don't mind me. ignore me

It actually kills me when we don’t talk, it kills me when you ignore me, it kills me when you’re busy with your life.

After the events of TFP, the Baker Street gang sets up a betting pool to see who can accurately guess when Sherlock and Molly will finally get together.

(Mycroft wins, but only because he maroons them on a deserted island until they can get their act together. Sometimes being the British government does have its perks.)

Somebody in the Crownsguard or the Kingsglaive tries to pull a prank on Cor and replace his polished black heeled boots with bright red stiletto heels, only for Cor to walk in wearing them anyway. 

He literally doesn’t act any different, he’s not being jokey or embarrassed about it. Nor does he mention his shoes being gone, he goes about his day, he just does his job like normal. 

And that’s when his subordinates realize literally nothing fazes this man, you could’ve replaced his suit with Luna’s fucking Kingsglaive dress, he just does not give a fuck, he’s dead inside.

Important things I need to know about Jaal:

Courtesy of my chat with @hales-emissary

  • does he purr?
  • roar maybe?
  • does his pupils dilate when he sees something he wants?
  • dangling cords: irresistible to angara or nah?
    • alternatively: lasers.
  • if he’s a space squid cat, does he have tentacles?
    • does it have suckers?
    • what uses his possible-tentacles have?
          ↳ Is me:a going the bad hentai route? possibly.
  • Poly relationship: is it possible?
  • does he shoot ink like Earth cephalopod?
    • alternatively: what are the chances of his erm… load to be ink? asking for a friend.
         ↳ I mean considering he’s an alien, everything is possible and it would be hilarious.
         ↳ also hell to wash the sheets, I mean….
  • Is he bi/pan?

and most importantly: 

    ● WHAT DOES HIS VOICE SOUND LIKE??????????????

Questions. Real question.

  • okay, but ace Kevaaron
  • Aaron is pan ace if only for Nicky making the obligatory ‘pancake’ joke 
    • Aaron death-glares at him and Nicky is just like ‘i was there in your emo phase, do you think you can intimidate me?’ at him
  • and listen i’m not saying Kevin is demiromantic, but the only person he considered for a moment before he met Thea and bonded with her was Jean, and that was only like two secs, and his sexuality/romantic orientation is just a constant state of ??? before he stumbles across AVEN or something, and listen he is totally demi
  • he and Neil bond over it
  • also, just consider
  • Aaron: but what even is sexual attraction
    Kevin: *mild flailing of hands* do you think i know this?
  • before they come out with how ace they are, Nicky tries to leave the dorm room to them for a night and be all suggestive winking-ish things at them and they just have some confused blinking going on
    • they end up watch deciding to documentaries, but after mild wrestling over the subject of the documentary, they settle on watching terrible reality shows instead and pretending they hate them
  • some random person: what do you do, then, if you’re not sleeping together?
    Kevin: history and/or Exy
    Aaron: science
    Kevin: *looks nobly offended*
    Aaron: *hissing* science
  • they bond over rolling eyes as people make innuendos
  • i’m just going to leave this post here now bc of the gratuitous projecting and stuff and also tag you @foxes-evermore bc it’s mostly your fault this exists

Title: Maybe
Fandom: Shameless, Mickey/Ian
Rating: PG
Summary: I don’t fucking know. This just happened. It’s a continuation of the scene in 4x05 where Lip asks Mickey if he’s heard from Ian.

Lip’s not sure, really, what possesses him to turn back toward Mickey. He shouldn’t care, really, but something about the way Mickey had backed down so quickly and revealed his concern for Ian had gotten under Lip’s skin, and it makes Lip want to reassure him.

“You know, Mickey, I won’t tell anyone,” Lip insists. “I know you’re terrified of the world finding out, but you don’t have to worry about that with me.”

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This site and the rp community are honestly almost the only things that aren’t giving me heart palpitations right now. 

I can’t be there for a friend when they need me because their situation is setting me off. 

Just when I thought I was almost done with anxiety. Holy fuck I thought I was over this. 

There’s something nobody tells you, when you’re recovering from the worst of your illnesses and you’re getting better, people forget how bad you were, and so it feels like you’re being overdramatic or just straight-up lying when it rears it’s head again. Like, all I can think of right now is, “No, I was passing for ‘normal’ish, I AM BETTER, WHY.” 

I won’t delete this later, because I’m sure I’ll see it and it can serve as a reminder that “passing” for okay doesn’t mean that I’m okay. 

(Shite, wrong blog, ahh bugger it)