don't mind me

I literally teared up multiple times at work today because I was thinking about how incredible taylor is to us like?? She fucking invites us into her home??? Genuinely gets to know us?? Makes sure we’re all okay and offers to take care of those who aren’t?? Trusts us enough with album secrets and information about her personal life??? She hangs out online with us regularly just like she’s another one of our friends???? I truly don’t think I’ll ever meet another human being who is as kind, generous, real, genuine, and incredible as her she’s one of a kind and we’re so lucky

are mistletoe kisses a thing in australia? i’m hoping for some kind of kiss on sunday and am afraid the end of the episode won’t be a happy one. 

oh, and wouldn’t lucien own his home? it was his father’s, apparently for a long time. i’m just wondering how poor they could possibly get due to a job loss. if he’s not police surgeon anymore, their grocery bill would be halved. and i assume their lodgers pay them to stay there. 

I’m tired. I’m so tired. I’m worn out and exhausted all the time and I don’t know how I tap into some well of manic falsehood five days a week when I see and am seen but it runs dry before I can ever find the source. My bones are splintering under the weight of my past—all that was and could have been, what I was too far gone to keep from doing, what I was too weak to stop from being done. I’m tired and this is heavy and I don’t know how I’m supposed to watch where I’m going when this is is grinding me into the ground.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep walking. No, I’m not giving up yet, it’s just that I’m so tired, and I wish that I could set this burden down.

So I’m DM’ing a D&D group that’s just started out on a campaign, and so far, the group has defeated a door, a sword, and two suit of armor. Its going well! Also, the tabaxi is constantly drunk off milk, the dwarf wanted to reshape a human sized armor into dwarf sized using a magical flame and a warhammer, and while the druid was trying to cut away a rope net trap the cleric kept casting mending to make him think the rope was magically repairing itself. 

No joking though, it honestly has been so much fun already and its only been one session with a group of (mostly) strangers, and none of them did anywhere near what I expected. Its also such a varied group, with 2 girls, 3 guys and ages ranging from 20′s to a grandfather. It was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, and I guess I’ve gotta thank Critical Role for getting me into this wonderful world. I never would have thought myself capable of running something like this without them. 


“We grew up together basically. My first time hanging out with him we went to the mall in Beverly Centre, we hung out all day, we played music with each other. He’s a perfect human being. He’s beautiful and wonderful. He’s a good friend. We’re good friends to each other.“

I can’t deny that I’m desperate to know what runs through your mind, when I come up.
—  Nicole Torres // excerpt; what do you think of me?

Uh. Guys.

Something just dawned on me, with the reveal that Damien and Hugo have an ending of their own, where they hook up if you don’t date either of them. (Here, to those who wants to know where the info is from.)

Guys. We know the Cult Ending exists. We aren’t sure how to get it, we aren’t sure if it’s glitched or DLC, we aren’t sure if it was scrapped altogether. But we do know it exists. We do know it implies something very dark about the game’s setting.

But guys. Do we actually know if the game ends at the Cult End? Like, is it its own separate thing, where it cuts to credits right after we meet Saul? Or do we have the Graduation party with Amanda still, but this time with no Joseph in the picture?

Guys. I think Damien and Hugo hooking up may be linked to the Cult End, if the Graduation Party is still a thing.

With Joseph gone, his hold over the other dads is gone. No longer compelling them to remain single. With Joseph gone, the dads are able to find love again. And it first shows in the form of Damien and Hugo, being seen together as a couple.

But then there’s an interesting line… Damien mentions that it looks like you found love yourself. But if you were romancing Joseph, and he’s gone now, that couldn’t be right. So that is a pretty poignant point in how the two ends aren’t connected.

But… It could mean something else.

Joseph’s Cult End involves romancing another dad for the first two dates, in order to get an item that helps you later on. It may also involve dating another dad, but no one is sure right now. But we definitely need one dad in particular. And you know who it is?


If Cult End is indeed canon, and a definite end to the game itself…

Is Robert the true dad you hook up with at the end? Is Robert actually the “canon dad?”

I’m probably grasping at straws right now, especially considering Robert is my favorite dad. But I just thought I’d share my thoughts again.