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Hunan Food

My parents went out to celebrate Father’s Day by eating at our favorite Hunan restaurant last night (I was absent, having been happily spirited away to Internet Meme-land, thanks to Sarah and LOLpera), so they brought back some leftovers. 

(To clarify - Hunan is a province of China that is known for, among other things, its ridiculously spicy cuisine. Ridiculously. Spicy. Warning sign #1.)

So my dad calls me from work this morning to tell me of said leftovers in the fridge, which I happily planned to eat for lunch. Dad then issues this dire warning: “Eat as little of it as possible.”

Apparently he and mom had eaten a lot of it (with much huffing and puffing and downing of ice water) and ended up with burning mouths and upset stomachs. (“It was a terrible idea for Father’s Day,” he said. Warning sign #2.)

Well, with me being me, and with the food smelling rather delicious instead of roaringly spicy when I took it out of the fridge, I put a healthy amount of 辣炒辣 on my plate to reheat. (Warning sign #3: the Chinese name for the entree I ate literally translates to: spicy fried spicy. Or spicy fried spiciness. Whatever makes sense to you.)

What. A. Mistake.

I’ve spent the last 20 minutes downing a bottle of orange juice, a bottle of iced tea, and finally some yogurt.

Don’t get me wrong - the food was amazing.

It was also (and still is, 20 minutes later) mouth-numbingly painful. My eyes were actually watering as I was taking bites of the food and then shoveling rice in to dampen the pain. I think I’ve exfoliated my lips by eating this food because it vaguely feels like I just burned some skin off.

So the lesson is: beware Hunan food. (And listen to Dad, he’s right about things like this.)

Dad to the Rescue

Me: Dad, you have to tape the Oscars pre-show and the ceremony! I won’t be home until later at night, I’ll miss it!!

Dad: But you never watch the pre-show!


Dad: Oh, okay. Are you sure they’re even going to interview him on the red carpet? 


Dad: I got it, I got it.

Either my dad understands fangirl minds, or he simply decides he can live with my ongoing Cumberbatch situation and doesn’t question it. Although this conversation happened also:

Me: So [friend from high school] isn’t watching Sherlock, she can’t sit through it. I think she doesn’t think Benedict’s good-looking, so she’s not motivated enough.

Dad: What?! She doesn’t think he’s good-looking?!

I think Dad’s a bit of a Cumberfan himself, actually, thanks to conversion by yours truly…

Warning - HP7:II spoilers! :O

By the way, I think the last time I stood in line for the midnight opening of a movie…was probably Pokemon the Movie (the original with Mew/Mewtwo). LOL

I had re-read book 7 the same day of the movie, so I was pretty clear with what was included and what wasn’t, but overall I think it flowed really well. The tone of this movie was so much more serious and complicated than any of the other movies in the series, that finally I could say, you know, I watched a good movie. It wasn’t just a good book adaptation, or a good attempt at being a kids’ movie, it was a solid, wonderful film. Whoever the composer was, freaking A+, also - some of the underscored moments were fabulous, and they knew when silence was really the best underscoring.

Moments where I was a sobbing mess:

- Snape’s death - UGH. Brutal scene. And I’m glad they kept it sorta PG-13 because it was seen from outside and not…directly watching Nagini attack him. 

- Snape giving the tear to Harry and everything he says in that speech - “You have your mother’s eyes…Look at me.” BRB BAWLING MESS 

- The slow realization that Fred has died in the battle of Hogwarts

- The INSTANT IMPACT of Lupin and Tonks having died together, and their tableau with their hands still stretched towards each other - this is when most of the theatre was in sniffles

- The latter half of Snape’s Pensieve’d memories, especially his famous line “Always” and the intercut flashback of him going up to the Potters’ house and finding Lily dead - absolutely gut-wrenching

