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Jessie stood out side Auradon boutiques, wrapped in a thick leather jacket had Evie made her since she came to Auradon (with more padding for her metal arm!) The freezing wind blew around her legs as people bustled back and forth. She couldn’t help think she stuck out like a sore thumb next to all the pristine Auradon royals, meanwhile she still had grease in her fingernails from working on Chad’s car.

She spotted a blonde across the sidewalk and waved excitedly. Finally! Oh wait, that’s not Thalia. Sorry, blonde lady.

Out of nowhere, something tapped her shoulder. She jumped and tensed, turning around to face the blonde she was waiting for, “Don’t do that, you almost gave me a heart attack!”

anzie1220  asked:

I was wondering why it's called 'children wake up' and the meaning behind it, also for the titles of each stories, if you don't mind me asking. I loved the whole story so much, it meant so much to me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with all of us.

Hey, thank you for asking! I’ve talked about this before but I just looked and found an old post about it and my explanation there was so rambling that I’m just gonna redo it: Children, wake up is a lyric from “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, which is like the series theme song– I made an ~official soundtrack for this series back in January and for a while I was constantly working in it/switching songs in and out and obsessing over which lyrics I would quote when I would make a big soundtrack post after finishing the story (coming up– tomorrow?? soon anyway).

Music has been really important to this story! The Life Sentence, No Cellmate title was inspired by a lyric from Evil by Interpol, and Under the Ruins of a Walled City is the first line from Fortress Around Your Heart. Meanwhile, Ceasefire just sounded like a good title and comes from nowhere in particular. (Though Ceasefire definitely has its own theme song and it’s Location by Freelance Whales).

As for meanings, I came up with Life Sentence first and it refers to how Ren and Hux have both committed themselves to a friendless life of serving out a role that was handed down to them as what they should want for themselves– glory for the Order in Hux’s case and serving Snoke faithfully in Ren’s case. Ceasefire just refers to the fact that they don’t fully trust each other yet in that part but they tell themselves they must lean on each other in crisis and that this is the only reason they’re being (sometimes) kind to each other and clinging to each other. I chose the Under the Ruins title for the third part because this song is really thematic for the whole story, which after the sort of introduction parts is really about the two of them trying to exist in the world that shows them mercy even after they’ve both done huge damage to it, and them being forced to confront that damage (and also still just wanting to protect each other from it :B)

The overall series title was the hardest to choose… I went to the lyrics of the Wake Up song to look for a title or title inspiration because it’s kind of the no. 1 theme song for the series, and I thought “Children, wake up” was fitting because the story is about the children of the original trilogy, literally and figuratively, and about Ren and Hux waking up to the fact that their respective ideologies are actually killing them along with their enemies, and of course it’s a reference to the Force ~awakening as well.

Thank you for asking!! So glad you’ve enjoyed the story, and I really appreciate the note <3

Stage Secrets

Black-nailed hands pulled on knee-high boots, securing each stud in place. Tight jeans clung to shapely legs. A plain t-shirt, adorned with bi-colored wings on the back, hid a chiseled chest. A simple silver chain hung over the shirt. The hands lifted as the male straightened, raking his long black bangs out of unholy silver eyes darkened by eyeliner. Pale skin completed the picture.

Levi smiled at his reflection. Three years of singing, and he still wasn’t tired of the way people reacted to him. His body and voice were a work of art, worthy of admiration. Nodding to his band members, he slid on black studded gloves, grabbed the silver mic, and headed onto the stage. As he opened his first song amid yells and cheers, he knew he owned this stage. It was his.

A week after the performance, he sat in a high-backed chair in the office of Hange, his manager and producer. His legs were crossed and his hands folded, a look of complete self-assuredness as he waited for the woman to speak.

“Your rates have fallen.” 

“Can’t have.” 

Hange sighed, exasperated, and turned her laptop for him to see. “Your youtube views are down three percent since just last month, and there has been an overall decrease in the number of cds regularly bought. Face it, Levi. You aren’t as popular as you once were.” 

The singer shrugged, unconcerned. “Wings of Freedom has taken dips before. I don’t know why you are making such a big fuss about it.” 

“But never this much this fast. And I think I know why. You are a solo singer. Look at this; all the others at the top of the charts have more than one singer. Two singers makes it twice as entertaining.”

Levi’s eyes narrowed. “You want me to share the stage? No one else could ever be good enough.” 

“We’re going to try it.” Hange insisted. “At least announcing that you’re bringing in another singer to try out should bring up your ratings. And if he proves less than satisfactory, at least it shows you were willing to try.” She paused. “I already have someone in mind. He’s young and hasn’t yet made his name known. I’m sure you can train him to your standards.”

The singer snorted contemptuously. “He better be worth my time.”
The Rude Intrusion

Marik sighed as he reclined on his couch. He had just gotten off of his shift at the Domino City Museum. He was still amazed at how Ishizu had managed to pull some strings to get him a job as a translator at the place. He had only been living in Japan for two weeks and already he was beginning to feel bored out of his skull. 

He had purposely gone out of his way to not tell anyone in Yuugi’s group that he had returned as a permanent resident. He had no desire to associate himself with them. 

Aside from the calls that Ishizu gave and his work associates, he mostly kept to himself. Still, as mundane as his life had become, it was still a hell of a lot better than what he had in Egypt. 

He let out a heavy sigh and got up from his seat. He didn’t have time to mope. He had to make dinner for himself before it got too late in the day. With this conclusion in mind, he made his way to the kitchen. 



Dingo gave a light shrug of his shoulders. He was ready to spend all of his money on the microwave - if he could avoid being punished by his boss thanks to Pat’s scheme, then at least losing his money might make him learn his lesson … “Nah, I’ll probably have to stop spending my money on upgrades for Tomahawkman for a while, but maybe it’s not such a big deal.”

At these words, the Navi immediatey started to look for something to retort - and Pat’s words gave him the perfect occasion. “Don’t worry about it, Pat, insane is Dingo’s middle name. I love the idea, it’s gonna be strange to visit this place as it was only a few years ago !”

After he shot a furious glare at the PET, Dingo pocketed it and walked up to Pat. “Well, I guess I’m ready. I think this place was deserted for a while before the first Maha Ichiban was created, so it’s alright to stay here, I suppose ! Thanks already, Pat, you’re doing me a great favor there. ”

With Tomahawk’s comment, he almost thought they were going to start going at each other again. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. He was also thankful that Dingo could pay for the microwave himself; truth be told, he hadn’t packed much for money along with him, leaving most of it back in his own time at home.

“Okay, I guess there’s no need for a last call then, if you insist.” The boy gave a genuinely pleased smile, already starting to feel more eager about the idea thanks to Dingo’s reaction. “And it’s not a problem! You invited me, so we should use the time to the fullest, am I right?"  When everything was properly set up, he kept one hand on his MP3 to activate it, and held the other out for Dingo to take so they could leave.