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Humans Are Weird

It is well established among all sentient species that Humans are Weird. Exceptional Humans, however, make the regular humans seem almost tame in comparison.
Yatrov was to show the newest crew member- another Human- “the ropes”, as Human Jenny phrased it.
Upon arriving, however, the newest Human barely spared xir even a glance, which was odd, seeing how Humans prize interaction above all else. Shrugging it off, xe delicately held out a clawed hand to engage in the Human positive-meeting greeting, a “hand-shake” it was aptly named. “I am known as Yatrov, in Human Common tongue. I am sorry to say that I was unable to read your file report, and am thus left without your name. What is it you wish to be called?” Yatrov was genuinely sorry; the ship was in dire need of repairs, and this Human was coming to help.
Instead of taking the proffered hand, the human’s brown eyes stared into xi’s own violet. “I am Giovanni. And you are approximately 7 minutes late. I do not fault you for your tardiness, your job is a busy one, so your apologies are void. I do not need to see the entirety of this ship, I only require the engine room. Take me there and I will begin repairs immediately. Social niceties and other such meaningless things can be done at a later date, if done they must be at all.”
Yatrov felt somewhat slighted; xe’s species did not greet with touch, but it was seen as an insult- a social misdemeanor- to deny the shaking of hands. Attributing it to the Human having been under circumstances that made him “cranky” and to the fact that the Human was excited to work- humans forgot norms when excited, xe had found- Yatrov continued to try to create a pack-bond with this Human, “I have heard many great things about you.”
“Truly?” The Human considered this for a moment, head tilting, “I am merely faster than most, mentally. A marathoner or racer is not spoken of in as high-esteem as those with quick mental facilities are, are they?” The Human was speaking out loud, xe found this practice odd and ignored it. “What exactly have you heard?” The Human tapped their legs with their fingers, adopting a rhythm unknown to xir, and hummed. 
Arrogance or curiosity? “Admittedly, not much has been told. I know that you have several thesis papers, have repaired and improved upon numerous ships, and that you were good enough that our captain was surprised that you even bothered to consider joining our crew.”
“Huh.” And that was that. Giovanni did not speak after that, made no effort to communicate. Giovanni did not try to obtain physical contact. Giovanni remained aloof with even Human crewmates long after he had joined. He also remained fidgety, seemingly unable to keep still, unless it was to engage in a staring contest with the resident cat- to keep the Humans from adopting a weird, deadly creature- or to continue his single-minded work with machinery.
Three weeks after he had joined, the ship was attacked. Vernians boarded the ship, using their many appendages to apprehend multiple members of The Highlight- the ship- at once. No one knew where Giovanni was, and no one would have been surprised if he had left to save his own hide.
Which was precisely why everyone, who were all bound and trying to negotiate with what was essentially pirates, was surprised when Giovanni came around the corner, a knocked out Vernian held under gun point.
Guns pointed at him, Vernians shifted to attack him. “What you need to know: firstly, I have hacked into your language processors. All Vernae will sound like gibberish.” He paused, then grinned ferally. “Try”, he dared.
“Kir-ah?!” They did, and did not seem pleased with the results.
“Back! Restore!” the voices of Vernians screeched, their language translators on the fritz. 
“Secondly,” he paused, “I will shoot your friend if you do not release my own.” When an uproar of shouting started again, he blandly stated, “Blank point will be quite messy, won’t it?” He hummed, as though in thought, though his eyes trailed after every movement the Vernians made.
A smaller one, likely emotionally closer to the Vernian Giovanni was holding captive,  pounced.
ZZZZZT-PA! The Vernian howled, two of its 11 “arms” gone. “My threat is not idle.”
The room quieted, members of the Highlighter slowly being released.
“Thirdly.” His lips pursed, his nose tilted, sneer deadly, “Run, and pray that I never see you again!” He shot a wall, and they scattered, leaving the crew of The Highlighter mostly unscathed.
It was hours later, after the chaos was settled and the ship fixed up again, that Yatrov approached Giovanni.
“Why did you save us?”
Giovanni scrunched his thick eyebrows together, “Why ever would I not?”
“You make no attempt to communicate with us.” Yatrov insisted, trying to discover the reason Giovanni would do something without some sort of gain.
“Oh, that.” He dismissively waved his hand, his face again lax and bored. “I do not see the point in wasting words. I enjoy the presence of the crew, and- while I see no point in engaging in it- their idle chatter is amusing to listen to.” He raised an eyebrow, “Why do you ask?”
“The crew operated under the belief that you disliked us.” Yatrov felt a small bit of shame; clearly, Yatrov had been wrong to assume that all Humans were so similar.
“I-” He looked hurt, eyes filling with water- tears, they were called, and Yatrov knew that this was not a good sign. His lips twitched, his words near whispered, “Did you not consider me a friend? I thought we were.” He had begun nervously threading his fingers, humming lightly.
“I thought you disliked me.” Yatrov’s admission only increased xir’s guilt, and the slight tremors of the Humans smaller body.
“I made you and the others a new computer.” Giovanni’s eyes searched Yatrov’s one, and again found no solace. A computer did not equate to friendship. “I *made* you and the others a new computer.” The emphasis hit Yatrov. Why would one handmake something if the person receiving it did not matter to them.
“I am sorry.” Yatrov paused, xe had seen it in a Human film once, maybe…? “Can we start over?” A small nod eased Yatrov’s mind and reaffirmed xir’s decision. “I am the one known as Yatrov, and I enjoy reading: fiction, typically.” Xe did not hold out his hand, but stared Giovanni right in the eye.
The smirk on Giovanni’s face told xir that the actions- or lack there of- was not missed. “I am known as Giovanni.” He held out his hand, looking smug and slightly proud of remembering this, as their hands clasped, he said, “I enjoy sandwhiches, science, and conversations on how realistic or achievable a work of fiction can be. It will be a pleasure to work with you.”

