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Sitting here trying to figure out why it ain’t more sex in TWD… if I was surrounded by that many sexy survivors… let’s just say there would be no stopping me. Why would you NOT be trying to bang everything in your path?

Adrenaline pumping from killing zombies?

you could die at any moment?

A more realistic show would be bigger on the ‘cooch & dagger’. And yes, I know I come for Lori all the time but, be clear: if I was in humping distance of Shane and Rick, I wouldn’t know who my baby daddy was either.

Besides finding food and escaping bad guys, my next priority would be bagging MAD bodies… like how many orgasms can I rack up today?

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it’s been 15 years and still I sometimes feel melancholic abut Yagudin’s retirement. it probably comes down to how when I was young and getting into figure skating – strap in, this is one of those posts – there was no youtube, the internet was a different place, and I lived in a country where figure skating is Not A Thing so the only competitions I really got to watch were euros, worlds, and olympics, so when I was first following the sport the information load was incomparably small. what this results in is, I never saw Yagudin retire. I heard about it, vaguely, by hearsay. he was there, there was some talk about his injury, and then, one day, he wasn’t there anymore. slowly the amount of information I could access grew, and in this day and age I can watch the 1995 russian nationals on youtube and read all the magazines and books I desire and learn about every minute detail of elements and techniques, but this doesn’t change the fact that for me, Yagudin retiring is not… fully real. because I didn’t experience it, in any meaningful sense. Plushenko went on to win a million things and other skaters I like came and went, but Yagudin retiring is still such a vague concept in my mind, and I haven’t been able to grasp it.

and that makes me melancholic, and it’s probably why I’m running this blog, because I’m not over it, and I can’t move on.

I’m pretty ridiculous that way. sorry about that.

In this Taisho era AU verse, whilst focused to interact with the Devil Summoner – Raidou Kuzunoha series muses it would also be compatible with most Ancient Japan historical muses, possibly from the Sengoku era onwards (I must admit I’m a sucker for the Bakumatsu time, thanks Last Blade and Rurouni Kenshin). His story wouldn’t change much: a young man living in the capital (Kyoto, Edo/Tokyo or some other big city), with his parents being traders so they are often out in business trip leaving him alone at home. However, pre-Taisho he would have a few servants accordingly to the tradition, otherwise during the modernization Yu would merely stay alone at home.

I’m still undecided if I keep him having Persona (albeit hardly a wild card, because of canon reasons as well) or make him an incarnation of Izanagi, following the fan theory that floats around. Either way, Narukami would have a proper education in swordsmanship but like in the original verse he would use it only if necessary. He might as well be even more polite than his other verses.

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dude murdoc is 100% the dad who goes "when your mom first met me she was instantly head over heels in love with me" and after the kid gives them the "really dad" look he'd go "ok ok fine. i'm lucky your mom gave me the time of day" like he just seems like that type of dad, ya feel?

gosh this gave me so many feelings, bc you’re absolutely right. i can really imagine murdoc counting his lucky stars everyday that he has an s/o that loves him unconditionally and who genuinely loves him and wants to be with him. even if they had been together for years, i think he would still consider himself to be one of the luckiest men alive bc his s/o loves him :’)) 

I’m sitting here geeking out over Dragon Age all over again, because I started up DA2 and Flemeth is just standing there saying stuff like “Perhaps I am a dragon” and “Without an end there can be no peace,” and my post-DAI self is just going !!!!!! fucking MYTHAL says this shit ohmygooooooooooooooood Bioware, you sneaks