assume s/he’s talking about Nico and Apollo)  
Nico is forced to came out by Cupid, he wasn’t ready, he was still dealing with his sexuality. Nico isn’t the stereotypical homosexual boy and probably this person thinks that gays wear tight clothes and strange bright colors and are feminine in their moves. Yes, he never gave any indication of being homosexual but he never gave any indication of being heterosexual, people just assumed it. People always assume that you are heterosexual because it’s “normal” and if you are queer you have to come out.
This person also wrote that s/he really like mythology but s/he doesn’t know that in the myth of Hyacinthus it’s clear that Apollo is in love with him. Also in Ancient Greece a lot of warriors had a male lover, it was no big deal if they had also a family and sons. 

So please, please, don’t say bullshit.
(I’m sorry for my horrible English but it’s not my first language)


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💖Happy Valentine’s Day to all the single girls and guys out there. Look after yourself, buy yourself a box of chocolates, share a bottle of wine with your fiends (or by yourself) and remember you do not need a partner to be considered complete. You are 100% perfect all by yourself 💖

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“You should really get outside once in a while, freaks!” One of the very rude bikers called towards you and your husband, Edward. You two were out with Alice as Jasper, exploring and shopping around in the city. You instantly glared at the man as Alice’s usually happy expression dropped to a frown. Jasper placed a hand on her back while Edward did the same to you. However while Alice was sad you were simply angry.

“Yeah! I don’t think you’ve seen the sun in years, you’ll fry up in a second,” Another man yelled. Edward moved to grasp your wrist, his lips moving down to your ear.

“Baby, calm down okay, I can deal with them,” He whispered into your ear. However you were far past calm. Instead you shook off his wrist and stormed over to the men.

Edward’s expression broke into a smile as he watched his baby kick the crap out of the two extremely rude men, scaring the rest. As you walked back over Edward chuckled, kissing your temple, “That’s my badass baby girl.”


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"go to the bathroom before each episode. extra underwear for sure. 
maybe a strong drink. you know, orange juice.
buckle down 'cause it's gonna get crazier and crazier each episode."
Dormiveglia-Josh Dun

Josh’s POV

T- Hey man please answer

J- Whatsup

T- I need some help

J- With what, somthin wrong??

T- There’s something wrong with y/n

J- She’s at ur place??

T- Yeah

J- on my way

Once y/n was mentioned I had immediately jumped to my feet. What could be wrong? She couldn’t possibly be in trouble, I would never forgive myself. I love her. Of course she doesn’t know that, only Tyler does. And he never misses a chance to tease me about it. Y/n, Ty, and I have been best friends forever, and not till recently have I noticed just how great she really is. The problem is she doesn’t want a boyfriend, never has, never will, or that’s how she put it. She said she never wants to waist her time with ‘love’, because it’s not real, just something to sell. As in promotion for Valentine’s Day, cute little gifts, and coupley things. But when I look at her, I know she’s wrong, the amazing feeling in my stomach alerts me to such. Also I know for a fact she would never want me, she’s always thought of me as a good friend, nothing more.

I finally reached Tyler and his wife’s shared apartment, running up the stairs as fast as I could. I was about to knock on the door when it swung open, Tyler standing there.

“Hey man, thank god you’re here.” I walked into his place, he looked very worried.

“What happened, what’s wrong with her? What, is she hurt?”

“No, no, no I don’t think so. But she locked herself in the bathroom, yelling nonsense. She sounds… scared. Extremely. At one point she just started screaming. It terrified me, Josh, I’ve never heard her scream like that, anybody outside of a horror film that is. I just, I thought maybe you could calm her down.” I hated hearing this, what was wrong wit- my thoughts were cut off by yelling coming from down the hall, the bathroom to be exact. It wasn’t just a scream though. There were words, but they were hard to make out. Something about ‘this is isn’t real’ and ‘they’re gonna kill’ and ‘help me’ the last one crystal clear.

 I jogged down to the door, Tyler stayed in the living room as to not trigger any unwanted reactions. I softly knocked on the door.

“Y/n? Hey, are you in there?” The ranting stopped for a second, sniffling could be heard in the short-lived silence.

“Go away! You’re not real! Go away!” She shouted at the top of her lungs, at a point where it was guaranteed her voice would be sore.