Humans were odd, but exceptional Humans lived by a very different set of rules. Intelligence changed their perceptions. Yatrov knew, from personal experience, that they were still Human, still fantastic and horrifying, at their core. Yatrov put down the book xe was reading, looking up to watch Giovanni’s animated expressions as he ranted about machinery. Yes, truly, Humans are Weird.

(Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes, my hand has been cramping up lately and it is hard to write at the moment. And I should not be writing sci-fi, because it is NOT my forte, but I had a plot-bunny and felt the need to attempt it. This is basically a shortened version of what I wanted to write, skipping over much of what I actually wanted to put down. Feel free to take the general idea and write something better XD )

The Foxes as things my roommates have said
  • Renee: (when asked if she could beat us in a fight) Well I didn't want to brag but I could destroy all of you.
  • Kevin: I have training in the morning but that's for sober me to worry about.
  • Andrew: I only like two things in life: being gay and getting into fights. And I just got done being gay.
  • Aaron: I'm going to the library. If you see me there, please pretend you didn't.
  • Nicky: oh man you're heterosexual? what a shame. what a fucking shame.
  • Dan: My mom was artificially inseminated. I didn't need a man to be born and I don't need one now.
  • Matt: You guys are my friends and I love you but you're fucking idiots.
  • Neil: I'm starting to realize I didn't have a happy childhood. Should I, like, see a therapist or something?
  • Allison: I'd invite you to thanksgiving at my family's summer home in Vermont but I can't let you see me and my family wear matching polo shirts and khakis
  • Bonus from my RA:
  • David: I want you all to consider me a friend! But also remember that I can get you kicked out so don't pull any shit.
  • Abby: No need to call 911. I have some bandaids in my room and also some vodka but don't tell anyone about that.
  • Bee: You can talk to me at any time, day or night. But I know you won't, you emotionally stunted bastards.

Best and worst parts of a potential V route:


  • seeing this man smile
  • taking away some of his pain
  • encouraging him to trust and confide in his friends 
    • you can’t do it all on your own, v 
    • you don’t have to take everyone else’s burdens, v 
    • let us help you
  • more information about all the other characters
    • yoosung and his high school days 
    • pretty much anything about jumin since dude never shares the past
    • zen’s wilder teenage years 
    • more about jaehee, i don’t even care what, just gimmie 
    • more about rika and hopefully whatever the hell her real name is
    • seven and saeran and things about the choi bois that aren’t pure angst
    • driver kim and his favorite dad jokes 
      • v making dad jokes with him
  • new phone calls! 
    • v has the voice of an angel and i am ready to sin
  • new chat rooms!
  • new text messages!
  • new CGs! 
  • v getting his own emojis! 
  • learning about his childhood 
    • finally figuring out what happened to his mother 
  • talking about succulents and cacti and his love of desert plants
  • hearing why he named elizabeth the 3rd that
    • learning what other odd names he comes up with 
  • passionate rambling about photography 
  • seeing more of v’s photography!
  • if they include mint eye, actually learning about it 
  • why does he have 20 spoons in his house??? v, tell us your secrets 
  • watching v be a philosopher 
    • while jumin is a scientist 
    • their banter though
  • yoosung hopefully producing some hilarious rants about v 
    • and them making up and both finding peace
    • watching the rants stop being sad and funny and then just funny 
    • v please play along 
  •  more shitposting
    • oh boy 3 AM! 
  • v trolling the chats 
  • potential new ending where some people aren’t worse off than at the beginning 
    • yoosung and zen aren’t in the dark 
      • and yoosung isn’t idolizing rika anymore
    • jumin isn’t miserable and alone 
  • rika is held accountable for her actions 
    • the people she brainwashed and hurt get justice 
  • getting this man out of the horrifically abusive and toxic relationship he’s in
  • watching him heal
  • jihyun kim being happy 


  • those bad endings are going to be bad
    • who is up for sacrificing their soul and getting them first to spare the rest of us the pain?
    • y’know. like v does. 
  • watching v idealize rika and not see what their relationship is truly like
    • having to see more of what she’s put him through
    • the abuse is bad enough, don’t let it get worse 
  • v possibly making more mistakes
    • “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”
  • new information about other characters being depressing as hell
    • good that we know more about them
    • but how much more can my heart take?
  • watching yoosung and jumin Suffer™   
    • hello potential unrequited love, how are you today?
  • probably more things that the good parts override because this man being healthy and happy is so important!!
The Banquet

Ship: Draco Malfoy x Reader (do you honestly even expect anything else from me anymore? Lol)

Warnings: Cursing, sadness (don’t worry though it may have a happy ending. Maybe…)

–> NOT EDITED!!! <–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (may have many grammatical errors welp)

Hope you enjoy! =)

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          You sighed, looking at your reflection in the mirror. You hated these events. Your family, the Y/L/Ns where one of the most prestigious in all of England, being one of the sacred 28 families in the wizarding world in the country.

