don't mess with my queen

susan pevensie

(don’t ask me why her hair look like this i frankly dunno, i just wanted to have fun with my copic markers so eyh here you go hahahaaaaa *buries self in fear*)

  • radio host: yo iggy give us some freestyle
  • iggy:
  • iggy:
  • iggy:
  • iggy: Greens, greens, and nothing but greens! Parsley, Peppers, Cabbages, and Celery. Asparagus and Watercress and Fiddlefern and Lettuce. He said "Alright!" But it wasn't quite cause I caught him in the autumn in my garden one night! He was robbing me, Raping me. Rudding through my rutabagga raiding my arugaluga ripping up the Rampion MY CHAMPION MY FAVORITE! I shoulda layed a spell on him right THERE! Coulda turned him into stone or a dog or chair. But I let him have the rampion, I'd lots to spare in return however I said fair is fair. You can let me have the baby that your wife will bare.. And we'll call it square.
  • radio host: I had a brother?
  • iggy: NO! But you had a sister.
  • iggy: I thought I had been more than reasonable...but how was I to know what your father had also HIDDEN in his pocket! You see when I had inherited the garden my mother warned me that I would be punished if I were ever to loose any of the beans...
  • radio host: Beans?
  • iggy: The special beans, I let him go I didn't know he'd stolen my beans! I was watching him crawl back over the wall when BANG! CRASH! And Lightening Flash- and well that's another story nevermind... Anyway at last the big day came, I made my claim. "Oh don't take away the baby!" They shrieked and screached but I did! And I hid her where she'll never be reached! Your father cried and your mother died. But for extra measure-I admit it was a pleasure- I said "Sorry I'm still not mollified" and I layed a little spell on them. You too son! That your family tree will always be a barren one!
  • iggy: So there's no more fuss and there's no more scenes and my garden thrives! You should see my nectarines! But I'm telling you the same I tell Kings and Queens don't ever ever ever mess around with my greens!
  • radio host:

That girl up there, she’s my queen, my role model, she’s everything. 

I admire Kristen in so many ways, she’s sweet, talented, down to earth, caring and so many other things that it would take ages for me to write down. Kristen is the kind of girl who is herself 100%, and people seem to have a problem with that, but for my part I love the fact that there’s actually a real person in Hollywood. She’s grounded, and is not afraid to say what’s on her mind even if that involves saying the word fuck. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect. Even if the whole world judges her and call her names, she remains herself. And that is a something worth admiring. I know that not everyone out there likes Kristen, in fact half of the world is out to get her, but she has us, her faithful fans. . Krisbian army! Looking at the video of Kristen crying in the UK BD premiere broke my heart, she doesn’t deserve all that stupid hate. Kristen being in the spotlight doesn’t take away that fact the she is human like everyone else. Nasty words hurt. If you don’t like Kristen just keep your mouth shut, it’s pathetic to give her death threats and insult her for idiotic shit, like say. . for being Rob’s girlfriend. JELLY? Sorry for you! When people mess with Kristen they mess with all her fans, it hurts us too. SO STOP THE HATE. KRISTEN STEWART IS AMAZING AND THAT IS THE END OF THIS RANT! 

andyouweremine  asked:

Oliver/Felicity - Falling Slowly

Oliver is almost a little embarrassed, privately, at how slowly he fell in love with Felicity.

It wasn’t at first sight, it wasn’t sudden. It wasn’t a thrown switch or an instantaneous realization.

The fall was gradual.

It almost snuck up on him.

His feelings for Felicity built up in his system over time, little things accruing, raising his body’s tolerance for the affection he felt for her, the respect and esteem he regarded her with. The pride she inspired in him, and the way she humbled and challenged him.

It was red pens and embarrassingly carnal reactions to foot-in-mouth-syndrome in the middle of a job–incredibly inconvenient and a little exasperating at the time, but another pebble on the looming avalanche that would engulf him so slowly and quietly he wouldn’t notice he was buried til he was out of air.

She crept in under his guard unintentionally. Those sunny smiles and fierce determination became utterly integral to his life, to making it through the day, to believing in their mission, in himself, in the strength of their team.

Felicity’s attraction to him–and early crush–was always obvious. It was obvious, it was flattering, and it was simple. She didn’t have expectations, but she appreciated his body, warmed under his attention. It was nice. God it was nice. It was easy.

Because it wasn’t supposed to ever go beyond nice or easy.

She was a friend, a partner.

She wasn’t always more than that, but looking back he can’t actually pinpoint when she became so much less easy to define in his life. He just knows when he started noticing the danger; noticing everything had already shifted. The count had taken her and by the end of it he knew he’d crossed lines without ever looking down to see them trampled under his boots.