“What do you mean? Of course I’m real, right here on the other side of this door. How about you let me in and we’ll talk about this?” I tried to stay calm, although my heart was beating a million miles an hour.

“No! You’re not real! I’m still sleeping! I’m still sleeping…” The last part she said to herself in a softer voice. What did she mean she’s still sleeping? Sh- She thinks she’s dreaming…?

“Y/n! You’re not sleeping, I promise you you’re not. And… and I’ll prove it to you! Just let me in.”

“Why should I?!” She screamed unnecessarily back. The door still locked.

“Because it’s me! It’s me Josh! One of your best friends, I’m always there for you, you know that. I would never hurt you! So let me just prove it to you, prove that your awake! Because it’s me, and I’d never lie to you.”


And after a moment, very slowly, the knob clicked, and the door creaked open about an inch. I peeked my head in before fully coming in. She sat in the tub, water off, so scrunched up her head was practically in between her legs, out of the corner of her eye she was staring at me. She had been crying.

I walked in, shutting the door behind me cautiously, and made my way to the tub. I got in, y/n not moving an inch, her eyes following me. We were sitting facing each other, y/n still had her head on her legs, arms around them, I sat in the same position, but looking at her. Our knees grazing each other’s.

“Y/n.” I ventured.

“I’m sleeping. This isn’t real. I’m still sleeping.” She chanted to herself, not moving. I put my hand on her knee, she flinched, her eyes darting back to mine. “No. This isn’t real. It can’t be.” When I looked at her I realized all I saw in her face was fear. She was terrified.

“Y/n.” I started looking her straight in the eyes, “This, all this,” I continued gesturing between us, “is all real, you’re not sleeping. You’re awake. This is real.” A tear rolled down her cheek as she choked down a sob. Her body started to shake slightly, as more tears rolled down her face. I couldn’t stand to see her like this. “Max. Max look at me… What happened?” It looked as if she had finally accepted it as she looked down and back up me, leaning in slightly.

“I-I… uh, I thought it maybe was Dormiveglia. I thought maybe what happened was just a dream.” She said her eyes flicking between me and her hands that rested in her lap. I had no Idea what that word meant.

“I, I don’t know what that is, but uh, what happened?” I moved my hands to meet hers in her lap, she looked up at me.

“Uh, well-” her voice cracked, “I got a c-call. It, it was from a police officer.” Oh no. “He-he said my sister uh, he said she was in an accident,” now tears flowed freely down her face, “he, he said she didn’t, didn’t make I-” I stopped her pulling her into a tight tug, she broke out into a full blown sob. She held me as if she was holding onto dear life. I could feel her tears wetting my shirt. I hated seeing her so miserable, how could this happen? “J-Josh?” She croaked.


“I… my, my sister is uh, gone. I-I…”

“Hey, hey you don’t have to talk about it.” I tried to assure her. Still holding her firmly.

“No, I, I need to say this.” She paused, “My sister’s gone, she… she’s never coming back, I know this. But I feel so much guilt. And… and regret…. Regret for not having have talked to her in months… years even. I-I don’t even remember the last time I told her I loved her. So-so now, now I’m saying this, in case… in case in the future I’m not able to… Josh, I love you.” I pulled away just enough to see her eyes. She was serious, extremely sad, miserable even, but she had this look, this look of… hope?

“I love you too.” It came out almost a whisper, but she heard it, I know she did. We both leaned in closer, meeting in a sweet and slow and passionate kiss, it was perfect. I could taste some of her tears, and she tasted slightly coppery. I knew it must’ve been from biting her lip, it was something she did when she was nervous, a thing that made me fall in love with her even more. And despite all these things happening, in this moment, in this moment we were perfect. We were perfect.

“So,” I started once we pulled away, our foreheads on each other’s, faces close, “What does Dormiveglia mean?” She smiled the best she could at this.

“The space that stretches between sleeping and waking.”

-A Writer Trying Something New


When I find myself in times of trouble, RDJ speaks to me.

Speaking words of shipping, let it be.

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So I finally finished cleaning this up after however many months, and I’m pretty happy with the result!

Also, if I were to sell these as stickers and/or acrylic charms once I’m able to open a shop, how interested would you guys be?