       Most of your family belonged to Slytherin. They had strict views on life. You remembered how upset your family had been when your older brother, Lysander, had been sorted into Gryffindor house. They hoped and prayed that you would turn out to be a Slytherin, as generations before you had. Yet, low and behold, almost seconds after the sorting hat was placed on your head, it cried out “ Gryffindor!”. Your family didn’t speak to you for weeks, but Lysander couldn’t have been more proud.

       Now you were entering your sixth year, and despite the horrid summer heat, your family was forcing you to go to another one of those dreaded parties.

     You grin slightly as you look at your reflection. You were always the quiet one in your family. You never spoke out, you never did anything that wasn’t expected of you, and you always, always played by the rules. However, that was not the case tonight.

    Any other party previous to this one, you arrived in a rather childish dress (always pink), with an uncanny amount of ruffles, your hair in a high ponytail and a sweet, innocent pink lipstick.

     But a few weeks ago, your sister Evangeline took you shopping in Diagon Alley (she needed new makeup, she could not walk into the Malfoy residence with puce colored lips!) and as you walked into the store, you immediately fell in love with a shade of scarlet. It looked so mesmerizing, you simply had to have it.

      You wore a black dress. It hugged your curves tightly, and just past your hips the skirt opened up, a high slit showing off you leg. The dress had a V-neck which reached just about the middle of your chest. You paired the lipstick with matching heels and you had borrowed one of Evangeline’s silver bracelets. You heard the door open and turned. Evangeline walked in. Her jaw dropped. You giggled a little.

“Oh my goodness, mother better clean up around here, because after tonight we’re going to have quite a few guests, if you catch my drift.” she said, walking over. She wore a black dress as well, but the skirt was tulle, and it was more of a ball gown. You turn pink. “It’s just missing something.” she whispered. She pressed her lips into a thin line, looking you up and down. “Oh, yes.” she said. With one swift motion, she pulled your hair down from it’s bun. She smiled.

“Evangeline, you know I don’t like to wear my hair down.” you say, glaring into her blue eyes. She shrugged.

“But look in the mirror.” she said. You huffed and looked in the mirror. You gasped a little to yourself. You looked like you, but…not you. It was a sexier, older version of you. “You are going to turn a lot of heads tonight. Now come on, Lysander, Mum and Dad are waiting in the town car.” she said. You nodded.


          You take a big, shaky breath as the Malfoy Manor came into view. “Honestly, I do wish we could have hosted the Banquet this year. The Malfoys, however, are very stubborn.” said your mother. “Shame.”

     You were honestly very, very nervous about this dinner. It was bad enough you’d be surrounded by “My, how you’ve grown!”. It was at the Malfoy’s.

        You and Malfoy had had a little…something the previous year. It was usually just skipping class to be in the broom closet. But you two did go to Hogsmeade once or twice. And to be honest, you loved it. But you didn’t know where you stood.

     Your town car joins the line waiting the enter the gates. Then, with a shaky, rather ear-splitting screech, the gates opened. The cars drove in, and one by one, the families inside them got out and entered the mansion. You were the last in the progression.

     Finally, your brother Lysander stepped out, offering you his hand. You smiled, taking it. “You should have seen mum’s face when you left the house.” he said.

“Really?” you hummed.

“Positively livid.”

“Explains why she won’t speak to me.” you whisper. He laughed.

“Ahh, my little Y/N. All grown up.”

“Not really.” you say. “I’m only sixteen.” He’s about to answer when the ballroom doors in front of you open, and you walk into the manor. You look around. Floating candles hang in the air. flowers sit circle the columns. Large, beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling. It was quite the change from the rest of the dark, cold manor. You smile. It looked like a scene out of a fairytale.

“Now, according to the invite, there will be an hour of pleasantries before the dinner officially begins, and then the rest of the evening will be spent here, in the ballroom.” said your mother, her voice dripping with distaste. Your brother grabs a glass of champagne from the servants floating around.

“I thought you’d wait at least a few minutes before your first drink.” Evangeline hissed.

“Well, look just by the bottom of the stairs. In a few minutes, when this horrid line comes to an end, we’ll have to be announced. And mum’s going to make a big deal, and well…just shut up, Gina.” he spat, tucking his chin length, caramel colored hair behind his ear, his dark eyes looking around in annoyance. Gina glares, but then grabs your hand.

