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I was tagged by @youwinoryoudiethatswhatpeopledo - thank u so much !!!

Relationship status: single

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick (I never use it though lol)

Last song/music I listened to: My only friend by the poison tree (please listen to this its such a great song !)

Top 3 shows: Game of thrones, stranger things, and yuri on ice

Top 3 characters: Kylo ren, daenerys targaryen, and Leia organa

Top 3 ships: Snowbaz, vikturi, and solangelo (also jim and Pam from the office are lovely))

I tag:
@youraveragemushroom @shercup @roselyone @bluetheon @misssamanthaa @the-mikasa @gemstripe @dorkychickwithablog @thekindestscorpius
And anyone else who wants to do it !!