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It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia & Horror

Dee & Carrie White (Carrie 1976)

“They’re all gonna laugh at you.”

Dennis Reynolds & Norman Bates (Psycho 1960)

“We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?”

Charlie Kelly & Seth Brundle (The Fly 1986)

“I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it.”

Mac Mcdonald & Nada (They Live 1988)

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Why Meta Knight Is Not Allowed To Build Things For Snowball Fights (Arctic AU)

Kirby giggled as he followed his Daddy throught the snow, jumping from boot print to boot print. He and Daddy were having a snowball fight with Dedede and Bandanna! Daddy said he had a secret weapon to use for the snowballs! Kirby hopped after his Daddy eager for the game to begin.

Meta Knight gave a positively wicked chuckle as he pulled a white sheet off of his weapon. The catapult was ready.
“Hey Meta Knight! You ready to go?” Dedede called from the safety of his snow fort. “Yes Your Majesty!” Meta Knight called back.

Dedede laughed. Oh this was gonna be easy! The Puffs hadn’t even built a fort! “Alright Meta Knight, on the count of three we get started! One, two, three!” Suddenly a snowball the size of a motorcycle sailed over the small snowmound the Father and Son duo had claimed as their base. “Oh shi-” Dedede were flattened by the snowball.

Meta Knight stood sheepishly in front of the King in the Cuddle Room of Castle Dedede, his mask held in his hands. “I deeply apologize Your Majesty. I have never been in a snowball fight before and had gotten excited.” Dedede sighed from where he sat. “Okay. You aren’t allowed to build anything for snowball fights outside of a snowfort, and I guess we can put the catapult on the roof. The Snuggle Dees and Kirby both like to see the big snowballs go flyin’. But next time ASK what an activity is and what is allowed.” Meta Knight bowed. Grateful for his reprieve. As The Dreamland Knight walked away, he blinked to himself. Did he just hear King Dedede mutter to himself about Puffs being cute?

Big Dog Momma.

The other day I was walking my husky, Akira, and this pug-mix started going crazy the minute we stepped out of our apartment building, which we do every single time we go for a walk. She did her business, and we kept walking. Well, the other dog briefly calmed down and Akira and him brushed noses and then he went crazy, again, and started trying to attack her face. She pulled her head back, and I took her across the street. All of a sudden, I hear the owner say something, I assume the dogs name, and I turn around and there is this dog coming after us. He ran down the walk way and across the street and cornered us against the other apartment building until his owner was able to grab his leash. Meanwhile, I was holding Akira back while she wasn’t barking but holding her protective stance in front of me. When the owner finally got her dog, she said something along the lines of, “Oh my …hes never been this worked up before…”, which could be true but with her dogs behavior, I’m going to go with not because he had no right to behave like that the minute he saw us come out of our building. I”m still debating on turning them into the leasing office.

This morning I was running with Dee, my pit, and another small dog saw us and started barking like crazy and trying to drag their owner to get to him/us. He looked and slowed down, but didn’t bark, and we kept going. When we made our lap around he did it again, but this time the owner had to pull him back. 

I used to be really understanding of owners, their dogs, and so on but when it has happened twice in literally 2 and half days to both of my dogs, my irritation level rises and my patience, which I already have almost none of, goes down. I’m also aware that if my dogs were to defending themselves and me, that it would somehow result in being the bigger dogs fault, for not maintaining their composure, or this and that. It gets really old, really fast and only the negative stuff put in the media about all sorts of dogs, mainly pits, doesn’t help their reputation because in the day and age were in where people are always on social media, and in the world of technology, they go based off of what they see and don’t even  try to form an opinion of their own. And if I hear one more person tell me I should expect the ignorance, close mindedness, and such from people because of the breeds or even just the size of my furkids, is ridiculous, literally. it’s dog racism, which sounds funny, but it’s true and it gets really old. I can see the sadness, mainly on Dee’s face, when people swoop up their dogs, cross the street not to be near him, or drag their kids out of distance. He is one of the most gentle dogs I’ve personally ever met. He just wants to be petted, and give kisses. He and Akira used to live with a 4 pound mini pincher back in Kansas. People in general are more accepting of Akira because she is a husky and is just ‘so baeutiful’. The days that Dee gets praises, or I get told how handsome he is, how well behaved he is, or people ask if they can pet him, etc. and play 101 questions about him, I’m happy. I’m so happy they’re trying to know him to an extent instead of making snap judgments because of his obvious breed, and it makes his day too when someone outside while on his walk wants to give him attention because it doesn’t happen all the time.

I’m NOT bashing small dogs and saying they’re all Satan. BOTH my dogs are friends with dogs around our complex of all different breeds and sizes and of course, different personalities. Pitbulls used to be called Nanny-dogs, and are starting to get used as K9 dogs on the police forces, like in Tacoma, WA. 

I’ll always defend my kiddos.


Miyuki Kazuya & Sawamura Eijun for @mitemitai || Happy Birthday, Dee! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


How can some of y'all sleep on so many great SHINee songs like ‘Señorita’ and 'Like a Fire’, then start hating on their outfits and shit when they come out with a new concept just cause’ it doesn’t meet your expectations. Like, come on y'all. They didn’t choose the SHINee life, SM did.