“Well don’t fret, dear brother. No one cares about you. They’ll all be staring at Y/N, won’t they?”

“I hope.” he mumbled. You hear your mother huff, fanning herself with the invite.

“They weren’t even at the door. What kind of hosts don’t greet their guests?”

“Well there are lots of guests.” say your father. “That’s why they’ll be an hour of pleasantries. So they can meet everyone.” he said. Your mother huffed again, her annoyance obvious.

“I know, I’m not an idiot.” she said, narrowing her eyes at your father, who turned to you three and rolled his eyes. You giggled softly.

            Finally, it seemed to be your turn to enter the party. You take a deep breath. Your mother puts you all the in the order. Her and your father walking first in front, Then Evangeline and Lysander, and then you.

“The Y/L/Ns, number 28!” the announcer called. Your mother beamed and walked down the stairs. People turned to watch. Just as you were about to turn the corner to follow Lysander and Gina, your shoe came undone.

“Damn!” your cursed. By the time you fixed it, you were a few feet behind. You walked, turning the corner. Gina and Lysander stared at you with wide eyes at the bottom of the stairs. Your mother looked at you, livid. But as you walked down the steps, your heart pounded as chatter began to die down. You smile brightly. People gasped and whispered. For once in your life, you had the attention. For once in your life, you felt beautiful. You look around the crowd. 

     Just then, your Y/E/C eyes met a pair of stormy greys. You felt shivers race up and down your spine. He still had the power to make you weak. But not tonight. You did not look away. Your eye contact did not falter until you rejoined your parents and conversation started again. You would recognize those eyes anywhere. Those were the Malfoy eyes. Your mother began to fan herself again as you all made your way deeper into the ballroom. 

     “Y/N!” you heard. You turned towards the sound, smiling as an awkward blonde boy made his way over to you.

“Neville!” you say, wrapping your arms around your good friend. He smiled. “I must admit, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Yeah, me neither. Gran forced me.” he said. You laugh a little, turning pink as you saw heads turned in your direction. “You look…different.” he said. “I half expected you to show up in an oversized sweater, and perhaps some old sweatpants. You laugh.

“I know.” you say. “Have you seen the Weasleys?” you ask, looking around.

“Yeah, Bill’s over there, talking to your brother Lysander.” he said. “Ron is over by the food table, and Ginny is talking to Daphne Greengrass. But the rest, I have no clue.” he says. You nod.

“Thanks, Neville. I’m going over to Ron, want to come with?” you ask.

“No, Gran needs me. I’ll save myself the embarrassment of her having to call my name out in front of everyone here.” he said. You nod, giggling softly. You walk over to Ron, who was stuffing his face with bon-bons.

“Graceful.” you say. He turns and turns a bit pink when his eyes set on you. He then shrugs, swallowing down the enormous amount of candy.

“You look different.” he says. “At first I didn’t recognize you.” You shrug.

“Hmm.” is all you say. “Hey, have you heard anything from Harry?” you whisper. He shakes his head.

“School is in a few weeks. We can talk more then. For now, you never know who’s here.” he said. You nod, sighing. “Hey, Y/N?” he says. You look up at him.


“Draco Malfoy, heading over, two o’clock.” he says quietly, turning back to the table. Before you can turn around, you hear a chilling voice behind you.

“Haven’t you had enough, Weasel?” he hissed at Ron. You sighed, a pained look on your face. You feel his surprisingly warm hand brush up against yours. His pinky wrapped around you finger. You felt him watching you. That used to be your sign. You huff, biting the inside of your cheek before turning, your gaze on the floor as you followed him to wherever he was going.

     You two made your way to a set of doors and he sneakily opened them, leading you through them. You looked around. You were in a dark room, a library or study. The only light was the moonlight,which poured through large windows. Draco took out his wand and pointed to the fireplace, muttering something. The wood inside burst into flames. It crackled, and you walked over, hugging yourself.

He walked over. “You never responded to my letters.” he said coolly. You then felt a sense of confusion rise through you.

“I never got any letters.” you said, turning to face him. You gasped quietly. He was much closer than you thought, and your nose practically touches his. He looked at you, his gray eyes filled with confusion.

“But I sent many. At least, I don’t know, ten?” he said.

“I don’t know, Draco.” you whispered quietly. “But I…” you didn’t know what to say. You knew that it was never going to be more than a fling. You knew that. Yet the distance between you two pained you. Your eyes widened a little as you felt his long fingers brush against your neck, held against your chin as he angled your face up so your eyes met his.

“Just ask your question.” he said quietly.

“What…what are we?” you asked, a weight lifting off your shoulders.

“To be honest, I don’t know. But we are something, aren’t we?” he whispered.

“I think so.” you mumbled. Your eyes fluttered closed as he was about to lean in, but you stopped when a loud knocking on the door sounded. The music outside stopped.

“It’s dinner time.” he said quietly, running his thumb along your cheek. You sighed, not wanting to open your eyes. He took your hand in his, starting to walk. You opened your eyes in defeat as you leave the room stealthily. You two walked with the crowd, Draco holding your hand the whole way to the dining hall.

