don't make this just about him

when people act all confused as to how nancy could end up with steve instead of jonathan at the end, I’m just like… guys. think about it.

jonathan’s a cool dude and all, but he was fighting that monster for will.

steve? steve fought that thing FOR NANCY. like, JUST FOR HER. because he couldn’t stand to leave her to face it alone. he had no dog in that fight, and both of them were straight-up telling him to leave, but HE STILL CAME BACK FOR HER.

is it any wonder why she would be willing to give him a second chance after that?

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Headcannons of stydia at a fancy restaurant?

  • Lydia looks hot
  • Stiles stares at her a lot
  • The first couple of times they go out to a really nice place together, Lydia convinces him to share dessert (the push up bra she’s wearing makes it hard to say no. ) After time number three, he calls her dessert monster and makes her get her own.
  • Stiles complains about the prices and the plate sizes
    • He usually eats again when they get home 
  • They only go to fancy restaurants for special occasions– anniversaries, Lydia’s birthday, to celebrate big work stuff. So Lydia gets all excited and looks forward to it and Stiles is always texting Scott under the table “Who the fuck would pay this much for brussel sprouts Scott? They’re disgusting. Who would do this?”
  • They usually drink some hella expensive wine and judge other people which honestly is their bliss
  • Also they’re kinda mean to waiters (I hate it but I think it’s true.) 
  • me:*takes a deep breath*
  • me:i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever:yes, you love Bokuto Koutarou, we know, you love Bokuto so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Bokuto Koutarou, we KNOW, you love Bokuto, you fricking love Bokuto, okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BOKUTO KOUTAROU. WE GET IT.

shiro seeing allura as his co-pilot though

  • they know nothing about the lions other than the mental suggestion link and what characteristics of themselves the lions align with and suddenly, he’s supposed to lead a mini-herd (of children that sometimes fly like drunk toddlers, “don’t make me turn this cat robot around”)
  • they’re flying these robots that are exclusively linked to Allura’s life line, the thought makes him immensely honored and nervous
    • he treats the bond with respect and he’s so impressed with her when Hunk graciously body slams the yellow lion into the red or Lance and Keith nose dive into the sand dunes at full throttle, but she refuses to give up on them
  • when the battle gets intense, she makes impassioned speeches over their headsets to not give up hope, to keep going, repeating over and over and over again that they can do this - she knows they can
    • they can’t help but believe her - she’s from an advanced culture of intellectuals and warriors so she must know some things without the doubts they still shoulder
    • in the same winded breath, she assures them if they can’t do it or something happens, she will be there. they will not be alone, not ever again. (”nobody fck touches my children”)
  • she can switch from speaking to all of her team to just one, but he doesn’t broadcast that fact to the others
    • when he flies, his lion reveals everything to her. she knows when it’s getting to be too much and he’s teetering on the brink of being mentally slingshot back to a place he cannot stand to be in
    • when his fingers tremble over the controls, her words are warm and soft in his ears in such wildly stark contrast to her hoarse war cry.
    • “I’m right here, Shiro. I’m not going anywhere, paladin. You are so strong and I’m so proud of you. We’re doing this together.”
    • thinking about her reaching out to Lance, Keith, Hunk, and Pidge in turn as distress crests over their confidence makes his heart ache in the best way
  • when they barely throw on the breaks before tumbling out of the lions in their hangars, she’s sprinting down the halls with Coran at her side to meet them
    • she’s checking them all for injuries and ruffling their hair before moving onto the next and it’s a silent agreement that his team always, always comes before him
    • the only thing that persuades him from leaving the lion - breaking that connection for even a moment - is when she throws her arms around his neck and the chill of his Galra arm is chased away and he feels whole again
  • he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s a tired space dad just trying to live and he cannot deal with four teenagers 24/7 “go ask your mother”
  • official/isayama:erwin is the only one levi completely trusts and lets in his heart, they trust each other 100% and respect each other, levi followed erwin out of his own free choice, they constantly praise each other, spend time together, when levi finds out more about erwin it just makes him curious and want to stick with him more, they wanted to save humanity together, levi's power is for erwin's sake because erwin is levi's special person, levi tries to keep erwin safe, in the end "levi just wanted to be by erwin's side", thinks about erwin's tender smile while wishing he was alive, lets erwin go so he won't suffer anymore and have to become a demon for other people, while dooming himself
  • japanese fandom:that's really tragic, poor levi did everything for erwin's sake and lost him in the end
  • tungle dot hell:well that's definitely disgusting and problematic :/ can't believe how much levi hates erwin
  • A Lax bro to Ransom once:Omg could you just stop making everything about race???? Like honestly whatever I don't even see color!!1!
  • Ransom, with eyes narrowed to the point of closure:....sure. Sure. SURE CHAD. of course!!!! Lemme just moonwalk back a couple FUCKING hundred years and hit up my man Christopher Columbus SINCE WE'RE OBVIOUSLY SO WELL ACQUAINTED and tell him and the rest of the mother fucking CONQUISTA-DICKS to kindly NOT MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT RACE. JUST FOR YOU CHAD!!!JUST BECAUSE YOU ASKED SO NICELY :))))))

okay that’s it. people are posting mostly only the photos of jack and ngl it’s kinda pissing me off. get ready for some ella on your dash fuckers.

