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Hi Sasha! So, I know this is old news, and a past topic and I probably sound really stupid but this is killing me. Do you think 'I don't mind' is a Ziam song? Because when I first heard it, it just screamed Ziam and I cried like a little bitch. (:

Hi nonnie. Well, I sure don’t think it’s a Zerrie song. And the first rule of writing is to write about what you know. So I think someone who has had only one…

“I’d say my current relationship is my only proper ‘girlfriend.”

…would draw from that experience when it comes to writing a love song. And with the above example, please note not only the air quotes, but also not mentioning Perrie by name or calling her his fiancee. One of many swerves by the “kind of engaged” Zayn Malik. Curiously unspecific, not unlike Liam’s “the person I truly love…”.

Ok, back to the song. Those of us that have followed Zayn and Liam over the years instantly recognized the Ziam-esque lyrics.

Don’t look around cause
Love is blind
And darling right now
I can’t see you

I interpret this to mean Zayn is encouraging Liam to follow his heart and not to be self conscious or worry about what people will think.

Because Zayn is sure he loves Liam.

I’m feeling proud,
So without a doubt,
I can feel you

I think this means that Zayn feeling so proud of who Liam is just further confirms his feelings for him.

Cause we are who we are,
When no ones watching
And right from the start,
You know I got you

Pretty self explanatory. Zayn and Liam’s public image is very different from their private reality.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Zayn’s heart is with Liam and has been from the beginning.

I won’t mind,
Even though I know you,
You’ll never be mine

I won’t mind,
Even though I know you,
You’ll never be mine

Never be mine
Never be mine

Ohhhhh, this part hurts. I think it refers back to when Zayn thought he and Liam would never be official.

We messed around until we found
The one thing,
We said we could never ever
Live without,
I’m not allowed to talk about it,
But I gotta tell you

Boy did they mess around. I affectionately refer to it as ‘fucked up and fell in love’.

So that pretty much covers the lyrics. There’s too many things that line up with what we’ve seen and heard from Zayn and Liam to be anything other than a Ziam song. It’s the too-many-coincidences-to-be-a-coincidence thing again. And that’s probably one of the reasons this song in particular was “leaked”. Even in the midst of stuntin’ Zayn want us to know he still loves Liam. *sigh*

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Why do you support underage littles xx (if you don't mind me asking x)

When I was 15 I knew I was a little, and I wouldn’t want anybody to not support me because of that. Even if these people are just experimenting, at least they’re doing it while making mistakes and learning from them is more common. I will always support underage littles, I was one.

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i'm honored u answered my question, wow, but if you have time later would you mind sending me some links for stuff that helped you out? i was thinking about doing a masterpost and i feel like you have a lot more experience than me. i don't really know where to start i'm overwhelmed by material.

If you’re not sure where to start, try doing quick, little gesture sketches, also try doing quick studies from real life or photos. These don’t have to be perfect so you should’t spend too much time on each. Just try your best and keep practicing until you get the hang of it. :3

Many things that helped me out were from years ago and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find them all again, especially since a lot of them were just studies from photos and real life. OTL But, there are some tutorials I do remember that I’ll link here:

Big cats part 1

Big cats part 2

Feline face profile

Mood and color


Cat anatomy

Wolf construction

Animal drawing tips

Poses part 1

Poses part 2

  • James: I'm going in for a procedure today.
  • Remus: Is everything ok?
  • James: Yeah. It's routine. I'm just a little bit scared.
  • Remus: I'm sure everything will be fine. What's the procedure if you don't mind my asking?
  • James: It's a colonoscopy.
  • Remus: Ok.
  • James: In your experience, what should I be expecting, in terms of sensation. Or, emotions. [pause] Is there anything I can do to make it more pleasurable for me or for Dr. Shandri. My main concern is should I have a safe word?
  • Remus: Yeah. [leaves]
Let's have a little chat.

Alright guys. After seeing all the drama, and long paragraphs full of theories and arguments surface on my dash today, I feel it’s necessary to take the time to address a few things. So please, sit back, pull up a chair, and get some vodka tea. Make yourselves comfortable please, darlings. Let’s see now…

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Hi, Aero~ Just wondering, how do you think Gintoki manages to have such a positive attitude when he hates himself so much? Like, when somebody hates him/herself, don't they usually... not have a personality like Gintoki's?