    The room felt more like you’d expect it too. Dark, a bit chilly. Candles with green flames hung in the air. Mountains of food sat on the table. Draco lead you to a seat and pulled out your chair. You sat down and he pushed it in, earning a few whispers and intent stares from both families. He sat next to you. Gina sat on the other side of you, her eyes widening as Draco’s hand found your thigh. You cleared your throat before scooching in your chair, hoping the tablecloth would mask his actions. He hid his smirk with his glass, taking a sip of pumpkin juice.

       Throughout the dinner, he would squeeze your thigh, at one point even sliding his hand under the slit of your skirt to feel your skin. You would try your best to hide your blush, but failed miserably. The table laughed as one of the older men told a joke. But you could barely focus on he joke. All you could feel was Malfoy’s hand on your thigh, his eyes watching over you.


        “Ah, yes, my Evangeline!” cried your mother, getting your attention. Evangeline was blushing, but smiling brightly. You then realize that the topic must have switched to Gina. “I’m so proud, honestly. Not many young adults her age get such high-ranking jobs. My little Gina, working for the Ministry…” your mother trailed on. You sighed softly, taking a sip of your water. 

“And what of Y/N?” asked an annoying, nasally voice. You turn and Pansy Parkinson was taking a sip of her drink, glaring at you mischievously as if she knew she was bringing up a touchy subject. You felt your stomach begin to fill up with dread. You noticed Malfoy looking at you, and he squeezed your hand this time.

“Well…we are proud of Y/N.” said your father shortly after a very awkward silence filled the room.

“Well, what has she done? Apart from her…little ‘meetings’ with a certain someone.” hissed Pansy. Your face turned bright red as heads turned to face you. You became more aware of Draco holding your hand, and others did too as they eyed them, watching the hands on the table as if they were a bomb about to explode.

You feel your mother’s glare. “Well, had we known about these rendezvous, we would have put an end to them immediately. Let’s leave it at that.” said your father. Lysander eyed you with pity. You hated that look.

“What, do you not want people to think she’s, well, a tramp? Gryffindor scum?” cried Pansy. Her parents looked down awkwardly, sipping their wine. Before you can stop him, Draco stands up quickly.

“You shut up right now, Parkinson, or I swear to merlin I will hex the shit-”

“Draco!” you hissed, tugging on his arm.

“Jeez, Draco, I’m just having a bit of fun. It’s not my fault you chose someone so sensitive and tainted as her. Does she know?” she said, narrowing her eyes. You looked up at Draco in confusion. You could see the panic in his eyes. Pansy stood up.

“Do I know what?” you say, a bit frightened. You can’t believe that none of the adults have put an end to it. You stare up at Draco. Neville and Ron look at each other, bloody murder in their eyes.

“Y/N, did you know that the entire time you two were, well, doing whatever it was you were doing, Draco and I were in a serious, committed relationship? Did you know that he told me often how he wanted to be a family man, how he hoped we’d be married someday, how you were just an irrelevant fling, you didn’t matter, that you were a good run in the broom closet every now and then-”

“Pansy, that is enough!” hissed her mother, smacking her arm. Pansy merely watched you, a sickening grin on her face. You looked up at Draco, tears in your eyes. He glared at Pansy viciously. If only looks could kill.

“Is it true?” you ask, your voice breaking. He looked down at you in pain.

“Y/N, I-”

You stand up before he can finish, the sound of your chair screeching interrupting his excuses. Pansy laughed as you ran. You didn’t care.

    For the first time in your life, you had felt beautiful. Sexy, even. You felt like you could own the world. You wished you were in front of your mirror again, looking at your reflection, your stomach twisting anxiously. Now it was gone. It was ruined. You stopped once you came into the middle of the ballroom, your sobs and pants echoing in the hall. You heard a commotion from the dining hall and the doors burst open. You didn’t dare look to see who was behind you. You kicked off your heels, running to the entrance hall and out the door. You heard heavy footsteps. It was a man.

      You pause as the cool night air hits your face. You pant, tears streaming down your face. Were you really that insignificant to him? Just something good to bang every now and then? You thought it was more than that. You hear him call your name and start to make your way down the steps. He catches up to you.

“Y/N, please.” he said.

“No.” you say, your voice breaking again. You turn to face him finally, your wet cheeks glowing in the moonlight. “No. You have no right to talk to me, Malfoy. I-I…” you pause for a moment. You turn away from him. You were not at fault. He and Pansy were at fault. What did you have to lose? “I am more than just an irrelevant fling. I do matter. I should be more to someone than just a good run in the broom closet. I-I don’t need you. I am fine on my own. I am fine on my own, and I can find someone who thinks that, too.” you said strongly, turning. You sigh. “It was good while it lasted.”

“No, Y/N, please. The only time I ever said any of those things was after the first time. When we were both drunk and angry at the world. I-I told Pansy those awful things to avoid hurting her. And then the second time happened. And it was perfect, and real, and…then I broke up with her. She’s saying those things to get to you, to ruin us and to push you down.” he said. You looked into his gray eyes.

