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👏~~SPs a%nd NJs are¨n’t re#ally ones for staying still. We experience the world and are me👏ant to c#onquer. Functionally speaking, we aren’t meant~# to stay still.~ SJs, 👏 on the other hand, pr#eserve things. With#out SJs an#d NPs, I feel we wouldve b#attled ourselves out of e#xistence~~👏

So I made a reply but then bad internet ate it up so like basically if u going to mock me at least use android friendly emotes ROOD. Like damn, son, I’ve never been mocked yet via ask so like???? I can’t bask in it if I can’t understand. Rood af chilluns nowadays have no manners. Acephobia at its finest smh. =3=

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hiya!! I just found your blog and im in love with it!! i was hoping you could maybe do an HC with the RFA about them going on a road trip with MC??? if it's not too much trouble 💕

(a/n i was fiddling with my theme all evening so so rry for the late update i apolOGISE but thank you for your really cute message!!!)


  • omg this child
  • the road trip would be like hours away because he wanted to go to this gaming convention so you agreed to drive him
  • a giddy giddy child
  • THAT person to constantly ask if you’re there yet
  • “are we there yet?!”
  • “if u turn ur head yoosung you can see our front door”
  • “thats very true”
  • brings his ds or something portable
  • starts snacking on his food a minute into the journey because he needs energy apparently
  • he doesn’t sleep for a second i mean is sleep even a thing?
  • he’s the gamer who wants to play I-Spy and would you rather throughout the WHOLE journey so you literally have to ask him if he wants to play ‘who can stay quiet for the longest’ to get him to be quiet for a while
  • he doesn’t get it at first but when he messages the RFA members they tell him that it was a ploy to get him to shut up
  • his face falls and omg the guilt
  • you quickly bring up a new topic to talk about and he forgets about what happened instantly
  • “are we there yet?”
  • sings along quietly to songs bobbing his head up and down or screaming along to lyrics head banging theres no in between
  • feeds you during the journey because you know rfa members and food
  • all of a sudden he’s quiet and you’re worried omg yoosung are you sick??
  • he just needs to pee
  • offers to drive but he? cant? drive? where are you going with this yoosung 
  • when you drive past a theme park you both end up going there first because who can pass that up
  • plus you get to see screaming happy yoosung
  • plays his game for most of the ride after though and after the 595th time of asking if he’s there yet he arrives and just speeds out the car
  • thanks 4 waiting 4 me!!!


  • you’re both going to a business conference and his driver is off sick and he sure as hell aint getting the train
  • offers to drive jaehee fears for your l i f e
  • constant reassurance that he can drive but whenever you take off your seatbelt he flips out and makes you wear it even when you’re sleeping
  • drives super slow at first omg wtf jumin we’ll be late
  • doesn’t know what a snack is so every time you both get hungry you stop at a restaurant to eat
  • you bet your ass he’d have your hand on your thigh like the whole time shit daddy jumin
  • makes you sleep for most of the ride because he wants you to be well rested
  • plays soft music throughout the whole ride and its just a really relaxing journey i mean???
  • he stares at you quite a bit when you’re sleeping
  • holy shit was she always that cute??
  • he definitely has a map, his phone and about 4 navigators so he doesn’t get lost
  • isn’t that a little bit excessive? but ur too scared to ask
  • you see him fidgeting in his suit and you suggest he should wear casual clothes - usually he would refuse but he was just about to d i e  in the suit
  • so after making making yet another stop you buy him so casual clothes and guess what for the first time you see jumin in a sweater and joggers with messy hair
  • he also takes out his contacts because he’s super sleepy so out come out the specs
  • he listens to you ramble about life and guess what
  • and HE ALSO just rambles about random topics - yes jumin han is rambling
  • you’ve never seen him be so open and just talk about anything like this before?
  • he’s just openly talking about anything and everything while he’s laughing and chatting with you i guess commoner clothes make him open up???
  • is it possible to fall in love with him even more
  • you make a mental note to take jumin on more roadtrips because cute chatty jumin comes out 
  • his hand is still on your thigh just take me right here right now


  • you want to treat the overworked baby to a holiday so you decide to go on a roadtrip to an undecided location
  • you’re just going to drive
  • she’s excited that she’s having a break but she’s worried about not having a set location but you tell her she needs to let go and loosen up a bit i mean whats the worst that could happen??/
  • but she comes up with a list and you have to shut her up by kissing her
  • panics and packs everything
  • jaehee, why are you packing a toaster it’s a 6 hour car journey we aren’t moving house
  • still packs toaster
  • to get her to calm down you end up choosing a location to go to and she does tonnes of research so when you’re driving she informs you of everything and she gets super excited when passing things she recognises 
  • “.. and- and that church is 300 years old and the farm over there is a corn field!”
  • she realises she’s blabbering too much and composes herself before smacking herself mentally and going quiet again omg baby
  • she tries to take out her laptop to do work and you almost drive off the road trying to slap it out her hands
  • when jumin calls her you just hang up on him and you swear you can see her smirk
  • snacks on healthy things like almond seeds and reads for a while 
  • takes a few naps from time to time while staring out the window
  • you’ve prepared a playlist of her favourite songs (mainly zen’s) and her eyes light up and she starts humming along
  • as she starts to get more into it at a red light you record her and when she finds out she literally lets out the cutest squeal
  • like jumin she’s wearing her work clothes but shortly changes into your leggings and a oversized hoodie not to mention her hair is down (tf i’m dead bye)
  • she also relaxes a bit and you guys end up chatting about 27 different random things
  • falls asleep with the cutest grin on her face because this is her first roadtrip and wouldn’t change a single thing about it