Distance and ignoring it hadn’t helped for long.

By the time he falsely confessed he was in love with Felicity, it was well more than half true, and he was on his way to resigning himself to gravity. Some falls you can’t escape, and some you just want to enjoy the weightlessness.

He enjoyed it a little too much. Forgot that every fall hits a bottom, and love is no different.

Forgot to brace for impact.

Forgot Felicity might not be falling at the same rate he was. Might actually have been smart enough to cling to the edge of that final cliff before throwing all in and blindly leaping for the bottom.

Now he had to pick himself up. Put himself back together.

And if he was very… very lucky…

Maybe whatever he was when he was standing again would be someone she could be willing to fall for.

Someone she could trust to catch her at the bottom.

so because Niall tweeted Demi on Twitter with the word HONEY some directioners decided to trend #happybirthdayfatwhore arE YOU KIDDING ME FOR CHRIST’S SAKE NIALL WILL NEVER LOVE YOU EVER NIALL WILL NEVER WANT TO BE WITH ANYONE WHO CALLS SOMEONE A FAT WHORE WHO WENT TO GOD DAMN TREATMENT FOR A GOD DAMN EATING DISORDER OKAY AND THAT IS THE TRUTH SO CALM YOUR HORMONES AND CONTROL YOURSELF FOR ONCE JESUS CHRIST and for all you directioners being nice and realizing that they aren’t even DATING YET thank you okay you aren’t all bad some of you are very nice and sorry for posting this I know I’m a little late! 

If there’s ANY reliability to what Tanna tweeted about William, I shall be the first to say that I am off him. Officially. Completely. For all eternity. I just wont be able to deal with that – I will be in it for the Catherine and George, my love for them will always remain, but I will have lost all faith in William.

The pacing of Gracevas/Cardivas

Guys, I adore it. This is just something real quick ‘cause I need to stop writing in the middle of the night. 
So this right here:

has become my favourite.
Grace seems to be under the impression that staying as friends with Zoe is for the best. I can’t blame her because admittedly for Grace, going further with Zoe or even anyone..with her situation, is terrifying and painful. She’s made that apparent with her storytelling on middle school (my heart cried) and her not wanting to deal with relationships (fucking pinged my cardivas radar yall.) So she lessens the pain by keeping her feelings concealed and staying as friends because it probably won’t hurt as much right? However she will be reminded. Reminded of who she is friends with. Zoe is a fighter, a girl with a powerful personality. This girl does not back down. She will take action. She will stumble trying yes but that’s because she’s learning. 
In the end though, what truly matters is that Zoe Rivas is not going to leave her side and I absolutely love how we might see this through Grace just like how we did tonight.
Grace realizing someone (probably for the first time) truly, truly caring about her and being so touched by it is beautiful. I may have teared because I thought she was going to cry.

Being reminded that Zoe’s going to be there through thick and thin…she’s going to fall more (more ‘cause we all know she’s probably got the Zoe feels already) in love and I am so excited for that. 

(if the writing quality doesn’t die. HMM 1x07)

  • Interviewer: iggy freestyle for us
  • Iggy: k
  • Iggy:
  • Iggy: Greens, greens and nothing but greens: Parsley, peppers, cabbages and celery, Asparagus and watercress and Fiddleferns and lettuce-! He said, "All right," But it wasn't, quite, 'Cause I caught him in the autumn In my garden one night! He was robbing me, Raving me, Rooting through my rutabaga, Raiding my arugula and Ripping up my rampion (My champion! My favorite!)- I should have laid a spell on him Right there, Could have changed him into stone Or a dog or a chair... But I let him have the rampion- I'd lots to spare. In return, however, I said, "Fair is fair: You can let me have the baby That your wife will bear. And we'll call it square." I though I had been more than reasonable...
  • But how was I to know what your father had also hidden in his pocket?! The special beans. I let him go, I didn't know He'd stolen my beans! I was watching him crawl, Back over the wall-! Then bang! Crash! And the lightning flash! And- well, that's another story, Never mind- Anyway, at last The big day came, And I made my claim. "Oh, don't take away the baby," They shrieked and screeched, But I did, And I hid her Where she'll never be reached. And your father cried, And your mother died When for extra measure- I admit it was a pleasure- I said, "Sorry, I'm still not mollified." And I laid little spell on them- You, too, son- That your family tree Would always be a barren one...So there's no more fuss And there's no more scenes And my garden thrives- You should see my nectarines! But I'm telling you the same I tell kings and queens, Don't ever never ever Mess around with my greens! Especially the beans.