“How do I know I can trust you?” you asked quietly. He took out his wand, muttered an “accio” spell and a few seconds later, what seems to be a stack of papers came floating through the doors. You looked at him in confusion.

“What…what are they?”

“Letters. The letters I never sent.” he said. He turned pink before handing them to you. You looked down at the elegant penmanship and sat down on the steps. You began reading them.

     Each one was extremely personal. It was as if Draco had put his heart on paper, as if you could see directly into his mind. You felt your cheeks heating up as you read the paragraphs about him missing you, how he longed to hold you tight and feel your lips on his. You put down the letters and looked at him. You handed them back. “Keep them.” he said softly. He took your hands in his. I know you don’t need me. I know that you’re fine on your own. But…Y/N, I love you. And I know I’m a cocky, arrogant, spoiled Slytherin prince, but I when I’m with you, I feel like you bring out the best in me. And words cannot describe how much I miss you. Please, please say you’ll give me a chance.” he said, his eyes filled with desperation. You hesitated, then looked down at the letters.

“Alright.” you said. You laughed as he wrapped you into a tight hug. You hugged him back, taking in his every feature. Your heart sang and you felt at home. You felt happy. “I love you.” you whispered.

“I love you too.” he said back. You opened your eyes as you heard music begin again.

“It seems the ball has started.” you said, pulling away.

“I’m not in the mood for dancing.” said Draco quietly. “How about we spend a quiet evening by the fire?” he suggested. “Like old times?”

“I’d like that.”

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terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.

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  • Ride: reggae-techno-emo-rap
  • Fairly local: that one high note. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Tear in my heart: the cutesy love song we all need TBH
  • Lane boy: remember when you thought the ode to sleep rap was hard? AHAHAHAHAHA
  • The judge: weird ass noise in the beginning + ukulele + freeeeEEEEEEEE
  • Doubt: k but the beginning part sound like cats meowing really fast
  • Polarize: low key makes it feel like you're in a rap video
  • We don't believe what on tv: JOSHHHHHHHHH + YEYEYE
  • Message man: chill af + dat bassline tho
  • Hometown: supercool alt-rock vibes
  • Not today: "this ones a contradiction because of how happy it sounds" LIKE ALL YOUR FUCKIN MUSIC?!?! THIS IS WHY IM SO EMOTIONALLY CONFUSED
  • Goner: I'm crying AGAIN + the tiNY BEAN IS SCREAMING AGAIN
Lost || p.p

Summary: In which a girl falls for a boy in the year above them.

Words: 979

Warning: sad…

Comments: Lol, so this may or may not be written about this H U G E crush I had on a guy a year older than me, pfffft, no, what??? This also might suck real bad… You’ve been warned, lmao


You found it quite strange how one boy could stay on your mind for so long.

The very sight of him brought a smile to your lips, eyes always flying to the boy with the beautiful eyes. He didn’t talk much, ear buds pressed against his ears, silently mouthing the words when he thought no one was watching. You found this mysterious boy so - so intriguing.

Because you soon realized that the quiet boy at the back of the bus was just the same in class. While his classmates were still crossing off numbers on the corner of their paper and scrambling for the formula that they just couldn’t remember, he’d be answering questions with such ease, voice soft and eyes down. You think you liked the way he was; how he was infinitely calm and soothing, the surface of who was only scratched with the little glances you shot him on a day to day basis.

He was the light of your day; the only reason you bothered to go to school - the reason you were excited to go to school.

Just to see him; the boy with the tousled hair and gentle smile. Him; the boy that was so beyond your knowledge yet so close it was painful not to know more about him. You never told your friends about the interest you had in Peter.

(You refused to call it crush; not when he was more intriguing than little girl glances and shy touches).

You learned about him in ways only you knew. Watching his actions, remembering those small little moments you had together, much of which ended too quickly for your liking.

Did you drop this?

Uh, yeah, thanks.

You look back on those moments and laugh, thinking about how ridiculous and tongue tied you were from the words that slipped so easily off his lips. But now -

Now you hold onto them for dear life.


You saw it coming.

You were merely a girl with crush on a boy who never thought twice about you. He was a year older - always so far from your reach, but so close at the same time - and you knew eventually, he’d leave the school before you would. And although you tried to prepare yourself for the last moment you’d see his brown eyes, nothing felt worse then the last day.

You never felt so scared in your life; so scared to lose something that was never yours, to lose someone that didn’t care about losing you. Your stomach dropped every time you saw him, trying to etch his face in your memory and his voice into your head. You didn’t want to forget him; not when he’s meant so much in these two years.

His eyes always skipped over you, enjoying his last moments in High School. No doubt the boy was happy to be leaving; free of homework and studying till he started up with university again. But you -

You were slowly trying to keep yourself together.

You were happy for him, of course. Watching him start the new chapter of his life, vibrant eyes and a bright smile spread across his face. You always wanted he best for him, the boy you admired, the boy you liked.

(You refused to say you loved him. You may have been naïve enough to fall for him, but never will you believe you love someone you’ve never met).

