don't mess up this time we're all counting on you

Musician/Orchestra Problems 4
  • 1: Being too lazy to practice music
  • 2: Procrastinating on practicing music (don't do it, kids)
  • 3: Mandatory camps...
  • 4: When you are allowed to choose your own seat but no one wants to sit in the front row because the conductor is terrifying
  • 5: Solos (don't mess them up, kids)
  • 6: Contemporary composers wanting to be all cool and stuff by changing time signatures/key signatures every few bars. This is the opposite of cool. Don't create unpredictable counting nightmares where you see musicians mouthing the beats fiercely because there's NO OTHER WAY TO COUNT
  • 7: When contemporary music has absolutely no structure. Like, what is it trying to convey? What is the point of all these random noises? The only thing we're getting is mass and utter confusion...and if that's ALL that the composer wants us to feel? DULL
  • 8: When all the good people graduate and leave the ensemble
  • 9: When concerts are suddenly cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and are moved to school nights
  • 10: Page turners who have no idea what they are doing (my quintet pianist's PT was so bad, the pianist nearly asked the PT to leave the stage in the middle of our performance)