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I’m no longer seeing any correlation with Lillie being tied to the bad guys in Sun and Moon now that Team Skull has been revealed… So I’m wondering what sort of “mysteries” shroud her now. Maybe she has her own evil intentions? Maybe she’s not evil at all and just has ulterior motives for some other plot line in the story? It’s kinda up in the air now at this point.


So, MeTV has their new fall schedule out starting Labor Day, and… MFU is no longer going to be airing.  Not that I ever got to see it since it aired at 2AM (other than the one time I was jet-lagged and watched Summit Five Affair), and I have all the DVDs anyway, but it’s the principle of the matter, and knowing that my darlings won’t be on TV anymore… *sniffle*

Hi, all ❤ I know I haven’t been on in a while, but I can hopefully get on somewhat soon (maybe Friday?). I had my first day of this junior/senior year and I’m really hoping it all goes well. My classes today all seemed great (except German because I feel like I’ve forgotten everything from last semester *cries*) and tomorrow I get to see how my remaining two English courses will go.  

I do want to say that I may not be on as much for quite some time, at least not consistently.  I’m doing my very best to work my ass off to graduate early - if I could graduate next summer, I would save $13,000 (maybe even more if food/housing is all taken into account) which means everything right now.  I’m also working on my Big Bang and I am determined to have it completed in time.  This one is really getting up there in length though and I’ve barely even touched the surface of everything I want to tell.  

I’ll have to update those that care (lol) about my little house I’m renting for the year and I can hopefully do that and get online Thursday/Friday of this week to answer stuff in my askbox, catch up on J2′s date-getaway to Pebble Beach, and all that jazz :)  

i made these gemsonas because back when “bismuth” was about to come out i was joking to @cishetuppermiddleclasswasp that amethyst might be wary around bismuth because “she doesn’t know her from adamite” and then i looked it up and found out that adamite was a real gem and i felt clever. and then this week i looked it up and found out that eveite is also a gem. so here’s these two. 

i kind of have a whole tragic backstory thought up in my head that really has nothing to do w/ the biblical story but has a lot to do with the idea of being “made” for one another. maybe i’ll go more into it later.

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Gilgamesh-kun, Gilgamesh-kuuuun, do you have any advice for any blogs that'd like to interact with the King of Heroes? Or at least get to know him~



Never be afraid to tell me if I’m doing something wrong, if my actions are effecting you negatively. I’m not always aware of how my actions effect others, and I would very much prefer to be told what I’m doing rather than argue about it later after you’ve bottled it up, or worse, have you deal with my crap in silence because you don’t think I’d listen.

Quiz thing--Things I Am Currently in Love With

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One song: Ocarina of Time Medley – Koji Kondo
Two films: The Adventures of Tintin and The Lord of the Rings
Three shows: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Doctor Who, and Hogan’s Heroes
Four people: Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Patrick Troughton, and Simon Oakland.
Five foods: pizza, garlic bread, tangerines, chocolate, orange-flavored candy
Six people to tag: @ksturf and anyone else who wants to do this.