The seconds counting down were loud in your ears.

You waited and you watched, seeing all your fellow classmates happy to finally be out of school. You tried your best to join them, but your heart felt heavy in your chest. You couldn’t stop thinking about how he was leaving ; about how he’d be gone. You didn’t understand how much he affected you till this moment; how much every insignificant moment that replayed in your mind meant to you, how he was the reason you smiled on days when it felt impossible.

You wonder how a boy does that; how Peter does that.

Because you’ve never spoken to the boy farther than a thank you; farther than the small talks that were the usual bump of the shoulder, or fallen books. You didn’t understand why he meant so much to you, why he had to come into your life only to leave again.

Why did you like him; why can’t you hate him?

Hate him for making you feel so damn miserable without him; hate him for being the him you fell for, the him you can’t stop thinking about. Hate him for leaving; hate him for not caring.

But you couldn’t; you couldn’t and it made everything worse.

You wonder if you’ll ever see him; in some twist of fate, in some strange action of the universe. That you’d meet the quiet boy with his earbuds and his voice again. But the chances were slim and you came to that realization soon enough.

You thought and remembered and felt tears that you had to keep in for just a few hours. When you were home and alone and it’d finally hit you.

This is it.

The bell rang, signalling the end of school. Screams drifted through the hallways and laughter filled the air. Everyone was so happy to be leaving; so happy to be moving on.

You wished you were like them.

Because, as soon as you walked out those doors, you watched as a bus that wasn’t yours whisked away the boy that brought light to your smile.

You wonder what lesson is to be learned; why you had to fall so hard for the most unattainable boy. Why you had to miss him so much that it physically hurt to even think about him. Why, why, why, why?

You learned that the universe never answered your questions; that the answer still floated out in space, too far for you to reach.

anonymous asked:

Yay I'm so happy your requests are open! What about Hanzo, genji, soldier, reaper when they're s/o admits that they don't want sex before marriage? Hc please😁


  • Is perfectly fine with that
  • Ever the gentleman
  • Is traditional to begin with, so he doesn’t expect you to want sex before marriage anyway
  • Yes, you turn him on. Yes, he still feels arousal.
  • The only difference for him is that Hanzo is a man of control
  • Both of himself and his surroundings, and thus, he makes sure to keep himself in check with you
  • Gives you the space you need while trying to maintain a certain level of intimacy in the relationship
  • What is or isn’t comfortable for you is his main priority
  • The fact that he traditionally doesn’t expect sex yet is honestly one of the things that makes you so relaxed around him
  • Because you wouldn’t help being a bit more afraid of expectations were you with anyone else
  • You kind of expect him to be controlling in bed when the two of you finally marry
  • It turns out, Hanzo is more about making love then just going at it
  • Is very careful your first time


  • Honestly, even if he wasn’t traditional..
  • Genji would be too self conscious to run right into sex
  • Or even any time soon
  • He’s more worried that you’ll divorce him a day later for not looking physically up to your standards
  • It makes you happy that Genji understands and is willing to wait for marriage
  • But when you also realize that he’s okay with it do to fear of you running away, you try to reassure him that it’ll be okay
  • Nothing Genji can say or do or look like could stop you from loving him
  • Loves to hold hands with you
  • Is very sweet
  • When you two do marry though, you manage to convince him to trust you with his body
  • There is nothing wrong nor ugly about it to you
  • You expect him to be soft and sweet during sex
  • What shocks you is that it turns out he’s a monster in the sheets, and the best part is you suddenly wish you hadn’t waited

Soldier 76

  • Definitely was the first to try getting intimate with you
  • You hadn’t told him before because it was a bit of a shy topic to you
  • You also didn’t want to scare him off at the beginning of your relationship with talk of sex or marriage
  • So when Jack tries to get frisky with you the first time, you break the news to him
  • Honestly, you expect him to leave you
  • Why not, after all. Soldier was a very handsome man who didn’t seem like the type to want to push it off
  • But to your shock he easily said he’d wait
  • Especially if it meant that someday the two of you might get married
  • Sometimes you wonder if he’ll get frisky again, and you feel bad whenever you see a tent in his trousers
  • But it makes you happy that he hasn’t since the first day of knowing made any move to touch you further then hugs/kisses/snuggles/massages
  • When you two do get married, he’s very careful the first time
  • Its gentle at first, but it turns out that you like it rough
  • Luckily, Soldier is totally willing to comply with your every whim ;)


  • Honestly?
  • He never makes a move to go beyond kisses
  • The kisses even are hesitant and it takes away before you get a good look at his face
  • Has never asked for it once, nor does he ever mention it out loud
  • One day, after a year of being together, you can’t help asking him why he doesn’t try anything
  • Reaper just looks at you and said ‘If you wanted it now or any time soon, I’m sure you’d say something,”
  • That and like Genji, it made him a bit nervous
  • What if you saw beneath the coat and mask and didn’t want the broken man who stood beneath it?
  • You loved him, so much
  • The wedding was more just eloping
  • But that night, it was you who made the first move
  • Though no one would guess, Reaper is one of the most tender of lovers
  • ‘Making love’ is an understatement
  • He WORSHIPS you, every inch, with soft kisses and caresses
  • Even when he enters you, he’s gentle
  • You can’t help being surprised, and he sees the question in your eyes
  • “I’m covered in scars I can’t erase,” he’d said. ‘But your perfect. After all I’ve suffered, I don’t want to cause you even an ounce of pain.”
  • And he didn’t
  • Reaper really did love you

