don't mess with the legend

In second grade they had one of those in classroom toilets so if you farted people could hear you

I once sat in the bathroom for like thirty minutes and I guess the teacher figured out that I was reading a book in there cuz she banged on the door and forced me to come out.

She called me “princess” and let me tell you something.

I’ve always had a problem with female pronouns and names.

I got really pissed.

She then said “one day when you’re wrinkled you’ll appreciate not having to spend thirty minutes on the toilet.”

And I just blurted out “I won’t be wrinkled, I’m not white like you.”

Anyway that’s the story of how I met the vice principal and she became my hero cuz she laughed her ass off.

Mako teaches Korra how to bend lightning. Or attempts to.


“Thanks again for doing this, Mako. I really appreciate it.”

“Of course. If the Avatar thinks she needs to learn how to bend lightning, I would be honored to teach her.”

Korra’s face fell slightly. “And if Korra wants to learn?" 

Mako shifted his weight and cleared his throat. "You’re the same person, I’d be happy to teach you either way.”

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In honor of today’s conversations, I feel I should bring back Neon Crayon Maedhros. I drew him during a random insomnia night last year at 5am. Unfortunately I don’t have a better picture, and the real thing is now in the possession of @chieftess-of-the-haladin so I suppose they could post a better one?

Fic Prompts: Star Wars Wednesday

There were legends about the Journal of the Whills. Nobody was entirely clear on what was in it, but most thought it held the secret of some kind of power.

Naturally, people had gone looking for it, for generations. No real clues surfaced until Obi-wan Kenobi discovered that someone had shipped an old diary to him. A diary once kept by Qui-gon Jinn, containing every clue and every bit of information he’d ever learned about the Journal. Kenobi suspected that this meant Qui-gon had gone and gotten himself in some kind of trouble again.

The representative from Chancellor Palpatine asking Obi-wan to take over on a research expedition for the Journal made that suspicion stronger. When the Chancellor revealed that their missing researcher was, indeed, Qui-gon, the Bad Feeling got worse.

“You’ve always told me he could handle himself,” said Anakin, accompanying him to the apartment. He’d been in the neighborhood attempting to find something for one of Padme’s stranger cravings and had figured he’d lend a hand.

“I haven’t spoken to him in months,” Obi-wan murmured, “That’s a little unlike him.”

The apartment was ransacked. Anakin leaned over a desk. “Look. It’s today’s mail,” he said with a little surprise, “It’s been opened.”

Obi-wan reached for the diary in his pocket and paled. “Oh dear. So it’s an adventure after all,” he sighed.

Kristelsa Fanfiction List

I decided to post a complete list of my personal works for the Kristelsa pairing since, you know, not many people ship them.

  • The Snow Queen: Basically this is my interpretation of what Frozen could have been like. Based on various elements from the 70-year production span of this amazing movie and outtake songs, this is a darker AU featuring a bloodthirsty Queen Elsa, Anna the loyal servant girl, Kristoff Bjorgman the unwillingly helpful ice harvester, and, of course, Olaf.
  • Ice: A collection of one-shots between Elsa and Kristoff. Their degree of relationship ranges from chapter to chapter. Some notable ones are chapters 14-16 (which detail Kristoff’s proposal to their marriage), chapter 22 (which is the perfect story for you if you feel like having some depressing Kristelsa with death), and chapter 20 (featuring the beginning of their relationship when Elsa is still beyond awkward and Kristoff still treats her like a proper queen).
  • Lute Strings: This is just a quick little one-shot where Elsa decides to try making a lute out of ice and wants Kristoff to try it out. Why are both of them singing in the library at 10 o'clock at night? Apparently I thought that was a good idea at the time, that’s why.
  • The Statue: The second ever Frozen fanfic I published, this one is an alternate ending to the movie if Anna never thawed out. To be honest I’m not quite sure why or how this one ended up in the Kristelsa community on FF.Net, but it did. They do marry each other, but beyond that quick mention there isn’t any fluff. Mostly it’s depressing. So angst. Very depress. Much sad.

So yeah, that’s all the Kristelsa I have going on right now. I actually have ideas for yet another full-length story I want to do, but it won’t be happening anytime soon since I have three different stories going on right now. I’m having a hard enough time keeping those updated somewhat regularly as it is.

Whatever you do, don’t talk to me about how Len went into that room knowing he was going to lose, knowing either he was going to die, or Mick was still in there somewhere, and that some part of Mick would forgive him somehow and spare his life.

Don’t talk to me about how he barely tried to fight once Mick got the upper hand, how he didn’t dodge or pull away when Mick had him on the ground, didn’t even pretend to want to wrestle his way out of it.

Whatever you do, don’t talk to me about how Len was willing to go in there and die if he had to in order to make amends with his best friend.