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Hey guys! I have a headcanon that I’d like to share with you here. For I main a unicorn character, I just love creating more and more headcanons for them. Here’s this one: aura ghosts.

What are aura ghosts? Well, the answer is simple; these ghosts are basically the personification (or materialization) of the unicorn’s magic. Moreover, they are the actual reflection of the unicorn’s soul, or true self (mostly in the case of unicorns whose true selves are hidden deep inside of them). 

Their appearance is very similar to their owners’ one. Other details (e.g. mane, clothing, etc.) depend on how powerful the unicorn’s magic is and they also depend on the unicorn’s kind. 

Here’s an example: Dandelion is Golden Pen’s ghost. Her magic is very powerful so her ghost is goddess-like. Inside, she’s very mild, caring and wise.

The gems are freshly added things, they can be ommitted, though. They are mainly here to represent the unicorn’s magic aura with their colours.

These ghosts hardly ever show up, although unicorns can call out them to help them out, but it happens like… once or twice in their lifetimes. They only show up by themselves when it’s a severe emergency (like they’re about to die in a fight or something like that).

Some unicorns do not know that they’ve got aura ghosts inside of them. They only get known of them when they first see them; also, as soon as they see them they know their names.

Also, their names can be anything, but flower names are preferred. 

About the eyes: aura ghosts have longer eyelashes, huge irises, no pupils, and a very light gradient in the eyes. The colour is optional, it can be the same as the unicorn’s one, but it also can be completely different.

And basically… that’s all. Other details might be added later. Feel free to create your own aura ghost if you want to.