OK may I just point out one thing:

Ash has all these people (and countless friends who are not in Kalos) rooting for him

While Alain has only her:

And it’s sad.

Imagine noya always demanding to ride on tsukishima’s shoulders because it “makes him feel tall”. And since he is technically an upperclassman and, more importantly, stubborn as hell, tsukishima actually caves about half of the time. And when he doesn’t give in, noya just climbs up him against his will like some fucking monkey and sits on his shoulders anyways so

I feel like we don’t talk about this quite as much, but…

Genji… was probably in Blackwatch after he was revived, wasn’t he…?

He wouldn’t have been front and center, not a poster boy for the organization. I doubt many people even knew he existed, and even if they did it is HIGHLY unlikely he did any high profile work. His body makes him too conspicuous for that, but his talents make him perfect for what his purpose in Overwatch ended up being. Namely, taking down the Shimada Empire.

I know other people have probably touched on this what with the explicit headcanon that Genji and McCree were Besties™, but like…

Blackwatch was ROUGH. We KNOW it was rough. It’s one of the only things we know for sure about it. Blackwatch had the thankless jobs, the dirty work, the real psychological toll. Angela’s in her lab hemming and hawing about “do no harm” and being a professed pacifist and being so tortured about aiding an organization that commits violence, meanwhile Reyes and McCree and a whole other section of people are doing the riskiest and filthiest and most necessary of jobs, because it’s what they’re good at and it’s what the world NEEDS.

Genji may have been a special asset in that he could guarantee the success of their efforts to dismantle the Shimada Clan, but if there was even a chance that he could be recognized during that there’s no WAY they’d let him do the above board stuff. Plus his abilities suit Blackwatch better than the rank and file heroes do. It’s a definite possibility.

We’re always talking about mi hijo (Jesse) and PTSD and the trauma stemming from jumping from Deadlock as a kid to Blackwatch as a teenager and young adult to wanted vigilante as a grown man, and my concern about him remains. But if Genji was in Blackwatch with him, it would definitely explain why he was so tortured for so long after being saved by Angela, why working with Overwatch wasn’t enough to bring him peace. (I mean in addition to his self-hatred, body issues, and the whole extortion thing. Actually, lemme tell you, I am still pissed about the fact that they offered him a fucking DEAL to save him from DYING. What was WRONG with Overwatch back in the day?! I will always maintain that Reyes made a deal to recruit mijo specifically because he didn’t want a fucking kid going to max on his watch, and because mi media naranja is the stalest and sweetest of cinnamon rolls, so THAT I can excuse. But with Genji, it’s the equivalent of dangling an antidote in front of someone who was just poisoned until they GIVE you something. Sure the INTENTION might have been good, but the ends don’t justify the means when the means!!!!! Involve playing with someone’s desire to live!!!!! Like a cat bats at a fucking catnip mouse!!!!!!) Because he WASN’T Overwatch, per se. He was Blackwatch. And if what we know of at least two of the former members of that group is true, that doesn’t bode well for Genji’s psyche in his early years as a cyborg. And explains a lot of his bitterness, even beyond being almost murdered by his brother and having to deal with a body that didn’t feel like his own.

What I’m trying to say is that Blackwatch does not seem to churn out well-adjusted individuals. Even more than Overwatch, it’s a hotbed of trauma, guilt, and psychological stress. And that kind of makes me want to cry for mijo, mi media naranja, and possibly now my carrot cake son.

Chatting with the husbando about cosplays last night and I mentioned I was finally considering another lady-cosplay and he was like “but have u considered cosplaying Thor tho.” I feel this is solid progress.

As a Zayn fan, I’m so proud of Zayn for branching out and doing what he loves. Even before the 1D days, he was into fashion and art. Now he’s living his dream. He’s making his own music. He’s a fashion designer. He’s an executive producer. Even after all of this, Zayn has not forgotten where he came from. He is still that kid from Bradford. ..but he’s also so much more. He doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone because he’s already being true to himself. At the end of the day, that is what really matters.❤

Ok but Magnus and Alec as Olympic athletes

Omg all this Olympic stuff makes me think of a ton of malec sports au’s
- Like imagine Alec being an Olympic swimmer for the American team (seriously he has the perfect body type)
- And Magnus is like is on the Indonesian gymnastics team or something.
- Izzy is on the women’s gymnastics team, and when Alec goes to see Izzy compete he sees Magnus and he’s like *o*.
- And Magnus sees him too and goes to see Alec swim and then he’s like *o*.
- And they randomly meet eachother and they end up taking long walks round Rio and be totally turisty and take pictures together at the Cristo Redentor statue and flirt like crazy.
- and Alec has never been swimming so well in his life because he’s totally in love.
- Magnus ends up winning gold in the men’s all round individuals two days before Alec’s 400m final.
- and Alec thinks Magnus just went home.
- but right before the final he spots him in the audience and ends up winning gold.
- and the first thing he does is run to Magnus and gives I’m a big smooch right there in front of the whole world.

