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prismtheturtle  asked:

So Edd, have you ever talked to the Red Bandit?

edward: he called me “cowardly as hell” and said that i was “a gullible dumb bastard for trusting thompson,” among other less eloquent things.

edward: i have no idea what he’s talking about with thompson. the sheriff’s one of the most reliable people i know.

edward: even if he does throw chairs at me when i’m drunk.

Get out
  • Phichit: do you ever have those moments when someone you're following on social media and they post something completely unrelated so you start questioning yourself why you even follow them in the first place?
  • Seung: how would I know I don't even use social media much
  • Phichit:
  • Phichit: please get the fuck away from me

I REFUSE TO TOLERATE Angor Rot not getting a Redemption Arc. Sad, stony, root-covered sucker is gonna be PART of this Found Family SO HELP ME!

He’s gonna GET BACK his soul, and he’s gonna PROTECT those kids (and their lame Could-Stab-and-Stitch-You-Up Parents), and he’s gonna CARE about them, and he’s gonna be CARED ABOUT, and anyone who thinks they can come at his people is gonna get stabbed with a poisoned dagger and turned to stone cell-by-cell.

writing updates & stuff

This was too much to fit into an author’s note on AO3, and probably not all of it is interesting for people who only read my arranged marriage AU fic, so I decided to just make a post. Here we go:

OiKage Arranged Marriage AU

  • My first priority is to finish “You’re still the best more or less, I guess”, and while I’m not able to update as frequently as I’d like to, I have everything planned and will do my best to finish it sometime soon.
  • There will probably still be at least around 40 more chapters!
  • Once I’m done with the main fic, I will continue to write side-stories and one shots for the universe, and I’ll take suggestions for those when the time has come! :)

Writing Commissions:

  • Someone asked me to open writing commissions a while ago, and now I did exactly that! Please check out this post and/or this info page if you’re interested! 
  • Once you’ve commissioned me, my absolute number one priority becomes to finish the fic for you before I go back to working on my other pieces.

[There’s way more under the cut!]

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Marvel was so against the idea of letting a woman lead SHIELD that they literally brought a dude BACK FROM THE DEAD and killed off a lesbian woman to make sure it didn’t happen.

Like fuck that, regardless of whether Coulson was dead or alive, MariaHill was the deputy director of SHIELD and she should have been the next director.

And if, for whatever reason, she was incapable or unwilling, the position could have gone to Victoria Hand, who deserved a hell of a lot more screen time, love, and attention than she got.

I’m sorry but I would be a hell of a lot more interested in a show about:

    • addressing her rough childhood with a shitty, abusive father
    • and the fact that her mother died literally the day she was born
    • also exactly what got her recognized and promoted at such a young age
  • Melinda May comes out of retirement to join Maria’s team because she was Maria’s supervising officer when Maria was first recruited.
    • a really amazing friendship/familial relationship between two strong, lovely female characters
  • Maria recruiting Daisy Johnson because she can relate to this girl who was abused by those she should have been able to trust.
    • also Maria/Daisy would be cute af later on? as sisters or as gfs, idc
  • Ward’s whole “if he needed eye candy around, he could have at least picked Romanoff” line would be even more significant b/c he and Maria were practically the same age, so they probably would have trained at around the same time, and it would make him sound even more like a bitter, jealous child than it did canonically.
    • and Maria actually telling Natasha about it and them both getting a good laugh out of it? omg imagine
  • Bobbi and Maria attended the academy at the same time and totally dated while they were in training.
    • Maria calls Bobbi “Barbara” just to watch her get all huffy and cute.
    • Victoria Hand trained Bobbi while may was training Maria.
    • more of Maria and Pepper’s friendship, “Pepper you will not believe what these idiots pulled today, he shut himself in quarantine with her and she knocked him out and jumped out of the bus in midair, they’re gonna give me a heart attack” and Pepper is just like “welcome to the world of babysitting geniuses, Bruce and Tony blew up the lab for the third time this month and Tony wants to make a suit for the Hulk, are you still gonna be able to get drinks with me and Natasha next week?”
  • Andrew Garner featured as a regular character and the team’s psychologist/therapist/cool uncle that all the kids want to impress.
    • Jemma as his unofficial protégé.
    • references to Bruce, Erik and/or Betty bc there’s no way they all taught at Culver and never interacted
  • Victoria, May, Coulson, and Garrett attended the Academy at the same time so a scene or two between May and Victoria addressing Coulson’s death and Garrett’s treachery
    • also references to past shenanigans at the Academy
  • Antoine Triplett lives because this is a total AU at this point and Trip’s death was bullshit anyway so.
Full moon.

A loud, annoyed growl breaks the quiet of the night as she struggles to get up. Her limbs are shaking, they feel weak, as if they were like jelly. And, after what seems like an eternity, You can finally stand … On all fours.


She lowers her head to see what is so wrong right now, and her eyes land on two paws, resting on a tuft of grass. A surprised yap escapes her mouth as she stumbles backward. Once she’s come to a halt -meaning that her butt met the ground once she had tripped over a visible root-, she shakes her head and internally sighs.

It happened again.

Glancing up, You closes her eyes after seeing the moon in her full phase, irked.

The full moon sucks.

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… somehow I reckon that the fact you’ve been holding out for this long’s not even the least bit surprising.

It certainly wasn’t out of character from what he knew of the other, yet he can’t help but raise a brow slightly as he spoke in response.

But I’m a fair person, a pretty good guy if I’ll say so myself. I can see you tryin’ to disagree, but if I live up to that offer I’m thinking it might change your mind I little on that?

After all, Ivan is not the only one who needs more than a drink right now.


(To be continued??)

Let me tell you how majmu always comes up with the best AUs. Last night I showed them a song I wanted to use in a drawing but didn’t know how and WITHOUT EVEN ASKING FOR IT I soon found myself crying over this (thanks for majmu for both writing this and the idea itself!)

‘Marco is a shifter. He wants to stop the war raging between humanity and the titans, and he believes that he can do it by striking the core of the problem, titans. Somewhere outside the walls there is a place where there are more shifters. And Marco will find it.

The thing is, he’ll most likely die on this self-assigned mission. Double agenting without actually double agenting to either side can be lethal, you see.

He was going to fake his death in the next major attack and follow the attackers, but then Jean happened. He couldn’t just leave the most important person in his life like that.

So, a few days before the day they would choose their military factions, Marco pulled Jean aside with a grim expression.’

Bonus that I don’t know what to do with :

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