  • you can’t come to his show because its so far away so he comes collects you a few days before nd it becomes a looong roadtrip
  • he’s forced to borrows one of jumins cars because luciel doesn’t trust anyone with his babies
  • totally unprepared so you have to make a thousand stops to buy food n drinks
  • at every stop light he’s taking a selfie of himself or taking pictures of the scenery
  • “MOVE”
  • sulks when he can’t take a picture of that really cute sunrise so once again you have another break and stop
  • he’s also taking lots of pictures of you though
  • he has one of you drooling in your sleep and oh thats his new lockscreen!!!
  • has a playlist (made by jaehee) of all the songs he’s sung in his musicals and he dramatically renacts them
  • when you sing along knowing the words he lights up and is super proud so he stares at you blushing and grinning really big
  • jaehee also slips in a few famous ballads into the cd
  • near.. far.. wherE EVER YOU” - *voice crack*
  • he gets super embarrassed but you’re literally snorting with laughter
  • feeling nosy you start searching trust fund kid’s car because what if you both find a diamond or some shit
  • you open the glove compartment in the car and theres nothing there but then
  • acHOO
  • elizabeth 3rd’s hair managed to make it to the trip
  • constant sneezing and wiping his nose for him
  • it gets so bad that you end up going to a motel for the night while the car gets thoroughly cleaned 
  • you guys continue the next day 


  • plans to take you to the seaside
  • okay fun!!!
  • takes him a few hours to choose which baby he’s taking
  • saeyoung i swear to god if you don’t pick a car in 10 seconds i’ll egg them all
  • screams shotgun even though you’re the only two going on the trip 
  • ….and he’s the only one who can drive
  • alright then
  • ends up prepared with everything?? like you didn’t see him pack but he has the world’s supplies in his boot
  • here’s a blanket in case you get cold and a hot water bottle oh and heres slippers for the journey and if u want toast its in the back
  • ?????
  • “hey mc what’s the best thing about road signs?”
  • “i d-”
  • “I think it’s the x-heights. They get me all x-heighted
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • lots of pitstops to buy souvenirs and take stupid polaroid pictures together
  • built his own navigation system and swears by it
  • but you’ve already gotten lost 5 times and you’re still in you’re own neighbourhood
  • just use the map damn it
  • hes the touch the playlist and ur dead guy
  • gets way too into songs fucking hand movements all literally jumping on the seat
  • like you join in with him  but he’s on another level
  • i can see him getting really into house/rap music
  • or he’s really into JLO
  • promises to focus
  • ..
  • has togo a little over the speed limit to prevent you from jumping out of the car
  • snacking on honey butter chips and dr pepper the whole way
  • by the end of your trip theres just potato chips and polaroid pictures everywhere
  • both of you end up ditching the seaside plan and end up just travelling around the country sleeping in car cuddled under lots of blankets
  • ( ゚ヮ゚)

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9. "You don't want to mess with me." (@reilleyisnotdeadyet. Aster to anyone)

Nightmare chuckled “ awww~ why is that? You think your a hotspot serial harmer or something, big guy? Haha”

  • I've come up with a list of what I'm doing on January 30
  •  P.s Phil Lester Birthday
  • 1)Don't swear at all
  • 2)Carry a Stuffed animal(lion) everywhere 
  • 3)Listing to Muse 
  • 4) Make random weird noises
  • 5)wear mismatching socks
  • 6)Draw weird things on your face
  • 7)Think about Dan all day
  • 8)Fill your room with plants
  • 9)wear glasses (cool don't mess with e glasses)
  • 10)Meet weird people everywhere you go
  • 11)Snokoplasm
  • 12)Buy nonsense things that you will never use
  • 13)Feed the basket 
  • 14)Hate cheese 
  • 15)Buy flowers for Simon
  • 16) Admire hamsters?
  • 17)Pretend you are lost 
  • 18)Microwave a peep
  • 19)Secretly Eat cereal 
  • 20)wear your zipper down
  • 21)Sing opera
  • 22)wear colorful things
  • 23)Stick stickers everywhere
  • 24)Stare at cups!!
  • I should stop now

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It was season 10 of The 100, and according to the showrunner Jason Rothenberg Bellamy Blake was on his twelfth redemption arc because he still has a big way to go...

Looooooool. But Bob does sad and tormented so well I can’t even bring myself to be all that upset about it.