Dating Nathan but not knowing anything about swimming making things difficult bc you just want to support him but you literally have no fucking clue about anything he’s doing or what he talks about while you’re hanging out and he totally knows and you can tell that it’s kinda disheartening for him so you google EVERYTHING there is to know. Like who holds what records, what the hell the IM actually is, and you even have to google Michael Phelps bc you had heard of him but never really cared too much about the specifics of how great he was to the Olympic sport. Then on your next date catching him totally off guard by STARTING the conversation about swimming and asking if his form for the Butterfly had improved any because it looks really hard and just seeing his face light up with that wonderful smile because you genuinely cared about his sport enough to look into it and had actually been paying attention to the things he said when you had asked about his training in the past.

I’ll Cover You | Alan & Emmett

Alan thought he was wandering aimlessly.

He was thinking about Emmett. Of course he was thinking about Emmett, what else would he have been thinking about? The conversation with Krista had left him shaken, unsure what move to make next. This was a chess game, a big chess game, him against her, with Emmett as the king. At this point, Krista had them in check, and he just hoped she wouldn’t push them into mate.

In the ghost world, or, at least, when it comes to ghost abilities, there are certain rules that seem to get followed. And one of those is pretty simple. Picture where you want to go, within reason, and you go there. Alan wanted to go to Emmett. So, sure enough, his abilities brought him there, leading him down a predetermined path that he thought was random, turning corners until he saw the brunet at the other end of the hall.

Alan’s breath caught for a moment, startled by the sudden appearance of the man. He bit at the inside of his cheek, worried, as he walked slowly towards him, giving Emmett ample time to escape the conversation they were about to have. “Hey, we need to talk.” He informed him, voice low. “Privately.” He put his hand on Emmett’s arm, but if only for a brief moment, long enough to feel a jolt of electricity and realize that his anger was causing outbursts of energy. He retracted his hand quickly, clenching his jaw and looking up to Emmett.


I really think Kyle’s number 1 on his shit list because Kyle makes him question is sexuality. THAT’S JUST WHAT I’M THINKING BRO! I could be hella wrong but come on dude, throughout the series, it’s obvious that he has a weird crush on his rival/friend and he’s still in the closet trying to figure himself out, so he’s going to do/say fucked up shit because he’s not ready to admit to himself that he’s attracted to Kyle- dudes.

Plus, when the fuck has Eric ever been hype or excited about basketball for him to have a Denver Nuggets ticket in his journal? The only person we know that’s into that is Kyle.





So. I have been thinking for the past week about how far Vel’Koz has come as a character. That it’s been three years of so many amazing, wonderful, and talented people, talking with him; teaching him!

Doing all these things to make him into the approachable noodle he is at the moment. How he can empathize and be compassionate towards people he actually cares about - not just taken an interest in them; no one cares.

I also remembered that Vel’Koz is in constant turmoil between his purpose of a Seeker, you know. Humans are just things that are inevitably going to die once The Void comes, but you guys have fucked him over cause HE CARES. LIKE. HE HAS HUMANITY. and cares. and wouldn’t actually want to hurt them and things

and im blabbering so much ohmygoodness.


And then I showed it to my roommates and they told me to upload it as it was so that it was ??? Emotional like It is BUT ITS NOT GOOD IT’S JSUST SKETCHY AND LAZY AND IM SORRY ITS NOT GOOD. I’ll probably line it late sometime cause its terrible.


THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE VEL INTO WHO HE IS AND I COULDN’T INCLUDE THEM ALL;;; BUT I KNOW, THAT @askdragonbladetalon​ and My Soraka whom I cannot find anymore cause she’s been gone for long time - have Helped to humanize Vel so much QvQ - like. teaching him things about emotions and thoughts and just giving him that time.

Telling him about the stars, and about the celestials - sharing tea with him, and just… not seeing him like some void beast.

And @communistofzaun​ spends many times on my mind :o with like. How Vel hangs out at the lab, and the other voidlings too and just like. SCIENCE BUDDIES. THEY MEAN LOTS TO ME.

I wish I could have included everyone; and by that I mean every single person that Vel has ever interacted with. Every conversation, every interaction, changes him; and makes him … a better voidling.


I love you all. So much.

right so, i am on episode 12 of my second lucifer binge viewing in a week, and it’s the one where they’re investigating the murder of the girl by the satanists, and lucifer just discovered that chloe makes him vulnerable, and he’s walking five feet behind her/trying to avoid getting too physically close

and she’s already annoyed that she’s been calling him for three weeks and he hasn’t answered, and now she literally asks “what are you doing back there” and is furtherly confused and unsettled when he’s not right by her side (because i have been watching the earlier eps and laughing at how their natural and default position is tucked right up against each other)

chloe, honey, have i got a lady named emma swan for you to talk to, in re: pretending you don’t want that handsome british asshole right where he is and feeling upset when your walls/defenses actually make him back off, and then being like “WAIT NO DON’T LEAVE I NEED YOU THERE”

because she is acting exactly like emma did in 3x18 when killian had been kiss-cursed and backed off (i.e. immediately started opening up and trying to bring him back). and i need help.