don't mess with my favorite books

the love of my life @qapleulia tagged me in this

name | beckett
nicknames | beck, moth, ceres, cranberry
zodiac sign | cancer/year of the dragon
height | 5′4’‘ 
orientation | ace/hella gay 
nationality | american/a mess 
favorite fruit | i’m allergic to most fruit,, oranges or grapes 
favorite season | winter 
favorite book | all 
favorite flower | tiger lilies are wonderful 
favorite scent | berry sweet smells that aren’t sickening 
favorite color | chrome shades/the glint of light/the dark not-black of a void/blue-green 
favorite animal | axolotls 
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | hot cocoa, or coffee when i’m stealing it from 
average sleep hours | 1 hour at 4AM 
cat or dog person | i would die for a cat and it wouldn’t even look in my direction 
favorite fictional character | tough question 
number of blankets you sleep with | 1 heavy blanket 
dream trip | either up into space or down into the ocean… there’s got to be a city there though
blog created | somewhere in 2013 
number of followers | 468

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