This is for my dear follower @codenightbreak ! :D Thanks for letting me know you would like to see the bearded! Cap ;D Hope you like this a bit annoying-talking-too-much but still very cute bearded! Stebe inspired by the leaked trailer for Avengers 3! ✨ ✨

The idea comes from my wrong memory of Tony telling Happy that he needs to keep the beard because Happy is at Tony’s team (sorry my memory is really poor) at the NBA final promotion earlier and the last scene of Spiderman:Homecoming ;D I think Stebe is too excited to be back home so he somehow heard all the things wrong lol

"Family" - starkquill

This is a mix between 616 and MCU Universes. Basically, it’s my own Universe. Yeah, the one where Tony Stark is happy.

Sometimes, when life blows up in his face as usual, Tony thinks that this old communicator is the only thing that keeps him sane.

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Me meeting Rick Riordan
  • Me: Hey wassup Ricky mah maaan. Hey so you know I was wonderin' if maybe you could write another book... I mean don't get me wrong all the other books you've written so far are great but... I need more Percabeth and get more of those gay ships in there that shits real good. And don't forget, I want it to have so much fluff I feel like a teddy bear just swallowed me and I'm in its fluffy belly. You know what I'm talking bout, I also need some making out in there, not necessarily Rated R action but I do want some shirtless making out in there that shit's hot. Anyway man you gonna make me happy?
  • Rick Riordan: Well unfortunately, I cannot do that because these are supposed to be children's books but if that's what you're into you know where to find it.
  • Me: Ye I know what u mean
  • Me: *goes on*
  • Lucy: Okay guys, we don't know what it says in this book, but let's open it. *she opens the book*
  • Happy: It says "tell Lucy how I feel about her and hopefully not fuck it up."
  • Gray: Well that ruined the surprise now.
  • Lucy: ...*she keeps on speed reading through it* HOW DOES HE FEEL?!
  • Lucy: I MUST KNOW!
Kingsman: The Secret Service : Sentence Starters
  • "Manners maketh man."
  • "Then let me teach you a lesson."
  • "I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic."
  • "Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam."
  • "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man."
  • "True nobility is being superior to your former self."
  • "Sorry, Love. Gotta save the world."
  • "If you save the world, We can do it in the asshole."
  • "I will be right back."
  • "The suit is the modern gentleman's armour."
  • "I've had a rather emotional day."
  • "I'd appreciate it if you could just leave us in peace."
  • "Are we going to stand around here all day or are we going to fight?"
  • "You are about to embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world."
  • "Looks like a lot of people are going to die."
  • "Does it look like I give a fuck?"
  • "Son of a bitch!"
  • "Do you like spy movies?"
  • "Give me a far-fetched theatrical plot any day."
  • "If you're prepared to adapt, you can transform."
  • "When I was a kid, that was my dream job: gentleman spy."
  • "Ah yes. Very, very nice."
  • "Now do your very best impersonation of a German aristocrat's formal greeting."
  • "Your weapon scores are excellent, by the way."
  • "That is sick."
  • "What does this do? Electrocute you?"
  • "Don't be ridiculous. It's a hand grenade."
  • "This whisky is amazing, you will shit."
  • "If you get blood on the carpet you're going to have to take the carpet up!"
  • "I see someone who doesn't know what the fuck to do with his life."
  • "Now, my point is that the lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path that you needn't stay on."
  • "Well, that was surprising."
  • "You know I've got nothing to lose."
  • "Of sorts. Interested?"
  • "You blew your opportunity just for a fuckin' dog!"
  • "You shot your dog and had it stuffed?"
  • "Sorry about that, needed to let off a little steam."
  • "Mankind is the virus, and I'm the cure."
  • "I'll have the Big Mac."
  • "Good choice, but nothing beats two cheeseburgers and special sauce."
  • "It ain't that kind of a movie."
  • "You didn't - stop - shit!"
  • "Thank you for the 'happy' meal."
  • "Choose your puppy."
  • "How deep does this fuckin' thing go?"
  • "Wherever you go, your dog goes."
  • "What? They're gun dogs."
  • "It's a bulldog, ain't it?"
  • "It'll get bigger, don't it?"
  • "Shit."
  • "The man who got you released."
  • "I’ve never met a tailor before, but I know you ain’t one."
  • "You need to solve problems under pressure."
  • "Mass genocide?"
  • "Felt sorry for the boy, did you?"
  • "He will find this humiliating."
  • "I have trouble understanding you people sometimes. Y’all talk so funny."
  • "If you have a problem with me, you come and you whisper it in my ear."