See, this is something that grates me a little bit. DO NOT THINK I FIND YOU ANNOYING OR SOMETHING, ANON! You do not grate me. It’s just that so many people don’t understand how self-hate works and maybe it’s because I deal with it and also work with it via my profession, but I really, really want to spread knowledge about this. 

“When somebody hates him/herself, don’t they usually… not have a personality like Gintoki’s?” — You talk like you have a specific idea in mind of what people who experience should act like in order for them to qualify as someone who hates themselves and I politely ask that you not do that. So, you don’t think Gintoki hates himself based on his positive attitude. By that logic, people with depression are never allowed to smile — it’d mean they’re not really depressed. People with anxiety can never just sit back and relax — it’d mean they’re not really anxious. 

The thing about self-hate is that it’s internalized. You’re looking for some kind of stereotype for Gintoki to fit into because you have certain “standards” in mind that a person who hates themselves should fit. That is primarily incorrect and should never be put into practice. I have anxiety. I also suffer from waves of depression when my anxiety gets too overwhelming. I have emotional PTSD that can be triggered with just enough pressure on certain topics. On top of that, I have medication on hand if I get overwhelmed at any point and need a buffer. If you met me, you would never know any of this unless I told you. Because I don’t want you to know. I don’t like it when people I don’t know and don’t trust know something about me that I don’t feel they should, it makes me uncomfortable. It’s hard to even say it now, but I kind of really don’t care what people on the web think of me, only the opinions of those close to me hold any significance over me and that’s a huge step for me. 

I’m a very positive person! I chose nursing because I like helping people, giving back, it makes me feel good to be selfless and look after others. I connect with Gintoki in a huge way because I see a lot of myself in him. But by your logic, I can’t hate myself, I can’t struggle with self-hate, because what people see in my behavior doesn’t match up to your standard. I ask that you not invalidate people’s emotions/feelings by holding up a mold you think they should fit into.

As early as episode 13 I saw signs in Gintoki that his opinion of himself is very low and fairly nonexistent at some points. He exhibits a lot of behavior patterns that point to self-hate/self-loathing and just because he can slap on a smile when he needs to doesn’t discount what he’s likely going through on the inside. I sure as hell learned how to fake a smile early on because I got so fucking sick of people thinking I was angry at them or something when really I was berating myself constantly. Someone who experiences self-hate can absolutely keep up a positive attitude even if they feel they’re not worth a goddamn thing. I studied a lot of psychology during the course of getting my degree and now that I work in this field, I can tell you that no form of self-hate is exactly the same. Some people are so good at hiding how they feel and are so genuinely positive that you don’t know anything is wrong with them until you find them face down with an empty bottle of pills. Just because you don’t actively see someone’s struggle does not mean that they’re not fighting demons that could make a lesser person crack and crumble under the sheer weight of it. 

Gintoki exhibits an alarming amount of traits that are attributed to self-hate and recently I had someone try to tell me that someone who experiences self-hate aren’t ever selfless, they’re always selfish and narcissistic. This is not true. Self-hate also procures in the form of having such a low opinion of yourself that of course you’re going to be selfless and give the people you care about everything you can, your life included, because it does not matter if you die or get injured because you feel that you do not matter. So hell yeah, be reckless, throw yourself into the fray first, take hits for others — it’s so clear that Gintoki doesn’t give a shit about taking care of himself and we learn that early, early on. Hell, Gintoki has such a hard time believing he’s worth anything that the entire Be Forever Yorozuya movie was centered around this very idea. Just watch that movie, take it in, absorb Gintoki’s actions and how stunned he is seeing all the people that came to stop him from killing himself for a second time and obliterating himself from all their lives and the future. 

This rant has gotten long, I’m sorry, but Gintoki’s character development and how he’s progressing within the manga, realizing he has so many people he sees as home and wants to protect and him seeing that they want to protect him too is such an important thing to me. In the recent chapters when Hijikata said he recognizes Gintoki as part of home and someone he wants to protect, even warning Gintoki of danger, that was such a big deal to me. Not only because it was Hijikata ((YOOO THAT’S MY SHIP)) but just that there ARE other people making a point to bash it into Gintoki’s skull that HEY, YOU’RE WORTH PROTECTING TOO is such a great thing and massive for character development. Sorachi has crafted a masterpiece of a story and I’m so, so happy to be able to partake and consume. 

There is no mold for mental illnesses or struggles. No one person is going to experience something the exact same way another does and it’s damaging to assume such a thing. //END RANT