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So three people requested 79 so here it is. Man I suck at introductions 

79-“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

Its a peaceful day in Newts case, So far none of his beasts are causing trouble and it is just you and Newt. Newt is writing information on his book and you are reading a book across from Newt. You had been his friend and traveling partner for a couple years. 

This was a rare occasion to have peace throughout the case. All the animals were fed and content. You slipped the Niffler a couple of coins so it would keep quiet. You admired Newts face while he was concentrating. 

The way the light shone on his freckles and how his curly hair fell to the side. His small lip bite while he writes. See, you fell in love with the Magizoologist a long time ago, back in Hogwarts. You met up with him after Hogwarts and he asked you to help him study his creatures. He looks up at you and you quickly look away and turn back to your book. 

You became so deep in your book you forgot your surroundings. It was an old muggle favorite of yours, the book was old and tattered but you loved it. Reading it made you smile. Every page brought you closer to the world the book was creating. Newt watched your face as your eyes read the paper. 

Except, while he was staring, he wrote the wrong thing. He scratched out the sentence and tried again. Unfortunately, his wandering eyes landed on your smile again, your soft lips curving into a beautiful smile. While he was smiling at you his hand slipped and spilled ink all over the page he was working on. 

Sighing he ripped the page out and started over again. Once again he looked up except this time you were staring at him with an amused smile on your lips. 


“Y-yes y/n.” 

“you have a bit of ink on your nose” you reach over and take a handkerchief and wipe his nose. 

Both of you are turning red and Newts hand is shaking so bad when he looked down he had drawn scribbles all over the page. 

“Hey y/n, I’m going to need you to quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that” You look at him in surprise. 

“u-uh what” 

“I said, your beauty is distracting my work so if you could not look at me that would be great” 

He looks at you and his eyes widen in realization. 

“I uh I mean uh that i get distracted v-very easi-ily and you're just r-really pretty and um yeah” He looks down in embarrassment. 

“D-do you really think I'm pretty Newton?” 

“I do, believe it or not, I have had quite the crush on you” His voice gets higher with every word. 

“Can I uh kiss you?” You ask quietly to yourself, not wanting the Magizoologist to hear, but he did.

“Um if you really want to then I-I don't mind.” He awkwardly fixes his jacket as both your faces get closer to each other. 

Newt was right, your lips were very soft. 

Oh boy that was kinda short but uh i hope you like it. Also does anyone know links to like really sad newt fics. Because i need something to cry about atm

anonymous asked:

1) Hello! As someone that also likes to write fanfictions, I'm wondering if you could give me some advice? I have many ideas for stories in my head, but I can never seem to find the motivation for it. Honestly, I think it's because I've locked myself into a mentality that no one cares. I see people like you as well as other writers that have a following (well, deserved,I must say. This isn't a jealous anon ask, I promise) and I think that i just don't do it because I fear that it will just be --

Oof this a tough one nonnie.

To be honest I struggled with that mindset too. It’s rough. For most of my life I lived as a writer who didn’t share her work with anyone at all. I wrote things, and I hoarded them close to my heart and never let them see the light of day because I was afraid that nobody would care, or that nobody would like it if I showed it to them.

The thing that got me going—really writing and excited to share—was finding another friend who wrote fanfic. And at first it was just one thing I sent her, and then she sent me something back. And before I knew it I was writing volumes and volumes. She was proofreading and offering tips and giving me suggestions about where I could take a story or how I could better develop a character. I have written a multi-chapter fanfic that is just over 100 pages long, and she is the only person to have ever read it. She is one of the best things that ever happened to me, and we still exchange fics to this day.

She is also largely the reason that I even began to post my fics on tumblr. Because in my mind I thought if she likes them, maybe someone else will. And I cherished every meager comment, like, and reblog on my work because it meant someone approved. Some person, some individual with a life an interests of their own, really enjoyed my writing. And that was more than I ever expected.

And from there I made a very important step. I started to put value in what I thought about my writing instead of what other people thought. Now that I had real proof that multiple people liked my work (even if it was only a couple of them), I could put a little faith in my words. And I started to write for myself instead of for others.

And honestly that was an amazing leap because it freed me up to have fun writing. I could write what I wanted to write without worrying what people would think of it. I didn’t owe anyone anything. I enjoyed writing, I did it ultimately for me, and when I was proud of something I had the confidence to shove it out in to the world and say look at what I made! And gosh whaddayaknow? Some people really liked it! And I slowly accumulated a following (too many people to be honest, I have no idea how there are so many, but I am very glad they all appreciate what I do) until I reached the point I am at now. 

So if you’re not up to reading that massive chuck of text up there I’ll make a brief summary of my advice.

  • Find someone you trust, and who writes. Exchange work with them. Learn from them. Accept feedback and crtiticism from them. Be excited with them.
  • Share the work you’re proud of. If you like something you have written, put it out in to the world. Shamelessly show it to people.
  • And most importantly be persistent. There’s going to be disappointment. I’m going to tell you right now that my absolute favorite thing I have ever written and posted has almost the least amount of notes. Sometimes that grates at me. But to be honest, I go back and reread it and it makes me happy. And that’s enough.

Don’t give up my friend. Writing is wonderful. And I strongly encourage everyone to do it. We all start somewhere, and no matter where you start, how old you are, what skill level you’re at, what you write about, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

And consider this a blanket announcement to all of your writers out there. I am so proud of you for doing what you do. I am proud of you for being so brave and sharing you work. I am proud of however far you have come. Keep writing. Keep getting better. And keep being shamelessly proud of what you have created.