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no but i really like the idea of Alec being like a huge cat person. Like when Isabelle was trying to convince him to go to Magnus’s party she’s like, “its a birthday party for a cat.” and Alec’s all, “oh rad i’m in.” then when he gets there and doesn’t find the cat he’s like, “theres no cat here. Isabelle, you told me there would be a cat. Well this nights ruined.” Idk why I like this idea so much.

Just a thought about Sarada’s “Birth certificate”

A little trivia for the mis/uninformed; A Koseki “戸籍” , otherwise known as a family registry, is a type of certificate that is required from Japanese citizens mandated by Law. Every household is asked to submit the following information and will be compiled into one whole document:

  • family name and given name
  • date of birth
  • date of records and causes (marriage, death, adoption, etc.)
  • names of the father and the mother and the relation to them
  • if adopted, names of the adoptive father and mother
  • if married, whether the person is a husband or a wife
  • if transferred from another koseki (basically if you came from a different lineage, usually relates to marriage)
  • registered residence (honseki chi)

With all of these compiled, each individual shares one whole document with their family members, including distant relatives, so and so as long as they are registered in the same Koseki.

Now let’s talk about what a Koseki serves as in terms of information. Birth certificates, death certificates, document of residency, marriage certificates or any other important identification documents are considered collective inside the Koseki. In other words, if you aren’t included in a Koseki, you are considered to be an outsider.

Sarada’s Koseki has to exist somewhere in Konoha. There’s no reason for her to not be registered as a Konoha citizen or else she will be called an illegal alien within the territory. Heck, she wouldn’t even be able to enroll in a damn school if she never had one in the first place, nor would people call her with her last name. As you can see how the village has flourished into a city during the Peace Era, surely enough you have a basis as to how the government and all the political formalities run inside the place. And with this in mind, the above information is valid. I wouldn’t question the fact that Sakura is married as she seems to be carrying the Uchiha crest, nor would I question if she registered Sarada as her first born regardless of her parentage by blood. These problems will be taken care of ONCE we get to see what’s written on the UCHIHA’S Family Registry.

Remember how Kakashi stated that he might get in trouble if Sasuke stirred some shit during his redemption journey while he’s Hokage? The same goes for Naruto. If they asked him to keep Sarada’s Koseki due to personal reasons, Naruto’s position as a Hokage will be seen in a negative light and what’s worse is that it could be sanctioned by the government if someone finds out about his unhonorable behavior as a leader. One’s lineage is no joke when it comes to these noble folks. 

Now this only leads to one thing… WHERE is it? It’s being purposely hidden somewhere in the city’s file room (or stolen by some random plot device made by Kishimoto lol idk but it seems fun that way) and since Shizune seems to be the Hokage’s assistant and filekeeper, she must know where it is. This is also the reason why Sarada asked her personally.

So, yeah, that’s about it. TLDR; this Koseki thing is a legal document that is required from everyone and you’re in deep shit as an illegal alien if you’re not in one of them. Sarada is walking around Konoha as free as a bird so she definitely has NO PROBLEMS about that. And NO, they are not hiding her identity as an Uchiha, that’s only a fairy tale based judgement since we are talking about actual legal documents here with personal information known to everyone who’s walking around the city of Townsville Konoha. That’s ridiculous because they are registered as Uchihas and even wear the crests in their clothes. It’s practically screaming that I am happy and I am registered. Even their house cosplays as an Uchiha. Yeah you get the point.

The biggest problem? The Celebi Uchiha boy and that Akatsuki revivalist wannabe must/might know of Sarada’s existence, depending on their flow of activity in the Naruto universe’s timeline.

The biggest possible scoop about all this? This might lead us to the incident where Sarada activated her Sharingan and deteriorating her own eyesight during her childhood. This might be the reason why Sarada was possibly forced to be registered as an Uchiha because of her eyes suddenly activating as the Haruno’s are NOT known to possess this type of kekkei genkai.

Being a child born out of wedlock is a huge issue in Japan. For Kishimoto to even introduce the system of Koseki in the actual story, it must be hella important.

In her early sketch, she wore the Haruno’s symbol. She must’ve been TRANSFERED to the Uchiha Koseki right after the incident. Sakura would do this to protect the child, keeping Sarada away from the issue of being a Burakumin, a discriminatory term to name an illegitimate child. (If this ever turns out to be true, props to Sakura for doing that. such a noble mother)


… okay this “thought” suddenly turned into a babble. Sorry. But I hope this lengthy piece can be of help. 

Anyways, carry on with your theories and I will enjoy reading them. This Gaiden surely is a damn hype, but it’s a very interesting/shocking/feels inducing one at that. Naruto has become worth the weekly squirming again. *cries* I feel so damn happy that I can’t wait for a new chapter. lol


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was that a threat?
  • one winter morning after reading "porphyria's lover" (a poem about a man who strangles his lover with her own long hair) in 12th grade english
  • teacher:so how does this poem make everyone feel?
  • me:it makes me feel glad that i cut my hair short last month so the dude couldn't strangle ME if he tried.
  • teacher:erin, you're
  • teacher:you're literally wearing a scarf around your neck right now

thesoundasitfell asked:

Barson and #44 for the drabble thing, please!

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” Rafael said, panicking. “People don’t die during these things anymore, right? It’s safe?” He said to the doctor next to him, who proceeded to summarily ignore him. “Oh my god, please don’t die, I can’t raise a kid on my own-”

“Rafael,” Olivia gritted out, cutting him off and squeezing his hand so hard she thought she heard a creaking sound from the bones inside. “If you don’t shut up, this child will have just one surviving parent, and it won’t be you.” He opened his mouth as if he were going to retort, but thought better of it. “Good.” She panted, praising him, and turned to the doctor. “How much longer is it- ouch- going to be?”

And then, half an hour later, she was finally holding the tiny bundle in her hands. 

“I thought we’d name her after your grandmother.” She said, and, at the expression on his face, started to cry for the first time all day.

my english professor right now keeps talking about how she’s gonna have us read the poem “daddy” by sylvia plath and i keep wanting to ask her if that’s the one where the kid dances with the drunk dad but i’m glad i didn’t because a quick google search (using the very eloquent phrase, “poem dance father drunk”) revealed the the poem i was ACTUALLY thinking about was “my papa’s waltz” by theodore roethke

the more you know???