- When Harry leaves Ron and Hermione for what they all think is the last time

- When Harry, Ron, and Hermione hold hands at the daybreak after the battle

And yet, thanks to the fantastic characterizations of Neville and Luna (and more so in this movie, the relationship between Ron and Hermione and their begrudging acceptance of putting their love for each other out in the open), the movie was also actually funny. Helena Bonham Carter playing Hermione pretending to be Bellatrix = HILARIOUS. King’s Cross Dumbledore - also quite fun to watch. PROF. MCGONAGALL AND HER BADASS DEFENSE OF THE CASTLE!! Seriously, that was epic - and then she goes - “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!” and Molly Weasley just stares at her. LOL

And it was weird because I didn’t come out of the film feeling like I had just watched the end of a series - I felt satisfied that they had captured it so well. So I guess I’m sort of treating it like the books - they’ve finished, but it doesn’t mean I can’t go back and revisit. I watched the film in 2D, but since it’s the last in the series, I feel like I should go back and watch it in 3D, because I won’t be able to do that at home, haha.

AND THE BEST PART IS I wake up to Arashi all over my dashboard, so I can’t even stay that depressed for long. :D /is easily distracted


So…I haven’t had internet since last Friday, and I actually won’t have internet in my house until next week (…I can’t even imagine how much Tumblr backlog there is I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT). In case you might’ve been wondering why I’ve suddenly disappeared into the vortex that is the interwebs.


(In case you’re going, well, Jen, if you don’t have internet, how are you on Tumblr right now? The answer, my dear Watson, is that I’m stealing it from my alma mater, which has wifi that apparently still thinks I’m a student. Cheers! o/)


I’m just being a dork, but!

- I posted about my Myers-Briggs type being ISFJ a couple of months ago, which is the same type that Dr. John Watson is supposed to have

- Watson’s birthday is allegedly July 7, making his star sign Cancer, which I also share

Elementary's version of Watson is played by a (kickass) American-born woman of Taiwanese descent, which is 75% of my heritage

- I just hurt my left leg and now have a cane because I limp


Now to rewatch A Study in Pink so I can figure out how to use the cane


I honestly have no idea how to rebalance myself, plus my left side is really sore, so I’d rather use the cane with my right hand

This is difficult shit, guys, I didn’t study this in college

Driving today

was the worst. I hit a milestone of sorts (5000 miles driven in my lovely car! I’ve only had her 3 months though…commuting is a hassle), but I managed to run into:

  • an asshole in the parking lot who zoomed past me and honked, even though he was going wayyyy past the speed limit
  • another asshole on the freeway who honked at me even though I was in a different lane and wasn’t even close to hitting him
  • some idiot who was in front of me in a 45 mph zone…going 20. And I couldn’t get out because there was a construction truck traveling at about the same rate right next to me
  • an incredulous pedestrian who was probably in one of my blind spots when I was about to drive across the walkway, but he was several feet away when I noticed him and stopped immediately, and he still threw up his hands in disbelief and yelled at me after I apologized
  • I don’t feel too terrible about that last one, though, because the first thing I thought of wasn’t “OH SHIT that was close,” it was, “Hmmm he kind of looks like an older Rupert Graves.” /is an awful human being
  • I promise I’m not actually a bad driver. (I’m a terrible parallel parker, though, I’ll bloody give you that.) 
Watching "A Study in Pink" with Dad

“Why is this a modern update?”

“Is this even about Sherlock? Who’s this guy?” (Answer: Watson)

“When does Sherlock appear?” (Answer: in 2 minutes; he asked this when Watson and Stamford met in the park)

“How do you pronounce that actor’s name again?” (Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch)

“Now who’s this guy??” (Answer: Mycroft, but I didn’t say anything)

“Is Sherlock gay?” (Answer: Yes.) 

“Sherlock must be really good at memorizing things, how does he say all of that in one go?”

“It’s the taxi driver, isn’t it!! IT’S THE TAXI DRIVER!”

“Who’s Moriarty? Is it that guy from earlier?” (Answer: No.)

“So…Mycroft and Moriarty aren’t the same person?” (Answer: No…thank God.)

“When’s the next episode??” (Answer: next Sunday…or WE COULD JUST WATCH IT NOW I HAVE THE DVD :D :D :D)

Okay now time to go be a non-Sherlock-obsessed person so I can get some work done and actually be able to go over to Jen’s to watch Reichenbach tomorrow without feeling guilty.