don't mind the beginning

there seems to be an influx of people against the idea of black paladin Keith/Keith piloting black while Shiro is away and tbh it makes me kinda sad

I wanna see my boy lead Voltron and pilot black officially until Shiro comes back

I started reading HQ at the end of July of 2014…. and I signed up my membership with OiSuga in August 11 of the same year AND I was officially in hell in August 29 with my 1st OiSuga art…. that was more than A YEAR AGO (can you believe that???) and I haven’t done anything to celebrate myself being an OiSuga Trash for so long(??????)

I’ve met A LOT of amazing people and wonderful writers!!! and artists too!! and everything thanks to these dorks and it’s AWESOME!

So Happy OiSugAnniversary for me and all of you that have been here since a long time ago. We’ve come so far… /sobs

 so cab drivers are perverts & i broke the heel off of my favorite louis vuittons walking the remaining blocks to my house. but anyways, onto more important things. like the fact that i’m back from my trip to miami, & i’m hella out of the loop. so fill me in ?? but please SPARE me of all of the lame parts. i’ve already had a bad day & i don’t need to hear anything mushy and/or vomit inducing.  

Okay, I think I’ve delayed enough finishing this ref sheet for Feean. This is something I’ve intended to do for a long, long time, but art block + everything is kicking my ass, but now can say I’m done with it? Roughly 84 years ago @lavellaning tagged me to fill this in for my Inquisitor, and because I don’t even have the game, you can have my Warden instead! 

template is from here.

Day 3 - AU

I know human AU is pretty overdone, but I had this idea baking in my head for awhile (no pun intended) and I mean, come on.

I am weak to adorable family AUs.

Closed RP: (no name yet) (2nd in the Black Dawn series)

Nightmare slams his older brother against the wall, growling at him.

“What are you doing here?!” He mutters through bared teeth.

“G-Get off me!” Kazema grunts, pushing against Nightmare’s arm that holds him back. “I d-didn’t plan this!”

“I thought you had fled like the pathetic little coward you are!” Nightmare says. “Why did you come back?!”

“It was against my will!” Kazema yells back, struggling to breathe, and wriggling around, trying to get out of the other virus’s hold.

“Don’t lie to me!” Nightmare snaps.


Beginning of the End || Open

Emma had witnessed it enough in her life ; a body slumping against the table in the middle of a meal, drool forming at the corners of the mouth as a chest heaved uneven breaths. It was once something she had fret over. Spent time caring for. But enough time  had passed that the noise simply fell upon deaf ears. Her knife cut a little more roughly and fork stabbed a little more sharply into her meal, but it was routine.

The silence over the Great Hall however, was not. Her head of house hurrying forth with the bezoar and the mark that darkened the once cheery room were what formed the first bubble of fear. Her heart dropped sharply into her stomach as eyes flickered the length of her house table. Expressions were well masked, but she could still see the shock and mildly pleased looks that lingered beneath them. Perhaps they hadn’t succeeded, but the message was clear. 

Fingers of blames and sharp glares were soon to be sent in the direction of her house and Emma wasted no time assigning a Prefect and a handful of other students to escort the first through fourth years back to the dungeons. Everyone else was capable of defending themselves. And after that, she lingered long enough for a professor to glare accusingly at her and demand she leave. It was the nod of her Head of Houses’ head that caused her feet to move. 

She ought to have returned to the common room and comforted the younger years. Eased worries and soothed fears, but she’d hardly gotten far before fingers wrapped around her upper arm and dragged her to a stop. This time, surprised littered her face.